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Are you struggling to craft content that converts leads into paying customers? Look no further than our expert copywriting services.

Grow your business

Make your online presence irresistible to customers.  Create relevant content that attracts users in organic search and social sites and makes more sales.

Reach your audience

Your audience is already finding your competitors. High-quality copywriting services help your audience find your website instead of another.

Better SEO results

Get better SEO results with high-quality copywriting. Writing for the user and the search engines can help boost your website traffic helping your business grow faster.

Convert into sales

The better the copy is on a website the more likely people are to engage, trust and purchase from your website. Optimise it over time to get more sales.

Use copywriting to communicate your message

The thing that first sticks out when you visit a website is the design. The copy is what’ll make you stay through and hang around, digesting the content and getting a feel for the product or service that the company is offering.

This is why copywriting services are so vital for businesses. You need to communicate your message in a seamless, effective way, whilst speaking to your audience in a way they are familiar with. The difference between good copy and bad copy is less sales.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is what sells, it’s the text on websites, to the text on social media and beyond. In our daily lives, we are bombarded with copywriting every single day. From the products we use to the films we’re streaming, go on to any web page and it’s the copywriting that will make you stay or leave.

Using copywriting for your website is especially important and make sure it’s high quality too. A lot of businesses under-utilise their websites and that’s such a huge mistake as websites filled with great copy will get viewed more and people are much more likely to buy from you too.

Our approach to copywriting

Our clients consume several media so we specialised in creating content for the different marketing mixes. Whether you need content for digital ad campaigns, emails, or viral campaigns, Klub Clicks has you covered.

Market Analysis

Analysing your market is vital to understanding the type of copy they will be most receptive to. Our words are crafted with expertise helping to tell the story of your business.

Create a strategy

We help your business come up with pages that will sell. From the layout to the way the user experiences the page, we optimise it from the ground up helping you get more conversions.

Implement changes

We help businesses get copywriting services at a better price and a higher quality compared to other services. Our knowledge allows us to create content at a high standard that will get read for years.

Why is copywriting so important?

The communication of your brand voice and message is essential to be put across in a way that speaks to your audience. As a business owner, a website can get your business more leads, day or night.

To reach your target audience effectively, quality copywriting is essential. Think of it like this too, if you’re using PPC ads, that means you spending a lot of money for someone to click on a landing page on your website, where you have around five to ten seconds to make an impression, sometimes even less.

What are the benefits of working with a copywriting agency?

As a company, you need to realise the importance content marketing plays in your business. The decision about outsourcing content promotion functions to an agency or hiring an internal team is an important decision and can be tricky to get the best for the brand.

Keep your costs down

Save on staff costs by outsourcing your copywriting needs and spending the money you save on other areas of your business. Our prices are incredibly competitive for the level of service we offer.

Gain comprehensive knowledge

We stay up to date with the latest copywriting techniques finding new ways to help your copywriting be more effective. Excellent copy is all about understanding the user.

Grow your website

Through excellent copy on service pages, blog pages and more, your website can see huge growth. Content creation is one of the most effective ways to grow any brand in 2023.


Whether you need a small one-off project or a large-scale campaign,  we can adapt to your needs. We can quickly scale your team to handle bigger projects or multiple assignments simultaneously.

What’s included in our copywriting services?

Our team will write any copy for you and handle everything. Klub Clicks web copywriting services span everything from sales-to-brand content to marketing collateral that drives sales and converts into leads. We can help you with your website or eBook and are ready to collaborate on a custom plan.

Blog posts

Creating a blog helps your website attract more visitors by having more information and ranking for more keywords.

Landing pages

A landing page is similar to a sales page, but shorter and aimed at generating leads with paid ads.

Website Copy

There are various pages on websites that need creating vital to getting your voice out there and heard.

Newsletters & brochures

Creating sizzling copy that aims specifically at your target audience can improve client relationships.

EBook writing services

eBooks are extremely popular and great for acting as a lead magnet to help boost e-mail sign-ups.

Product descriptions

If you’re getting a lot of traffic but not converting then you might need better product descriptions.

Email marketing

Connect with your e-mail list by sending regular e-mails informing them what special offers you currently have.

Social media

This is important to a content strategy for a brand to connect to, engage and establish relationships.

All great copywriting needs a great call to action

The main aim of copywriting is to generate a buzz in for your business. Whether it’s a sales page or an informational blog post, you need to have a call to action in the text. But before this, you need to win the trust of the reader with great copy.

Did you know the place of CTA is very strategic? CTA’s can have different results based on the location on the page, the colour of the button, and the button text, there are many aspects which can be tweaked to help you get higher conversions.

Copywriting service FAQs

Who needs a copywriter?

Every business with a website needs a copywriter.

How much does a copywriting project cost?

Typically, midlevel copywriting costs £80 – £120 an hour and a good copywriting service costs between £120 – £200+ an hour on average. It might look a bit confusing but you should never think cheaper will be able to replicate the service of a high-quality copywriter.

We need 100,000 words writing, how long will that take?

Each project is different as each has different levels of research associated to it but for 100,000 on average this would take us around a month to complete.

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