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What are the best keyword research tools for SEO?

If you’re looking to start an SEO campaign, you need to be targeting the right keywords.

There are hundreds of keyword research tools available, all with different prices, different features, extra applications and more.

The best keyword research tools to nail your SEO campaign

It’s no secret, keyword research is the most important step in SEO.

Even if you create amazing content, if you’re going after the wrong keywords you won’t have an effective SEO ROI as the keywords won’t bring traffic or will bring the wrong type of traffic that doesn’t convert.

So, instead of you trying all the keyword research tools, we thought we’d just tell you what’s great about the best ones.

What makes a good keyword research tool?

The best keyword research tool gives you the data you need to rank your desired keywords. The tools below offer plans at or less than £150 per month but most offer free versions of some sort.

The best tools provide simple suggestions for optimising your keywords. There is software like Ahrefs, and Semrush that do a complete website SEO analysis of websites.

We are looking for keyword tools that anyone business owner who is looking to market and understand their target keyword could apply to their website.

Here’s our list of epic keyword research tools SEOers are using to create epic campaigns



Ubersuggest was bought by Neil Patel a few years ago. Compared to say the two most popular keyword tools Ahrefs and SEM Rush, Ubersuggest is a cheaper alternative but it’s epic.

We’re not just saying that either.

Over the last few years, it’s gone from a keyword tool into an SEO suite and forget paying over £100 per month for a subscription, Ubersuggest offers you a 7-day free trial then it’s just;

The individual account can only connect 1 domain but it allows you to track up to 125 keywords and use 5 competitor domains to check out, perfect if you’re just starting a website and you’re on a budget.

Not only that but there’s a load of worksheets and templates you can use and course videos to help you learn more and more about SEO.

  • Individual £29 per month
  • Business £49 per month
  • Enterprise £99 per month

What’s cool about Ubersuggest is that they also have a lifetime price for each package

  • Individual – £290
  • Business £490
  • Enterprise £990

Remember, that’s for a lifetime subscription



If you sign up to Jaaxy you get 30 searches free.

They claim to have one of the most advanced keyword research tools and call their service the ultimate in keyword management which probably isn’t too far off.

Long tail pro

Long tail pro has been around for years and it’s still popular.

From keyword research to rank trackers, SERP analysis and site audits, LTP has developed into a more holistic SEO suite rather than just finding keywords.

There are 3 different pay monthly plans

  • Monthly starter $37 (800 keyword results per 24 hours)
  • Monthly pro $67 (2500 keyword results per 24 hours)
  • Monthly agency $147 (6000 keyword results per 24 hours)


Ahrefs is one of the best keyword research tools on the market. It’s been around for years and in that time just keeps getting better.

Ahrefs isn’t cheap though, their plans;

  • Lite $99
  • Standard $199
  • Advanced $399
  • Enterprise $999

The standard version is probably the most likely one you need, for us the lite version just doesn’t have enough going for it.

And remember, the plans start at that price, there are other costs too if you go over your quota, for example, if you need additional data rows or you want to track keywords which costs an extra $50 per month.

Sem Rush

SEM Rush is perhaps the most popular keyword tool there is. Whilst SEMRush offers a lot more than just keywords, it’s worth it just for them.

  • Keyword overview
  • Keyword magic tool
  • Keyword manager

If you enter a keyword into SEM Rush, it will tell you

  • Keyword variations
  • Questions
  • Related keywords

There’s just so much keyword data that you can get from SEM Rush, that this is probably the only paid version keyword tool you need.

Answer the public

Answer the Public is another website which has recently been bought by Neil Patel.

Their tagline is “Discover what people are asking about”.

Using the answer the public provides the following related to your seed keyword

  • Questions
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons
  • Alphabetical
  • Related

You can use it for free but there’s also a pro version which has greater insights to be fair, the free version is amazing for what it allows you to do.

Also asked

Also asking helps you to find the questions your audience is asking.

By entering a keyword it will spit out literally hundreds of different questions and keywords which you should be writing content about.

Go through them and make a list of the questions using a keyword tool to see how many searches each is getting.

Remember, building content isn’t just about finding which keywords have the most searches, it’s about finding the right keywords for your website to target.


Keysearch is a powerful SEO tool that helps you to do in-depth keyword research and helps differentiate the keywords by the level of difficulty.

What we love about Keysearch is that it’s an all-rounder which can help in various aspects of SEO including

  • Building backlinks
  • Content analysis
  • Brainstorm niche ideas
  • Track keywords

Also, there’s a cool free page that has a bunch of free keywords for various industries, for example, dentists, doctors, diet, accountants and a lot more, which is a great starting point for any business.


Serpstat calls itself the Swiss army knife of SEO tools, it can help you with

  • Rank tracking
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Site audit
  • Competitor research

For keyword research, you can find

  • In-depth URL analysis
  • Insights on search questions
  • Tree view keywords distribution
  • Related keywords

As it is an all-in-one platform, Serp Stat isn’t cheap for new websites

  • Lite $69
  • Standard $149 (3 users + branded reports)
  • Advanced $299 (5 users + extended interface)
  • Enterprise $499 (7 users + white label)

Plus there’s a custom option for larger businesses needing more data.

Question DB

QuestionDB has a free version and a paid version.

It’s not so much about finding keywords but more about finding questions your target audience is asking.

We inserted the keyword SEO and it generated 429 results, of which is showed 50 of them then we need to upgrade to see more.

There are 3 types of accounts;

  • Free – Max 50 results per search
  • Pro $15 per month – 500 searches per month
  • Agency $50 per month – 5000 searches per month

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere has a Chrome and firefox extension which gives you keyword research data on the go.

They have a simple pricing method too

  • $10 – 100,000 credits
  • $50 – 500,000 credits
  • $100 1,000,000 credits

All credits are valid for one year after buying and each credit gives you the following for one keyword

  • volume
  • cost per click
  • competition
  • 12 months of data trends

Using the free version you get access to related keywords, what people also search for plus keywords on Google that don’t include any volume data, but its enough to see monthly estimates for traffic along with the top 500 keywords that any website page ranks for but again there’s no volume data, that’s in the paid version.

Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is often the first keyword tool used by people when searching for keywords.

It’s good to get a general overview of keywords however it fails to go in-depth like many other keyword research tools do.

The best thing about GKP is that it’s free and it can be used for paid ads too.

Google search console

You can also use Google Search Console to see what keywords you’re already ranking for and look for some “quick wins”.

Quick win keywords are usually the ones you’re ranking low on page one or page two.

These keywords can often be optimised on your webpage to help you move into the top positions.

GSC gives you data on;

  • Search volumes
  • Click through rates
  • Average positions
  • Which pages are indexed
  • Why a page hasn’t been indexed

You should be using GSC regularly to help monitor your SEO position.

The average search position seems to be a bit delayed and you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the country you’re trying to rank for optimised.

For example, GSC on the main screen shows you global clicks, the average search position will give you a more realistic position if you filter it to include the UK for example.

Here are a few extra keyword research tools which are meant to be great but we’ve had no experience with;

  • Marketing miner
  • Adaptable features
  • SEO Powersuite
  • Growth bar
  • Majestic
  • Keyword tool
  • Serpstat
  • Moz keyword explorer
  • SpyFu
  • freekeywords.org

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