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But still, there’s a huge amount of website owners who have close to 0 blog posts on their website and that’s killing them. Why? Because in SEO, your transactional keywords, those being the ones with the intent to buy have tiny volumes.

Your audience has questions, they’ll find the answers somewhere, we try out best to make sure it’s your website giving your audience the answers they’re looking for.

How many words? Organic search results that rank on page 1 of Google contain an average of 1,890 words

Getting creative with our content creation services

You’re bombarded with ads. Every single day. Have you ever searched for a product or service only a few hours later to see it being advertised? This is the world we live in now.

Businesses like Google, Facebook, and Youtube, know vast amounts of data about exactly who is using their sites which gives you an open door to your audience. But wait, what’s the catch?

The catch is that your content has to be A+ to even stand a chance of grabbing your audience’s attention. This can all be done with a tailored content marketing strategy.


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Product descriptions


E Books

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Content writing for SEO

When creating written content for Google, there are quite a few things you need to consider.

The main point to consider is that you want it to be natural. It can be quite tempting to start stuffing keywords onto your page but that’s not going to help your website be found in Google.

To get a lot of traffic, you need to build topical authority. This means that the search engines see your website as authoritative for that subject and will in turn reward you with higher rankings.

Finding out what content to create on your website

One of the most difficult things is finding content to create. If you’ve struggled with this in the past and now you’re trying to correct your website and get better rankings in Google you’ve got a few techniques you can try.

Go to google keyword planner and see what’s being searched, then head over to a tool like SEM Rush or Ahrefs which calculate website traffic, so you can type in a keyword on Google, take the top results and see how much traffic that web page is getting to see if it’s worth it for you to make content about the same topic.

The length of content on a webpage should be determined by the search query and user intent.

In general, longer content tends to perform better in search results as it provides more comprehensive and in-depth information. However, this doesn’t mean that every piece of content needs to be lengthy.

When creating content, it’s important to consider the user’s search query and what they’re looking for. If the search query is more specific and requires a straightforward answer, a shorter piece of content may suffice.

On the other hand, if the query is more complex and requires a detailed explanation, longer content may be necessary to fully address the user’s needs.

Long form blog posts are the biggest secret to long term traffic.

Long form, informative content keeps people on your pages longer. The longer people are spending on your site, the better your website metrics will be. If you have a good amount of blog pages around different topics that are all informative and helpful, these pages will rank well.

But guess what? Because your content is so good, people and other businesses may come across your content. They can either share it on social media or maybe place a link on their website.

Services to help your website stand out

Blog Writing

Our team of skilled writers can create engaging and informative blog posts on a wide range of topics. Whether you need regular blog content to keep your audience informed or want to establish thought leadership in your industry, we’ve got you covered.

Article Writing

We offer well-researched and authoritative articles that cater to your specific audience. These articles can be used for guest posting, publication on industry websites, or as valuable resources on your own website.

Website Content

Our content creation services extend to crafting compelling website copy that not only showcases your products or services but also speaks directly to your target customers. From homepage content to product descriptions, we ensure your website content captivates visitors and drives conversions.

Social Media Posts

Engaging your audience on social media is crucial for building brand loyalty and driving traffic to your website. Our content creation services include crafting catchy and shareable social media posts tailored to your brand voice and target audience.

Infographics and Visual Content: Visual content can convey complex information in a more digestible and visually appealing way. We specialise in creating eye-catching infographics and visual content that can be shared on your website or across social media platforms.

Email Newsletters: Stay connected with your audience through compelling email newsletters. Our content creation services encompass crafting newsletters that keep subscribers informed about your latest offerings, promotions, and industry insights.

Video Scripts: Videos are an excellent way to engage with your audience, and we can assist you in creating captivating video scripts that convey your message effectively. Whether it’s for explainer videos, product demos, or video ads, we ensure your video content resonates with viewers.

E-books and Whitepapers: Establish your authority in your industry with in-depth e-books and whitepapers. Our content creation services can help you research, write, and design valuable resources that showcase your expertise and capture leads.

The home page should be full of images and very little text, right?

Not at all. A pretty website looks good but looks good to who? The people who find it directly or who are being marketed to?

Your home page needs to be a text-rich hotspot where you have informative content. For example on our homepage, we’ve built an introduction to SEO.

Ideally, you should have a minimum of 1000 words on your home page and in a lot of cases 2000 would be a lot more appropriate.

Your inner service pages are the money makers but they also offer the lowest search volumes.

Content writing on your service pages needs to be more in-depth and really dive into the subject you’re talking about.

For example, look at this page here. We’re focused on creating content that helps people buy content writing services but we’re also happy helping people who aren’t necessarily looking to buy but need some inspiration so they can do it themselves.

Product description’s are a vital piece of the puzzle when you have an ecommerce website.

If you’re selling online and you’re using the same product descriptions as the manufactures then guess what? A lot of your competitors will be using the same ones too.

So why create custom product descriptions for each product you have? We don’t do product description writing in house, but we do have some excellent contacts who have fabulous reviews for getting your business some juicy product descriptions to help your products sell.

What to expect with website content creation services from Klub Clicks

You know why content development is essential so you can begin creating. When you work closely together with a good content marketing agency, you are sure to drive more leads. Klub Clicks provides all of your content development needs to take your company to the next level.

Content creation

Once we have determined which keyword to look at, we will create content relevant to this keyword. We’re able to help you create a wide variety of content including; our knowledge will allow you to produce the content that you want. We offer content marketers the tools they need to understand the content and audience. We will review the content for consistency with your business and branding.

Content development

Content must constantly be created to ensure success. We provide content creation and SEO services that can be used on a wide variety of websites. We are here to assist you with designing your content plan. Content calendars will help you know when your content will be created or published. How much content can we provide depends largely on the plan you choose.

Content promotion

We’ll make sure your content gets distributed across the web. We have built up a community of industry influencers who work together to help you reach the audience that you want. From distributing them across websites to social networks, we can help you reach more viewers. We are able to reach out to influencers and create a paid ad campaign that promotes the content on multiple platforms. Our strategy is based on paid advertising (PPC) and social networks to reach the most interested prospects.

Monthly reports

When a company offers marketing services you shouldn’t get lost in the details of their marketing plan. Our content keeps you updated all the time. In addition, software can be used by businesses to help them manage leads on a website. This will help you decide which content gets fewer visitors, allowing you to tailor your content marketing to achieve maximum ROI.

Content optimisation

Content can only be created by one thing. Once you have created content, the search engines must optimise the content for its ranking. When your content creation business is supported through Klub Clicks, we can improve search engine rankings. These algorithms are optimised for search engines, part of which optimise the user experience. We know how a website should look and be optimised by search engines. Let’s improve your content to increase your ranking and get better traffic from your site.

What type of content do you do best?

We focus on long-form blog posts that cover topics in depth helping to rank for more keywords!

Is content really that important for a website?

Content is the foundation of all websites and your site almost certainly needs a content strategy.

Is content really that important for a website?

Content is the foundation of all websites and your site almost certainly needs a content strategy.

Can you help with Social Media content?

Yes, we can help design i wide range of content for Social Media

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