Best WordPress themes for Dentists

November 8, 2022
November 8, 2022 Mark Acornley

If you’ve got a dental practice and you either need a website or you need a new one, your business needs WordPress. Forget everything you know about websites being super technical, a WordPress theme can make your business look professional without spending money on a bespoke website which will have high ongoing costs.

The themes we’ve listed below are in our opinion the best choices to go for. There are a few WordPress themes for dentists that we’ve not included even though they looked pretty cool, they either had bad reviews or they haven’t been updated lately.

All of the website themes will be a one-click install for the demo data, you’ll be able to change the colours to whatever you want, you can’t use the text (most of it is dummy text) or the images included in the theme, but it’s relatively simple to add you own.

Jevlin theme

Jevlin is a multipurpose responsive WordPress Amp theme that’s WP bakery ready. It’s also Guten optimised, high resolution and also gets regularly updated (the last being on the 5th November 2022) so no worries about things becoming outdated.

What we like about Jevlins medical theme  layout is that it offers a clean look with nicely balanced colours. The home page has a simple layout with multiple blocks including a pricing schedule, FAQs, a map showing the location of the dentist and a simple form to make a booking.

For us though, the fonts are too small and it could benefit from a modern font style, this is something that can easily be changed though, it’s also only one page, so you’ll need to put in a bit of effort to create the inner the pages, things like about us, your services and other important pages used throughout a website

Kalium Theme

Kalium is WordPress theme that also comes with the Woocommerce plugin making it easy to set up for dentists who are selling products on their website.

Whilst there’s no specific dentist theme, there’s a medical theme which is quite popular. The overall look is fairly standard, it’s not the most modern or eye catching but with some tweaks you can get things looking a lot better.

Your dental surgeries opening hours are cleary stated just above the fold, meaning when users land on your page that’s one of the first things they’ll see.

Great for dentists overing multiple services, it’s set up for four departments, so you can use them and change them to things like teeth whitening, dental implants, hygienist and route canals to help draw more attention to the services you offer.


Medicare is a WordPress theme for any one in the doctor, dentist or healthcare in gerenal. One of the best things about this theme is there’s currently 15 different layouts to choose from, making it simple to find one that fits your business. The layout specifically for dentists has a modern feel to it with the use of a lighter blue and a darker blue for call to actions.

As you click on to it, you’ll notice the main heading a long with the four service boxes just below, highlighting the four most important aspects of your dental practice and the services that people are most likely to click.

You can put your opening times, phone number and address in the header to which looks cool and is effective for people who just want to get in touch with you right away.

This theme also has a pretty cool free quote page which has it’s very own cost calculator which we absolutely love.


This theme stands out for how modern it is and there’s four different demos for dentists, giving you a good choice and offering some flexibility. This theme comes with a hero on the homepage with multiple images, which we aren’t the biggest fan of however this is something a lot of dentists want on their website.

In the header you’ve got your phone number and opening hours, along with social media symbols that link to your social pages, it’s also got woocommerce too so you’re set up for selling.

With multiple demos to choose from, they each have their own unique look and style, focusing on the services they offer and making it easy for the customer to get in touch with their contact forms and you can call straight from the website.

Ekko dentist

Ekkos themes dentist demo has a clean look and feel, perhaps just lacking a modern feel but it’s not old school by any means.

The homepage looks clean with the dark top header displaying the phone number, email address and opening times and it also lets you change the language which is great for dentists serving people from different countries.

We think perhaps the main image should be a bit narrower helping to elevate the enquiry form from below, helping it standout and draw more attention to.

The fonts are a bit basic and in our opinion the text is a little bit too small, but things like this can easily be changed.

The home page is quite full, including latest news from the blogs, a place to show off your staff including links to personal social media plus links to email or call them direct.

Also, there’s a load of other demos which means there’s a lot of inner pages to choose from, this makes things so much easier when you can just insert your text and images in and off you go.

Etalon theme

Etalon theme’s dentist demo looks cool. As soon as you land on the website you can see all the contact information, links to socials, and make an appointment. What we love about this theme is the images are amazing along with the fonts use and the overall style.

Scrolling down there’s links to the two main services you offer a long with a contact form encouraging patients to get in touch to book an appointment. It also has a sticky header so as you scroll down the page, the header remains at the top instead of disappearing and making people scroll back to the top to get the information they want.

You’ve also got a choice of five service pages giving you more choice about how you want the look and feel of your most important pages to be.

One thing we don’t love so much is the footer. This looks like it hasn’t been given any attention and could do with being jazzed up a little bit to match the rest of the theme.

Sway theme

Sway is a multi purpose wordpress theme that has an epic dentist demo. As soon as you land on the page, you know this isn’t a dentist who’s stook in the past. It’s modern, clean and has a great vibe about it.

What we don’t like is the full page image on the home page, it doesn’t need to be that big but it does look nice.

What we do love though is the make an appointment button pulls out a narrow contact form from the right hand side, this looks pretty cool and makes it really easy for patients to get in touch.

There’s the contact information in the header which is transparent and also has social media icons. This is a great theme for dentists that have a lot of information they want to display on the home page.

This theme does include a lot of optional pages, however they aren’t focused for dentists particularly, however you can still make use of them by just switching in your content and making it your own.

Bridge theme

Bridge WordPress theme is immensely popular, there’s like over 300 different demos that come included with it and with over 6,000 reviews and 25,000 comments, they are definitely on top of maintaining things and answering their customers questions.

One cool thing about bridge theme too is that most demos are built either using the elementor or wp bakery website builder. Both are popular, however people seem to prefer one over the other, if we have a choice, personally we’d choose WP Bakery however there’s a lot of elementor lovers out there.

Whilst, we do love this theme, the main image on the home page looks boring and the navigation text looks hugely unimaginative.

What we do like about this demo though is the ability to calculate the price at the bottom, helping your dental practice be more transparent about pricing.

There’s an option to make a booking just above the fold and in the footer, plus there’s all the information needed to contact your dental practice and see the opening hours in the top header.

ApexClinic theme

ApexClinic theme is quite popular, nearly 1000 different businesses in the medical space are using this. Whilst it’s high resoltuon and using the underscores framework, this theme isn’t optimised for Gutenberg.

There’s seven different demos, all geared slightly different to suit either dentists, private doctors, plastic surgeons and more.

This theme looks clean and modern, however for the dentist demo, as it is it’s currently lacking call to actions and enquiry forms, which makes it quite noticeably lacking compared to the others. Yes can you easily add them yourself if you know what you’re doing but it should come with one on the home page.

It does have a make an appointment page, which perhaps makes it better suited to dental practices that have multiple locations, services and workers plus it’s got a cool little calendar below making it simple to choose the date you want.

We love the fonts and the way the website is structured, the design aspects look pretty cool especially with multiple colours and different shapes

Being a dedicated medical theme, they’ve also set up pages so all you have to do is swap the text and the images for yours and you’re good to go.

The following are the pages they have, this definitely makes this theme stick out compared to the rest for it’s simplicity.

  • cosmetic dentistry
  • oral surgery
  • smile makeovers
  • porcelain veneers
  • gum recontouring
  • tooth coloured fillings
  • deep sedation dentistry
  • crowns and bridges
  • tooth extractions
  • dental check-up
  • dental implants
  • orthodontics
  • dental bonding
  • root canal therapy


Allsmiles is a WordPress theme that is dedicated to dentist. One thing to note is that the them was released in early 2021 and updated in November 2021 and still hasn’t been updated which could lead to problems with the the theme.

Our first impression is that it looks a little basic but the use of the blue and orange really help it to pop in parts.

The navigaton and header isn’t sticky so your patients wll have to scroll up to get to the options they want, but as you scroll down the home page looks better and starts to have more of a modern feel compared to the top part.

They have a few extra pages, like services, about us and contact, but there’s no variations, so you’re stuck with what you’re given unless you can navigate yourself around WordPress and make the pages yourself.

Smile pure

Smile pure is a dental and medical WordPress theme which has over 200 sales and 11 5 star reviews. The theme comes with slider revolution (however not the premium version so you’ll need to update yourself if this is something you need) has WP Bakery included and uses font awesome 5 pro to help you build an even better website.

There’s six different demos, none of them are terrible, our favourite is probably the dentistry closeups which looks extremely modern and has a contact form right on the home page straight away.

Scrolling down, the website has a modern feel, and also comes with a plugin which allows you to layer two images next to each other and slide the button across to see a before and after picture of teeth.

The other demos are cool too, some offer more information in the headers but in general they all offer the same standard just with little tweaks.


Dentiq is a dental and medical WordPress which has 4 header styles and over 50 section templates which you can use to make your website look amazing.

We love the use of blue, black and white through all the demos, there’s three different home page layouts all with a similar feel but diffennt looks.

Dentiq was published in August 2019 and was recently updated on the 29th September 2022, meaning it will work with the latest versions of WordPress and the latest plugins.

It’s a high resolution theme using the WPBakery page builder and supports slider revolution, MailChimp and WooCommerce.

Timan Dental clinic

Timan is a little pricier than the rest, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a better theme. It was published in December 2018 and was last updated 25th July 2022. This theme gives you the option 3 multi page websites and 3 one page websites.

We like Timan for it’s modern appeal and it stands out. It’s not you average dental theme, it has an element of fun to it with the larger text, the images and the overall feel of the theme.

Great for dental surgeries that need to get a website up in a hurry too, with their one page versions you can get a website up within a couple hours and put it live.

Prodent dental clinic

Prodent is a powerful theme that’s been around a while and recently updated. It comes with 7 different homepage layouts in our opinion it’s looks good but we’d  just change the colours as they look boring and make it seem a bit dull.

Prodent comes with lots of shortcodes making it simple to add different features to your pages and a powerful admin interface with multiple fonts and sticky menus supported.

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