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How to increase a website’s domain authority?

So you’ve heard about domain authority and how your website “needs it” to get more traffic.

The domain authority of a website can have a significant effect on rankings helping your website to get found more with a higher domain authority and less with a lower domain authority.

The Domain Authority isn’t a score Google and other search engines use. It was created by Moz as a metric to determine a website’s backlink profile.

Other software companies have developed their system to judge domain authority.

What is the domain authority of a website?

The domain authority is a ranking from 0-100 which evaluates your backlink profile and assesses the likely hood that it will rank in the search engines.

Various companies have their own DA rating system, as we mentioned Moz developed it however we prefer to use either Ahrefs or Sem rush.

How to find out the domain authority of your website?

There are various tools you can use, like we mentioned above, use Ahrefs or SEM Rush to see what your website domain rating is.

Domain authority ratings: what we know

  • The DA scale is logarithmic: Meaning going from 0-50 is much easier than going from 51-100.
  • DA changes take time to implement: Changes you make today might not be noticed for months.
  • DA ratings aren’t 100% accurate as the way Google sees it: it’s just a guess based on several SEO factors.
  • DA can be different depending on who’s assessing it: different companies will have different ways of assessment.
  • You can improve DA and not see an increase in traffic: Just because you’ve got a higher DA doesn’t guarantee traffic.
  • Can change over time: new and lost backlinks can influence the number in the short run.

How is the domain authority rating is assessed?

Various things are looked at and assessed. These include;

  • How many links are pointed at a website
  • Which websites are the links coming from
  • Activity on social media platforms
  • On-page content quality

Why is it important to know My Domain Authority?

Domain authority is used in mainly two ways.

The first is to assess whether the search engine optimisation and linking effort succeeded.

People believe if the DA and DR on their website increase the strategy should work. It can sometimes be true.

When you build links you will probably find some good results quite quickly.

But as domain authority scores increase, the number of links you must have to make improvements.

Consequently, you can create lots of hyperlinks but no noticeable improvement in DAs.

What is a high Domain Authority?

Remember we said domain authority is rated on a Logarithmic scale.

This means getting from 0-50 is much easier than 51-100.

100 is the maximum you can get, very few websites get the top score.

The best authoritative sites are generally more than 90, while most websites generally score at around 20 to 30.

What’s considered an authoritative domain depends upon websites ranking at current levels for your desired keywords, some websites can have artificially inflated scores and not get any traffic.

Generally speaking, a high authority domain is anything over 50.

How can I increase my domain authority score?

There are many ways to go about increasing your domain authority.

Optimising On-Page SEO

Your websites must be improved to improve search rankings.

It is going to help Google increase domain rankings and increase Moz’s DA score as well.

In addition to on-page factors, the DA scores are not affected directly.

Those who don’t do things right will affect your Google ranking indirectly or negatively.

Moz says machine learning is capable of detecting variations in SERPs that affect the algorithm.

So when Google Algorithm Update is released, there is a chance that sites that have lost positions will see their scores decline significantly if they don’t update.

Blogger outreach

This method is the most efficient way to build links.

When seeking authority in a specific field and your schedules are tight, blogger outreach is the most effective link-building strategy.

Contact bloggers or website administrators who run websites for your business.

Contact them for guest posting opportunities.

You’ll get the answer quickly and the links appear naturally at the top.

If it is difficult for a blog owner to contact the site owner manually, we are willing to do this for you.

Improve Off-Page SEO of Your Website

DA was developed to provide outreach to information about website quality.

Websites with high domain authority typically have an abundance of point sites that are high quality.

You can try to get links on domain sites which are higher DA than yours to increase your DA.

This increases DAs’capacity to grow. Lastly, ensure you are avoiding links that contain spamming information.

A bad spam rate will affect your website and cause it to deteriorate.

Press releases

Also, try a PR project on my site. Almost all publishing sites have domain authority.

It’ll take a lot of hard work to gain an article-quality site.

You can choose paid PR or organic PR. Usually, the public will look at your content for value.

This usually occurs in a larger corporation, but it is possible if you have an effective plan.

Paid PR activities also give you good links to highly relevant sites.

Occasionally, certain websites will charge you fees.

Natural Links

Natural links happen because you’re ranking near the top for keywords related to your industry.

There are lots of times when people are writing content and need another website to link to.

These are generally the best types of links, especially when they are coming from high-authority domains as they are 100% natural.

The freshness of the content

Your contents can be destroyed after several decades.

This will result in a reduced Organic ranking or DA score.

Since DA also determines how many keywords are listed on a search engine results page, a keyword may lose its position.

In a search engine optimisation strategy, you should always keep updating the information that drives the most web traffic.

URL Optimisation

The URL can sometimes be overlooked as the only factor in an indexed website.

Generally, websites have a URL automatically generated by the CMS.

This isn’t SEO-able. SEO-friendly URLs need to adhere to a certain standard.

Please see this page for a comprehensive guide on optimising your URLs.

Broken link building

Another link-building technique worth trying. Obtain DA-positive website audit results for broken links.

Check for more links for their content on your site.

It also opens a chance for a win-win scenario in that if a website fixes its link the problem is redirected to an alternative site, yours.

Unlinked mentions

You can find sites containing your company’s brand but they didn’t link directly to your site.

Do a review of the brands mentioned by SEMRush – a tool to find high domain authority website names.

Contact the company and ask for the links to the brand anchor text.

Keyword Optimisation

Make sure the website contains the right keywords for the page you are preparing.

When you choose the right keywords, it also ensures that you align the page to your audience.

Writing something that nobody sees is not valuable for your web page or your target audience.

Link Reclamation

Over time, links can get deleted or in other cases deleted.

Use Moz SEMRush or Ahrefs to locate missing links and try e-mailing the webmasters for help in restoring the link to get your link juice back.

It’s recommended to check for lost links around every three months.

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