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Here at Klub Clicks we know what successful websites in your niche are doing to drive more traffic and capture more leads. We work on all aspects of SEO to narrow down your message and find your target audience.

Create content that gets seen by you audience

Creating content is key to getting your website seen. Most website owners often overlook content which means there’s less chances to get found and less chances to get linked to.

Take your competitors traffic

Did you know we’ve got SEO tools that give us an estimation of websites traffic. We can see their top pages, top keywords and where they are getting backlinks from and can use this information to help create your SEO strategy.

SEO for brand new websites

For brand new sites it always takes longer to rank whereas

SEO for established sites that are underloved

on established sites we can turn you around often in three to six months.

Backlinks: 290

This website has 290 different links on the internet pointing to it

Referring domains: 73

From those 290 they are on a total of 73 domains

Organic keywords: 2.0K

This site ranks for 2000 keywords

Organic traffic: 3.5K

Those keywords bring them in 3500 visitors a month

Traffic value: $5.7K

This value indicated the amount they’d have to spend to get the same traffic in paid ads

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