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Here at Klub Clicks, we love helping eCommerce businesses rank higher in organic search results.

Ecommerce SEO is constantly evolving, which means that you need expert eCommerce experts who can keep up to date on the SEO world to make sure your site doesn’t fall behind.

We understand what works in eCommerce SEO and how to get results for you. We’ll help you stand out by getting more traffic, better rankings and higher conversions.

SEO is one of the most talked-about parts of digital marketing. Business owners need to do to increase organic traffic and take a proactive approach for online businesses to boost revenues. For this to happen, you need to look at what SEO strategies are out there and decide what’s right for you.

Create the ultimate eCommerce SEO strategy

We can do it all from setting up new sites, designing templates, producing content, or improving established sites.

We don’t just provide an array of strategies, but our service is tailored to suit your needs so that you can rely on us as an extension of your team.

Whether you’re looking for more traffic, more leads, better positioning or a complete overhaul, we’ll work with you to deliver the results that matter.

Our eCommerce SEO agency will help you get ahead of the competition and grow your business.

SEO services for eCommerce that deliver actual business results.

Klub Clicks provides customised website search engine optimisation services for eCommerce stores aimed at customers that drive profitable business growth.

We aim to increase website ranking for specific keywords that drive ‘qualified’ traffic and more online sales from your store.

Several elements of our SEO services include technical and content audit, keyword discovery and exploration, product page optimisations, and conversion rate optimisation on all web pages to help you attract and target potential and existing customers.

We embrace an honest and visible – approach to manage client expectations and help you understand expected results. We have a noticeable natural process.

Achieving your eCommerce SEO sweet spot

Klub Clicks offers clients results-driven SEO in the field of business-focused marketing campaigns that affect your business with measurable business results. We focus on ranking your website as high as possible to drive web traffic and increase sales and inquiries.

The digital transformation in retail is essential. A retailer needs to have online platforms to promote its brand, drive sales and facilitate purchasing. Content strategy is critical to SEO success.

Perform an eCommerce SEO audit

We conduct a full SEO audit of your website eCommerce by using an in-house SEO tool and provide you with the best content on the eCommerce website. This will help us to implement a better SEO to gain website traffic on the site.

This is part of our audit that includes reviewing technical aspects of the online store keyword analysis, backlink analysis and competitor analysis.

We’re proud of finding the best solutions for our clients. We don’t sell any pre-designed application packages as each online eCommerce store is unique and needs a bespoke solution to maximise investment return. We are always transparent regarding our prices and terms of our service.

We optimise your entire site.

The SEO strategy must be implemented throughout the website. The way content is displayed on a website sometimes needs tweaking or even overhauling.

Our eCommerce SEO agency can quickly identify those areas that need attention. For example, a homepage that links to the product category page, which links to individual items.

At each level, the link text can ideally be tailored for Search. You can improve your page’s search engine optimisation. The various action points are used to strengthen eCommerce search engines’ efficiency. We can identify all the opportunities and provide them for you. It is all possible for you to be confident when using our service.

eassurance that any transactional data sent from users’ browsers are protected and encourages them to rank higher in search results.

However, this might not be suitable if you’re looking at increasing conversions from customers outside of the UK, as not all browsers support SSL.

The critical thing to keep in mind is that your eCommerce website should be as close as possible to reassure GoogleThis means you should probably avoid a lot of momentum-killing technical issues such as site slowness or time outs from your hosting provider. The more user-friendly and accessible your site is, the better it will perform for users and search engines alike.

Critical trends in eCommerce over the last 15 years

Ecommerce has changed how goods are bought and sold. A substantial variety of influences has shaped the eCommerce market.

Define your eCommerce SEO goals

You are probably hoping to increase sales and profit. Generally, SEO strategies aims are to:

  • increase the visitor conversion rate,
  • increase the average order price
  • increase the lifetime value.

As part of our SEO service, we should discuss your requirements and meet your goals. We will then inform you what results you can expect, the amount and time required to meet them, and how they are achieved.

We are happy to provide information about what we plan to achieve and how long it will last.

Using WooCommerce for your online store

Woocommerce is popular. Millions of people decided to build their eCommerce websites with WordPress because of the flexibility, customizability and free cost.

For example, unlike other platforms, WordPress is secure because it regularly updates its software to eliminate any security breaches.

We also provide e-commerce SEO training for web owners. We can train you on everything to run your website in detail to make your business run smoothly in the future.

Search engine marketing training courses are popular with our customers who yearn to manage their website.

Getting your store found in the search engines

Here are just some of the things we provide:

  • Keyword research to build a list of target keywords. We’ll create content around these keywords which will drive traffic back to your site for free.
  • On-page optimisation, including title tags, meta descriptions and headings. 
  • Link building to increase your site’s authority in the eyes of Google.
  • Research and analysis so you can see exactly where you are with your current SEO ranking strength.

Ecommerce is an intelligent way for people to shop, so why wouldn’t you want more visitors?

Ecommerce SEO services

SEO Content Creation

Let us help your website with content optimisation on SEO and product pages in a professional manner.

Site structure

A vital part of any SEO effort is getting everything right. Having good technical SEO will increase search engine performance and user experience and help increase conversion rate.

Keyword research for eCommerce

Choose keyword phrases for targeted keywords using Google’s specialised search engine.

Technical SEO audit

A deep dive SEO audit of the website, particularly the content, the backlink profiles, and technical SEO, is performed to set a benchmark. 

The Backlink profile

Earning high authority domain links to your pages from relevant external sites will significantly increase your authority level and bolster your search rankings, increasing traffic organically.

Google Analytics Audits

We ensure that your site attribution tracking and website tracking are bulletproof and that the correctness of its attribution is maintained.

Product page optimisation

We Optimise Your Product Pages to offer your customers the best chances of rank at the top of the list for the proper keywords.

Optimising the conversion rate

Rapid split testing alone or in combination with PPC is vital to increase conversion rates.

What’s the best web platform for eCommerce SEO?

The eCommerce platform that you have is not as important as the choices you make with your SEO. It’s easy to assume that a bespoke platform developed specifically for eCommerce would be the best choice, but this isn’t necessarily so.

Firstly it’s worth noting that Google doesn’t prefer what underlying technology powers an eCommerce website, so there’s no need to obsess about it.

But, a few things can help: running an SSL certificate on your site will provide Google with reassurance that any transactional data sent from users’ browsers are protected and encourages them to rank higher in search results.

However, this might not be suitable if you’re looking at increasing conversions from customers outside of the UK, as not all browsers support SSL.

Can Google index my Ecommerce Site?

Google can index most eCommerce sites – but only once they’re up and running correctly.

This makes launch optimisation a vital step in your SEO strategy. We’ll help you get started by identifying what works best with eCommerce SEO, so that starts giving you visibility straight away.

What should I be aware of with eCommerce SEO?

Google’s recent updates have focused on rewarding sites that provide a good user experience rather than those stuffed with as many keywords as possible. This means making sure your site loads quickly, works across different devices and provides options such as filtering and personalisation. 

It also means creating compelling content that users will want to engage with. Encouraging customers to share on social media or directly through your website can boost trust in your brand – mainly if it shows a wide variety of shoppers enjoying using your services.

It’s also vital that there are no technical SEO issues.

What are my choices for eCommerce platforms?

There are several eCommerce platforms out there for running an online store – some more suitable than others depending on precisely what you’re looking to achieve from your site. Here’s a quick look at the main options:

 WordPress/Woocommerce – This is an excellent choice if you want lots of flexibility as there are thousands of ready-made plugins and themes you can easily install. 

 Shopify – This is a good option if you’re looking to get an eCommerce site up and running quickly as the technical aspects such as security, hosting and SSL certificates come included in your monthly fee. They also have lots of built-in tools that will help with SEO, such as sitemaps.

Magento – This platform offers complete control over design but has a steep learning curve, so it isn’t recommended for those new to eCommerce or website management. The level of customisation available makes it better suited to providing bespoke solutions than just reusing existing templates.

How much does an eCommerce SEO agency cost?

The typical costs for running a new eCommerce site with our services start at £500 per month.

This would include optimising your launch, on-page optimisation and creating content suitable for this type of website, including product descriptions, videos and blog posts.

Prices vary based on what’s included and the SEO strategies being used.

What is my return on investment in eCommerce SEO?

We’ve worked with clients who saw significant drops in their bounce rate within weeks of working with us – all without changing anything substantial about their websites. This means customers are sticking around longer, browsing more pages and seeing a much higher conversion rate.

What do we mean by eCommerce SEO agency?

SEO is both science and art. It takes skill to get high SEO rankings for eCommerce websites. Our company has been doing eCommerce SEO since its inception in 2007.

We make sure that your business gets the traffic it deserves by achieving top search engine rankings. Ecommerce Seo agency experts know how important traffic is to you, and we make every effort to help you receive more of it.

Our search engine optimisation process will help you do this in the shortest amount of time possible. Your business needs a top PPC company like ours, ready to work closely with you and provide the best services for your needs.

Ten reasons to pick us as your eCommerce SEO agency

1. We work quickly and efficiently.

2. We do all of the heavy liftings, so you don’t have to spend any time on tasks your business isn’t equipped to deal with.

3. We keep our fingers on the pulse of current technologies and trends to ensure that we always know how best to different types of website traffic.

4. Our SEO strategy is designed for long-term results, which means that you will be receiving a steady stream of valuable visitors because they are targeted towards your industry.

5. We created personalised, tailored solutions for each client, depending on their specific needs and desired outcomes, rather than shoehorn them into one cookie-cutter approach or strategy.

6. We love keyword research

7. We offer monitoring services to our clients to measure their return on investment (ROI).

8. Curating articles is one of the most effective SEO techniques for online businesses, which is why we will do it for you.

9. Most small businesses don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to maintaining an active social media presence, so we take care of all of your social profiles when necessary. This way, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with them, free up more time for other business activities.

10. Our blog is designed specifically for businesses that would like to increase their website traffic and boost their search engine rankings

Why choose Klub Clicks for your eCommerce SEO services?

Klub Clicks eCommerce SEO agency can provide you with several valuable services with our expert SEO team. 

It makes sense for every company to hire an organic SEO consultant. Doing so will give your business an edge over your competitors while increasing traffic to your site and helping it rank higher than ever before.

Ecommerce SEO strategies

  • Focus on the product descriptions
  • Look at structured data and how it can work for you
  • Make use of internal linking
  • Ensure navigation is simple
  • Make sure your website loads fast
  • Encourage customers to share your products/content
  • Go after long-tail keywords

Ecommerce SEO FAQs

These are the most common questions we get asked about SEO services for online stores.

How much does eCommerce SEO cost?

Our team has provided search engine marketing services across many industries for years, so you can trust us to help your brand get ahead of the competition. We will be able to calculate an exact quote we understand the features of your site and the optimum user experience.

How long will it take to rank?

This depends on various factors. For one, how competitive your keywords are. We ranked for Klub Clicks in 24 hours because competition is 0. You’re looking at the more accessible keywords around three months, whereas the more difficult ones can take years to achieve top spots.

Why isn’t my website ranking?

Check it’s been indexed by Google. If it’s not been indexed, it won’t be found in the search results. If your website isn’t new, you need to submit it yourself to get indexed.

How long should the meta title be?

Google recommends keeping your page titles between 50-60 characters, but many web admins will use more extended tags, especially on pages that rank well organically. The reason is simple: More content = more keywords = higher rank!

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links that pass link creditability or rank value from one website to another. This means that when someone links your site, you receive a positive “vote” in Google’s eyes.

Why should I choose an e-commerce platform?

Websites need somewhere to visually display product information and give users the chance to buy items directly through your eCommerce store. However, with a lot of choices available, it can be overwhelming to someone new to selling.  

How to use keywords for Ecommerce SEO

Using keywords in eCommerce SEO is similar to other types. For newer websites, go after long-tail keywords and build your pages around them. You always want your main keywords in your page title and h1 tag.

Search Engine.

Create an SEO strategy that will blow away the competition

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