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2019 – Present


everyshotcounts are a new junior golf clothing brand. Established in 2018, we were introduced in September 2019. They had a small budget but we managed to see some big results.

The mission.

A brand new business with a Shopify website, everyshotcounts struggled to appear in the search engines. After a modest opening 12 months, they wanted some help with their online presence. We immediately assessed the website and found multiple areas where the website was lacking.

For the main keyword, we saw a jump from page four to page three within the week, up to page two in 2 months and breaking in to page one within six months. We identified a keyword strategy to help take the business forward focusing just on the money keywords, rather than marketing content which will come later.

Building the concept.

The original site was dull and boring with no personality. We immediately wanted to change this and bring more colour to the website. It’s a kids website so we wanted an element of being fun whilst adhering to the image the owner wanted to project.

We’re currently going through various changes, to see what works best and to see how we can continually strive to improve the user experience on the website. During the first lockdown we struggled to get more products made and shipped so temporarily had to put things on pause whilst the goods could get manufactured and shipped.

We introduced the company to WordPress and they loved how they could have a better website but still be in control of the content, making changes when necessary.

After the change we saw a large increase in the amount of keywords being indexed and search impressions for the terms we were actively going for.

Impressive result.

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