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Low Barrier to Entry

It’s so easy to get started with Pay Per Click. You can either do the ads yourself or take advantage of a company like ours PPC management services.

Improved Brand Visibility

PPC can help reinforce your brand’s image in your target market. Getting awareness of your business is the first part of building a brand, and increasing the visibility of your business.

Granular Targeting

The best marketing tactics focus on segments. Your PPC campaign can focus on specific audiences, segmenting them up by. age, age group, gender, and location.

PPC across multiple channels

Use a variety of online platforms to get your paid ads out to the most relevant audience.

What is PPC?

Pay per click marketing is exactly how it sounds. You pay for each click you receive from the platform you’re advertising on.  Strategically place your ads on multiple online platforms to get your products and services seen by your target audience.

Your brand is displayed immediately ( well, once it’s been reviewed and accepted, which is usually fast) to specific audience segments.

You’ll enter details and be shown click estimates and click costs, which you can use to create your PPC campaign. You can find pay per click ads anywhere on the internet where’s there are large audiences.

How Does PPC Marketing Work?

PPC marketing is a marketing tactic that is based on keywords. You select the keywords you want based on search volumes, click costs, how competitive they are.

PPC advertising is a keyword-based marketing technique.  The more advertisers are competing for the same keyword, the higher the keyword price. Services like Adwords assign values to different search terms.

Each search term/phrase then has a score showing;

  • Search volume
  • How difficult it is
  • How much competition do you face

Who decides which ads get shown?

In most cases, an Ad auction determines which websites get shown and which do not. It’s an automated process that the search engines use, which helps narrow down how relevant the website is.

What are the benefits of PPC advertising?

Paid campaigns can be a great way to get some instant traction. We focus on keyword research using key metric, how we can create the best ad copy to create ads.

Immediate and consistent traffic

Enhance your brand, communicate your message to your audience quickly and effectively, and drive traffic to your product/services page. It’s the quickest way to drive traffic.

Highly customised Ads

Get ahead of your competition with fully bespoke ads. We create campaigns that are thoroughly researched and organised to help increase your return on Ad spend.

Trackable data

Google Analytics automatically tracks metrics like clicks, view impressions and conversions. This helps you keep track and maximise your chances of progressing.

Quick Experimentation

Experimenting is the key to fine-tuning your PPC campaign. When A/B testing, you have two different pages that people will click on from the Ad.

How many types of different PPC Ads?

There’s a variety of PPC type ads you can use for your campaign. You are finding the most appropriate platform and strategising your ads to boost your online presence and is vital.

These are the most common types and the ones we specialise in.

Search Ads

Display Ads

Video Ads

Remarketing Ads

Shopping Ads

Social Ads

Gmail Ads

Amazon Ads

Where could your audience be hanging out online?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Youtube

Suppose you build a business. Social media marketing campaigns can be great for your business. But it can be tricky for new companies to navigate the social landscape.

Social media companies are starting to launch ad regulations which mean businesses like yours need to pay more to get seen. The rules make it harder to build and scale your campaigns, so you need professionals to handle them for you.

Use PPC marketing to drive sales.

Here at Klub Clicks, we can informally talk about your pay per click campaign, how we can set things up and how we can take things forward and help you achieve your goals. Take a moment to learn what PPC is, the ins and outs and see if it’s the right choice for your business.

Different types of PPC campaign explained

Turbocharge your business with PPC campaigns Here at Klub Clicks, our PPC team is passionate about increasing clicks to your brand. We use a variety of methods to drive more traffic to our clients.

Search Ads

Search advertising is probably the one you are most familiar with. People are already searching for your products, so why not elevate your brand and get it seen. These types of ads are great for promoting new businesses and promotions in the short term.

Display Ads

Display ads are highly effective at targetting your audience. Think of websites like Youtube where we can use high-quality images, videos and text to capture the users’ attention and focus on your brand.

Social Ads

Scrolling… you see pictures of your friends, some parties, some holidays and a load of Ads. Quickly target the customers you want by hobbies, interests, age, and more to get your ads delivered to the people most likely to be interested.

Remarketing Ads

Many businesses don’t remarket their ads which is a huge mistake. Remarketing or retargeting means they’ve already seen your message. Now you just want to remind them and keep them fresh in your memory.

Google Shopping Ads

Searching for a product on Google and boom, at the top, out of now where some products perfect for you pop up. They have specifically targeted ads based on your search, which is perfect for eCommerce websites.

In-stream Ads

Youtube ads can be displayed in the search results, before/during/after a video is played, and on Youtube’s partners, so they are an excellent opportunity to be seen if your target market hangs out on Facebook.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

You have a new G-Mail message. You’ve also probably got two adverts sitting at the top of your inbox, proudly displaying a business who’ve you’ve got interest in the offer. GSPs are a great way to drive more traffic to your website, which gives the user the ability to call you.

Local Services Ads

These Ads are for limited professions, for example, local locksmiths, plumbers and electricians. Local service ads are different from other PPC forms because they are based on a pay-per-lead model instead of just paying for the click.

Amazon PPC Ads

Becoming more and more popular, advertising on Amazon can help drive more sales for your business. Get your brand found at the top of product pages and other key locations.

What’s a Quality Score, and how does it affect my ads?

The quality score determines how strong your ad is according to several factors

  • demographics
  • include relevant keywords
  • high click-through rates

Why PPC Management Works For Your Business

Find customers and increase brand awareness with PPC.

Pay per click advertising, it’s one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies. Fine-tuning your Ads is a compelling digital marketing strategy to increase your conversions and maximise your ROI.

How to use target marketing

Laser focus is crucial in marketing. Targeting customers who aren’t likely to be interested in your product/service is a waste of time.

Geographic marketing

Geographic marketing is the strategy of marketing where the marketers focus on geographic factors, such as region, area, country, continent or city, to reach the desired target market.

Marketers have recognised geographic marketing or localisation since the early ’90s because many products are preferred for their country-specific features and adaptations. For example, German cars have different attributes than American ones.

What are the benefits of Geographic Marketing?

The main benefit of geographic marketing is that it allows marketers to make their products more suitable for specific customers’ needs.

For example, they can design their products according to local weather conditions or the unique tastes of specific regions.

Also, geographic marketing allows companies to reduce costs by limiting sales to a specific country or a small group of countries.

What are the costs of Geographic Marketing?

A significant disadvantage of geographic marketing is that when targeting a particular region, marketers may lose inefficiency because they can’t use a single strategy for the entire world.

In addition, there is also an administrative burden in managing different advertising strategies for various regions and many times. This strategy is less desirable due to the cultural differences across countries.

Sociographic marketing

Sociographic marketing is the strategy of marketing that examines prevalent demographic factors such as age, gender, race or social class to reach target customers.

What are the benefits of Sociographic marketing?

The main benefit of sociographic marketing is that it allows marketers to make their products more suitable for specific customers’ needs. It also allows marketers to create stronger bonds with potential customers by developing new products according to their needs and interests.

What are the costs of Sociographic marketing?

There is no set standard to define sociographic segmentation because it depends on the desired targeted group. In addition, marketers must know their target market behaviours and preferences to make better decisions about designing products for specific customers’ needs.

Psychographic marketing

Psychographic marketing is a form of marketing that examines consumers’ behaviours, interests and opinions.

What are the benefits of Psychographic marketing?

The main benefit of psychographic marketing is that it allows marketers to create better relationships with customers by understanding their interests and expectations more personally. In addition, this form of marketing also helps companies develop new products according to different market segments’ needs.

What are the costs of Psychographic marketing?

Psychographic segmentation is more subjective than other types of marketing because there is no set standard for this type of analysis. Therefore, results can vary greatly depending on marketers’ preferences. Marketers must have strong research skills to create a reliable psychographic segmentation model.

Demographic marketing 

Demographic marketing focuses on the audience’s demographic factors such as their age, gender, income level, and education to influence their purchasing decisions.

What are the benefits of Demographic marketing?

Demographic segmentation is a widely used form of market segmentation, and it can help marketers identify different groups’ needs and preferences based on their age, gender or income level. Furthermore, it helps companies to optimise price ranges according to different customer segments. In addition, this approach allows companies to design their products according to other customer groups’ needs.

What are the costs of Demographic marketing?

One of the main disadvantages of demographic marketing is that it can be seen as too general for precise targeting. For instance, when marketers focus on customers’ age, they ignore other factors like income or education level. Furthermore, this approach does not allow marketers to consider non-demographic factors such as personality, values or motivations.

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