Every website needs a good link building strategy. Links back to your site is every business wants. Did you know backlinks can severely affect your search engine ranking position? On-page SEO and technical SEO are important but building high-quality links is vital for any SEO strategy to show high up in the web search results.

Our main goal is to get you the best backlinks possible.

See rankings increase, increase brand awareness,  search visibility and your number of clients. We help signal that your website holds relevance for the keywords you’re aiming for.

Backlinks are what signals popularity, a nod from other websites. Gaining backlinks can make or break your online marketing strategy.

The biggest has tons of other websites where they get referral traffic. The most significant differences are that they will get linked to nature without doing as much link outreach as the smaller companies.

Link Building Manvchester

A Link Building campaign is just one of the SEO Services we offer to help increase organic traffic. We work hard on building relevant links for our clients. There isn’t a one size fits all policy; every business is different and has different needs. So, where do you start?

We focus on White Hat SEO Link Building campaigns to help you rise in google. Link building helps drive traffic. They are one of the most important ranking signals in google’s eyes, and your site must have a healthy backlink profile.

  • From 0-100, the higher the number, the stronger the backlink profile

The quality determines what is known as “Domain Authority”, often shortened to DA. This score isn’t an exact science, and different tools can tell you different results.

In a nutshell, getting links from popular domains will make your website look better to the search engines. The more “white hat” links you get, the better your score.

We loved your recent article, we’ve also wrote about this and think we can add some value to your article, feel free to link to it.

Link building is all about building relationships and providing useful content that you’re audience is searching for. The more relationships your business can build in your industry, the higher the chances are that businesses are going to be more open to linking to your website.

Links are great but remember not all are equal. There are huge differences in the quality you’re getting meaning link building strategies can see different results. You want all link building services to be search engine friendly.

Links can cause harm. Do follow links from high DA domains sends power to your site

Everybody knows about Google. But did you know that one way it decides who to rank is by evaluating the type you have? Think of them like a thumbs up to google, by having a link on other websites it show’s that there’s relevancy.

You want your websites to have links from other sites. It’s called link juice and signals to the search engines relevant websites are worthy of being found in the google searches. But the sites should ideally be relevant for your niche or atleast somewhat.

It’s like a reputation, link builders call it authority and you want to have as much authority as possible, but how can this be done? Think of getting links like growing relationships. You’ve got to have something great to offer before others are just going to link to you.

We can help you to keep costs down

Use use directly to influence your link building campaigns.

We focus on high quality & relevant

Increase organic traffic with a backlink boost.

We can build your backlinks in house.

Use use directly to influence your link building campaigns.

We can help you build relationships

Use use directly to influence your link building campaigns.

Increase Traffic With Backlinks

Digital Marketing is challenging for new brands; you get told to build links, but how do you go about it? You may have found that after getting online, no one is visiting. This is down to three things.

Your site probably lacks decent content, but the type of SEO link building you’re using is equally essential. You need to have content and high-quality content that others will want to link to. Your site could also suffer from technical SEO issues; you can check that with software like Ahrefs.

Also, web design is essential. Not so much that it looks pretty, but it must offer a good user experience.

Did you know to rank on google in the 2000s and early 2010s? All you had to do was place some keywords into the keyword slot then you were good to go. You’d rank. This was prone to abuse which led to unscrupulous companies taking advantage of this and using the keywords to trick people into clicking through to their website where they’d be viewing something else.

You should also be aware of broken link building. Sometimes links on websites become dead; this is an opportunity to produce the same content and offer that site to replace that link with yours.

One of the most common questions about link building is how long do they work for? People often have the misconception that more links are better but this isn’t  necessarily the case. When Google’s algorithm changes it can often mean owners see a drop in their rankings.

They don’t all affect your traffic in the same way. A high amount of links from low quality domains won’t do much for your rankings whereas a few links from high quality domains in your niche will give your site a boost.

Remember, building link after link won’t have an affect unless they are from high quality pages in your niche.

Linking back to your website on social media isn’t going to do much by itself. Anyone can create a social media account and start promoting their business. The benefit that could come from, though, is engagement on the platforms. If you’re growing a brand showcasing your services or products through various social media, social media marketing can see businesses take off overnight if the content has that virality.

For example, we’re in digital marketing, so it makes sense to try to get ours from domains in the same industry as us. We can choose to reach others, but if it’s in a different industry, then the power isn’t going to be as strong in the eyes of the search engines.

We can filter potential options for your link building techniques, identifying relevant websites that are most likely to link back.

Using a company to help build links to your website can be expensive. Depending on the types, you can be being quoted thousands per month. And these might not be helping your website, and in some cases, it can do the opposite.

We try to make sure we offer affordable link building services whilst providing the quality you deserve. Most of our clients pay between £500 and £2000 per month; this is a benchmark figure for the average company.

We work hard to get your business backlinks at a cheaper price. Our Manchester link building services helps increase the authority of your website and to boost it in the search results.


Get started link building
£499 Per Month
  • Competitor Analysis (up to 3)
  • 2-4 DR 20-65 Backlinks


Moving faster
£999 Per Month
  • Competitor Analysis (up to 6)
  • 5-8 DR 20-65 Backlinks


Competitive Keywords
£1799 Per Month
  • Competitor Analysis (up to 6)
  • 9-16 DR 20-65 Backlinks

Choose Klub Clicks SEO agency for full transparency

We all want more traffic and backlinks to help with lead generation. Our link building solutions work to get you more authority which will ultimately help your website grow.

We keep up with all the latest news, so you don’t have to; industry insights can often provide the latest techniques we can use to boost your website. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

What’s link building?
Links to your website from others are called backlinks which is a ranking signal from google.

Are all links the same?
No. Links from different sites carry different values in terms of SEO benefit. Links from spammy sites can harm your domain

Are they expensive?
They can be. We work with other agencies to help you get them from high quality sites at affordable prices.

What’s the best link building techniques?
The best answer here is to create content that’s better than the competitors. If you do this, it will make gaining them a lot easier.

Should i choose a digital marketing agency or someone more specific?
It’s totally up to you. You can find great services from either, the best thing to do is to speak with a few companies to get a feel of what they are offering.

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