Keyword mapping

The reverse is called keyword mapping. It’s the process of taking an unknown query and reverse engineering it to find out what words were searched to create that query in the first place.

Keyword tracking

Keyword tracking is a process that allows you to monitor the performance of your keyword rankings over time.

Keyword funnelling

Keyword funnelling is the process of analysing keyword data to identify specific stages of the buying cycle.

Use SEO keyword research services to provide the foundation for SEO services

Keyword research

Find the keywords you can rank for.

Link Building

Start building backlinks to your website to improve organic traffic.

On-page SEO

Optimise content to be found in organic search results.

Technical SEO

Make sure all technical aspects of SEO are on point.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is all about connecting the dots in your SEO strategy, finding the words and phrases that your audience is searching for. A straightforward way to identify keywords is with competitor research. Using tools like ahrefs, you can see estimates of how much traffic your competitors are getting.

Why are keywords important?

Each page of your website should target one keyword. This keyword is called a seed keyword which doesn’t mean it’s only going after one keyword, but that’s the main one you’ll be going for, which will help you rank for associated keywords and phrases.

The main keyword should be used in the page title, H1 tag, and a variation should be relevantly used throughout h2 and h3 tags to reinforce the topic further.

Keywords can be assessed by:

Search volume

Keyword type

Competitiveness level

The ultimate aim of researching keywords is to build content around those keywords and get more organic traffic.

Is keyword research the most aspect part of SEO?

If you’re targeting the wrong keywords for your website, you will find it challenging to implement a successful SEO strategy.

What’s the keyword research process?

Klub Clicks have a detailed keyword research process to help identify keywords your audience is typing into search engines which can then be used in your SEO campaign. Using SEO software such as Market Samurai lets you find hundreds of potentially profitable keywords within minutes!

We provide you with a monthly keyword report allowing you to make changes as needed.

Understanding the search intent behind keywords

It’s all good getting to number one for a keyword, but if no one is searching for it or not a transactional keyword, it’s unlikely to generate any income. The search intent behind a keyword is essential.

Finding suitable SEO opportunities depends on a keywords difficulty rating. If the websites currently ranking are powerful, you’re going to struggle to rank,

Different types of search intent:




We take into account how people speak.

Mobile searches on mobile devices exceed searches done through desktop PCs. The advent of smartphones and other electronic devices and smartphones will be a significant innovation when our search engine starts showing up again.

The variety in asking the same question makes it hard to find using traditional keyword search tools.

This is overcome by cleverly combining popular keywords with language semantics. This gives us questions, topics and conversation phrases that can address on your website. Tell me the best solution I can find to answer my questions about online search.

Keyword research is the most fundamental part of digital marketing. Through custom built-in tooling, we can segment a vast number of search terms into subtypes.

We group keywords into people-friendly taxonomies.

Exploration of a website keyword results in intelligent decision support. We have collected keyword-specific taxonomies, and these are tailored for your company and unique to your keyword research reports.

You can easily search keywords by relevance, theme, buy funnel stage, level of opportunity/potential and more. The more you slice, the more focus you get on the keyword.

This helps identify SEO opportunities. For example, you might include the most popular search term for the topic in your page title and scatter synonyms elsewhere. Your topic covered keywords will present a list of the significant opportunities.

Free Keyword research tools to use

Free apps such as Ubersuggest and Google Ads Planner do not generate good keywords for effective keywords research. Ahrefs, paid tool, found 20740 keywords after studying the same seed keyword.

Using Google keyword planner

While Google has always advised businesses to avoid paying for high ranking positions on their search engine result pages (SERPs), they are now taking more robust measures than ever before to ensure that companies do not attempt to bypass their algorithms through paid PPC adverts or other fraudulent practices.

Keyword research and online marketing

A case study suggests that a company without SEO earned more than 20 website visitors and organic results revenue.

Imagine what an organic search or a content strategy created on solid keyword research foundations will do to their business. This case study shows an e-commerce business that lacks SEO strategies.

Find commercial keywords to unlock more search traffic.

Keyword research should be the first element of every successful SEO campaign. How can we search for new search keywords for our business?

We try to find keywords that match the services or products you offer. Focus on the most challenging things and leverage our team’s scale and process so that you focus on the most difficult things in your business. This is an advertisement term you need to target. Get in touch with your keywords products.

Help us locate search terms for a search engine. Find the ideal search terms for your product/service keywords to target your product or services.

Start the journey to high search rankings.

    Keyword FAQS

    What are long-tail keywords?

    Long-tail keywords are longer, more complex queries that generate much less volume than shorter “head” terms. They’re typically four words in length or longer, but there’s no set rule about how long they can be.

    What is KW density?

    Keyword density is the number of times a particular keyword phrase appears on a web page compared with the total number of words on that same page. A higher search engine ranking will be assigned to web pages where the chosen keyword phrase often appears about other words on that page in comparison.

    Search Engine.

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