Content Optimisation Services

Is your content falling short? Our content optimisation services can help you achieve maximum impact in the search engines.

Enhanced Visibility

Elevate brand visibility with strategic content optimisation for increased online prominence.

Improved Search Rankings

Propel your website to the top of search results through effective content optimisation strategies.

Targeted Audience

Craft content that resonates, fostering meaningful connections and engage your audience.

Maximise Conversions

Turn visitors into leads and customers with expertly optimised content maximising conversions.

Increase organic visibility & get more clicks from your content

Make the content you’ve already got better by optimising it to get found in the search engines. It’s likely that your website could be getting more traffic but because it’s not optimised correctly you’re missing out on potential traffic.

We focus on the on-page content, title tags, images and much more to help your content become more search engine friendly plus more engaging to the user.

What is content optimisation?

By performing content optimisation we’re tweaking your website so it’ll stand more of a chance of generating more organic growth.

The websites that are appearing in the search engines for keywords you’re looking to target are there because they offer the best experience to the user.

By optimising your content for those keywords, your website can climb up the rankings. This works best for websites with a lot of content on already, it works too for smaller websites but it will take longer for you to progress if you’ve only got say 5 pieces of content already.

Content optimisation services

Start building your organic growth now!

Keyword research

Performing keyword research helps us to find more keywords that people are using to find websites like yours. If you’ve pages that aren’t getting traffic, it’s likely they aren’t optimised to target the right keywords.

Keyword positioning

Even if you know which keywords to target, it can be difficult to use them in a natural way which the user finds engaging and signal relevancy to the search engines. Keyword stuffing is always a no no.

Internal linking

Internal linking is where you link between different pages on your website. This helps to provide more value to your audience and helps the search engines, making your website easier to crawl.

Optimise H tags

Structuring your page correctly helps the user and the search engines to better understand the content. Use the main keyword in the H1 tags and variations in the H2 tags and beyond but keep it natural.

Title tag optimisation

The page title tag is what appears in the search engines to users when they are deciding on which website to click. The title tag needs to be optimised for the search engines and the user to make it stand out more.

Optimise meta descriptions

The meta description is the sales pitch for each page. Whilst it doesn’t affect ranking position directly, it can help get your website more clicks which increase the click-through rate which can help you rank higer.

How does content optimisation work?

We put your content under the microscope to examine where you’re going right and where you’re going wrong.


The URL should be clean, short and with a keyword in it, also avoid using stop words. We can simply redirect old URLs to the new ones.


Headings give your page structure and it’s essential to optimise making them search engine and user friendly using keywords throughout.

Title tags

Title tags should include a keyword close to the start. You’re limited by using 65 characters, here’s your chance to stick out and get clicked.


The content is compared against what’s currently ranking for your target keywords. We then formulate a plan for yours to be better and stand out.

Image Alt Text

Correctly optimise image Alt Text helping them become more accessible to people using screen readers and use it to drop in a natural keyword.

Optimising content made easy

The overall intention is to improve organic visibility making your brand more visible and more likely to get visited.

Content audit

We perform a full audit of your entire website or selected pages helping us to identify your current strengths and weaknesses and create a plan.

Keyword Research

We find the keywords your website should be targeting including long tail keywords to help start your SEO campaign.


Fine-tuning all on-page SEO aspects creating the best possible user experience, with engaging content to drive conversions.


It always starts by building up the impressions, as you rise up in the SERPs you’ll start to rank for more keywords.

Will our content automatically rank in the search engines?

No SEO agency should guarantee results, it’s impossible. Search engines are constantly evolving, and the top of the SERPs is becoming much more competitive so it’s fierce.

There are always websites that are looking to overtake you, to stand the best chance of getting the top rankings you need to be consistent with your message, branding, and delivery.


£999 for 5 URLs

(Up to 10k words)

Here at Klub Clicks, we keep our prices lower due to fewer overheads. It’s always hard to give estimates for the price of content optimisation because all pages are different. The standard optimisation for a page with under 1,000 words is £100 for say a blog post or £249 for a service page.

If you take out an SEO package with Klub Clicks, on-page content optimisation will be included for a certain amount of pages per month.

Why choose Klub clicks for your content optimisation?

Our client’s organic search rankings come through writing high-quality content that gets found in the search engines. Our understanding of your target market allows us to create engaging content which matches the search intent of your targeted keywords

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