What are the benefits of using an SEO agency?

September 1, 2022
September 1, 2022 Mark Acornley

Investing in an SEO strategy is crucial. To benefit from SEO, hiring a professional SEO agency can make it very advantageous to help you to target keywords and drive sales.

Most companies can benefit from SEO. Whilst SEO can take time to bring in more sales,

Choosing the right one can save you money and get better results, helping to grow your business.

Search engine optimisation is critical in driving growth. The best ways to maximize your SEO results must be employed. SEO is long, complicated, and time-consuming.

Using an SEO agency vs a full-service digital marketing agency?

If you’re looking for the best SEO company, you might be better off choosing one that focuses just on SEO.


There are many great digital marketing agencies around however, if they offer multiple services, they might not specialise so much in SEO, meaning you’re getting an inferior service.

Hiring an SEO agency can also have its pitfalls if you choose the wrong one, instead of more visitors you can be given search penalties and hidden from the search results.

What are the benefits of using SEO?

Every business wants its website to appear on the search engine results pages and using a professional SEO company has many benefits and is the best way to achieve this.

SEO is a part of inbound marketing which helps your website show in Google and other search engines, helping you to find more potential customers and appear on the first page of key search terms (this is why keyword research is so important).

  • Highly targetted traffic
  • Start targeting high-volume keywords
  • Trackable results
  • Affordable

What are the disadvantages of SEO?

You don’t want your SEO efforts to fail, however, this is the most common result from most SEO strategies, especially from businesses looking to save money.

You shouldn’t focus on just SEO, your marketing efforts should include multiple marketing strategies to avoid relying on one and experiencing a downturn if something goes wrong.

Why should I outsource SEO?

SEO has become one of the most in-demand services as the most important aspects of a digital marketing strategy.

In some instances, it can become difficult to allocate internal resources to improve search engine rankings on e-commerce sites especially if you’ve tried and failed to achieve better SEO rankings in the past.

Without proper SEO training or experience, your marketing campaigns may become ineffective, burying your business name under many competitors.

Therefore you should choose one of the best SEO companies to outsource digital promotion tasks.

Saves your time

When managing a business it can get very difficult.

If you give up your SEO tasks to a freelance company you can focus on core business functions rather than digital advertising tactics.

Various activities such as observing trends and data analysis require continuous monitoring. Nevertheless, when you outsource SEO services, you can get this task done for you and it saves you time.

Higher efficiency

SEO services usually have extensive experience. Because these people work with clients similar to you, they should get experience in dealing with businesses similar to yours.

It helps with efficiency and enables them to learn more subject knowledge in SEO than attempting to do it by themselves.

Brings Better Results

Results are influenced by how efficiently a search is done. The best results are provided through SEO by professionals in the sector.

SEO firms hire professional SEO professionals so your marketing platform can be well-managed by them. It’s what SEO experts offer for your business, generating better results and increasing revenues.


Many companies struggle with tight budgets. If we are developing an integrated digital marketing department, we can expect our expenses to be more than your revenues, as the staff recruitments are also added.

SEO professionals can save a large amount of money in your budget and provide better customer support at lower rates.

Why choose an SEO agency?

The main goal of an SEO agency is to help you position your website in Google.

Most people apply their SEO tactics blindly, without really knowing how the search engines work or what a website is supposed to look like on the front and the back end.

A website that is properly positioned in the search engine’s database, has multiple pages with long-form content using internal links and link-building strategies, all to improve the SEO ranking of a website.

The idea of a digital marketing agency is to apply the latest, up-and-coming SEO techniques to your web design or make your website more professionalised.

Agencies offer various services, such as SEO specialists, developers or content writers that are well-suited to specific situations.

Throughout a search engine optimisation service, every individual is focused on a specific task, ensuring a high-quality result for your company. Hiring a Search Marketing agency gives you a chance to learn more about search engines and other techniques.

Google and Bing continuously release dozens of updated versions per year, which often results in businesses struggling with the change.

Or worse, it could lead to businesses losing valuable traffic in the wrong places and no one would know what happened!

Avoid the Pitfalls

Search engine optimisation is incredibly effective and can be done using many different tools for increasing search engine visibility.

Unfortunately, most search engine marketing methods have been rejected by some companies.

Some have been seen to be a kind of gaming of the system, called Black Hat, in which practitioners opt not to follow their search engine rules and search engines.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference in reality. Google has even attempted an illegal hack on the Chrome website. It happened once before.

Keep up to date with industry trends

SEO appears simple, however, the latest trends can soon change, especially with algorithm updates happening almost every day.

Give the best answer to a question so Google puts you on a page. It’s not as easy as some people might believe.

Search engines have been constantly updating algorithms and focusing on improving their engines so people can find their needs faster than before reducing the chances of losing the search results.

The change happens multiple times every day and in 2018 there were about nine changes every day! The change is so frequent that people don’t have to take care of all things SEO on an individual basis.

They have experience with brands just like yours

If you’re in a particular niche it could be wise to search for SEO agencies who can demonstrate proven strategies in your industry.

An SEO agency with extensive experience in many industries.

The companies have already undergone years of rigorous testing across many different industries to ensure they are well ahead of the curve when determining what drives results.

Why not use a search engine optimisation company to help you? How can someone know their business? An agency could have worked for several different brands in similar niches as yours I know.

This will help some companies climb up the search rankings. They’ll take care of this for you.

An agency knows SEO tactics

SEO’s underlying principles have changed as search engine optimisation evolved. Search ranking was purely measured in a few years.

It has also evolved in recent years including measures such as the speed at which you load and technical information.

The SEO technical side is now so complicated we have an SEO Expert on the First page as well as an SEO expert.

This change will help develop a new algorithm able to predict what the user experiences on a particular web page and is also measurable.

It saves you time

Time can be a luxury not often available in businesses, mainly if you are working with an SEO-driven business. SEO takes time to develop.

In outsourcing SEO to an agency, the agency has an expert team that will work with a brand, enabling them to focus on business activities.

The reason is simple, hiring SEO services for businesses is very lucrative, as these agencies manage virtually any SEO campaign.

In search engines, agencies can perform tasks which are automated and would take you days to gather yourself.

Better efficiency

Agents have strong teams who can work on the development of a successful SEO strategy.

Agency personnel are highly qualified SEO and web development specialists and provide a comprehensive range of services for smoother and faster development.

Because their website works continuously, it is possible to update your website faster and make any urgent changes instantly.

Understand the Metrics that Matter

Measures will improve the quality.

It’s impossible to tell if your business is attracting new users without metrics. You should be using software to monitor rankings, traffic conversions and other data.

How will a site visitor behave? Is it possible that they leave your website without conversion? Does the person bounce when he does something that’s not your fault? Is this true?

SEO agencies know all the best tools

There’s more to SEO tools than google analytics and google search console.

Both Ahrefs and SEM Rush are amazing keyword research tools helping you to find relevant keywords to find more potential customers.

SEO agencies know the type of content to produce

Often using an in-house team can have several key benefits especially if they have experience with producing high-quality content.

They know where to build links

Link building is perhaps the murkiest area in SEO.

If you hire an SEO agency it will make it much easier to build the type of backlinks that are needed to show Google the relevancy of your website.

They usually have strong relationships with other web people

SEO is much more than just SEO. You need to have a strong content strategy and someone who knows website development, design and a lot more.

SEO involves having an evolving website which can include a regular website redesign to help optimise the website’s user experience helping new visitors view and navigate your website easier.

In conclusion, many businesses are using SEO however, only a few are using it and achieving the biggest benefits of finding new customers and getting more conversions.

Marketing is tough, page one of the search engines only has 10 results and there are likely thousands of competitors there who are wanting to be number one too.

If you’re a small business, organic traffic can be invaluable to you, and the benefits of hiring an SEO agency far outweigh the negatives. One big deciding factor is prices though.

Here at Klub Clicks when we set our prices we look at typical industry rates which can be quite excessive.

The problem with high prices is sometimes they are justified.

If the agency has great experience and knows they offer a high-quality service using the latest technology they can justify £150 + per hour.

However, the issue is when you have low-quality SEO providers charging those rates and offering an inferior service.

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