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2018 – Present


An indoor Golf Studio in Altrincham, Cheshire. Richard offers lessons to all level of Golfer’s and can guarantee progress will be made.

The mission

They had a site that didn’t function correctly and no longer had access to the login details to make changes. This meant we had to do a total redesign for The Golf School and get them a fresh new look.

We switched them over to WordPress, worked on the content and got to business increasing their online presence. We did this by comparing TGS to other websites in the same niche and see what they were doing to get more traffic and how we could use that to help TGS finally compete in the search engines.

Building the concept.

A service based website means locating clients in the surrounding areas. Whilst most teachers are offering Golf lessons, Richard is offering progress. We built the entire website around the idea of progress and continual improvement which is the main reason people want lessons but often over looked.

We switched the domain too from thegolfschool.info to thegolfschool.co.uk. Here, we managed to negotiate the price down from a low four figure sum to a low three figure sum. Happy days (personally we think co.uk is way better than .info).

We totally recreated all the content that wasn’t getting seen in to something more readable for both the user and Google. The site previously lacked content and what was there was most duplicate content. That along with a site that wasn’t getting updated and other problems led to them being no where to be found in Google.

We also set up a Google by business profile to further expand our presence in the local area and set up some social media profiles, also as of yet, TGS is still not active on social platforms (hopefully soon :D).

Impressive result.

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Color Palette
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