What is a do follow link?

January 2, 2023
January 2, 2023 Mark Acornley

Every link on a website has specific instructions associated with it. Having do-follow links can help your website get more exposure and get more traffic.

So what exactly is a do-follow link?

When you create a link on your website, let’s say to an external site, the link will automatically have the do-follow tag.

What this means is that it’s telling search engines to follow the link instead of not following it if it has a no-follow tag.

A do-follow link means the search engine will see this as like a vote from your website that the other website is good and passes on “link juice”.

When you’re creating content, you might want to link out to other websites for your audience.

But also, when you’re creating content, you want other websites to link to your website but there are different things you need to consider.

When making any link, it’s automatically do follow, there are three other options you’ll use to encounter

Open the link in a new tab

Add rel=”nofollow”

Add rel=”sponsored”

Why do you want do follow links as part of your SEO strategy?

We all want a lot of high-quality backlinks but forget about the number and go for high-quality do-follow links. This is important because the more times you have strategically placed do follow links from other websites, the more search engines are seeing that and seeing that your website is relevant to your niche.

What’s the HTML code for follow links?

<a href=”https://klubclicks.com”>Visit Klub Clicks</a>


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