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What are the top UK search engines?

Search engines are widely popular in the United Kingdom; they are easy to use and give you an excellent experience.

Google, Bing and Yahoo aren’t the only UK search engines that provide thousands of search queries each day.

In our handy guide, we’ll talk about the most popular search engines throughout the UK.

We’ll also discuss the features of any alternative to Google or any popular search engine you’ve always used Google or used for specific purposes.

This helps you decide whether you want to use these or not use them for specific purposes. See alternative sources and uses here.

What’s a private search engine?

A private search engine is a search engine that doesn’t track the searches made by its users.

Users would usually access this type of engine through their browsers (if available) or an app for mobile devices. You don’t need to use ours!Bangs on a private search engine.

Which is the most popular search engine after Google?

Here we break down a list of the other search engines you could be using

Google is the largest and most popular search engine in existence, but if you asked me if it was even better, I would have seriously considered it.

You can quickly get access to mobile search features with browser extensions and all our recommended alternatives. Most searches are 99% reliable, so why not find one for one who protects you from harm but does minor damage than it can be for others to see that they are?

Giorgio enjoys the challenge of analyzing statistics to discover user behaviours. He has deep knowledge of development practices and enjoys test and pushing ideas towards the limits of potential.


Bing is probably the biggest competitor to Google, but only because it comes as standard on most Windows laptops.

Bing still lags behind Google’s market share in the UK searches market, just 8.2 for the rest. Bing offers the same functionality the UK search market expects in Google Search Engine Services.

Bing also offers advanced search features that will help in making it a better search experience. Since 2005 Bing’s image search was more advanced than Google’s – but the quality has also been extended with image detection for image searches, a clean user interface and the ability to save searches in a collection.

Bing Rewards allows users to receive Reward points if they trade them for Tesco vouchers, Xbox gift cards, and many other rewards.


DuckDuckGo is a search engine that does not track you and also has its own web crawler.

It also has a !Bangs, which allows you to search other sites directly from by using before your search term; for example, try searching “Amazon” on and then try the!Bang “amazon filetype: pdf” to search for pdf files related to Amazon.


60% of Ekoru proceeds go into charity-based partners working on animal protection, reforestation, environmental protection and climate action.

Search results are powered by Microsoft’s Bing, meaning your results are still reliable and contain everything you want from a modern search engine. Browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox also help you transition to improved searches. You can click the link in any text box.

There are no downsides to moving to Ekoru or Ecosia at all. Both strive to create positive effects on different aspects of the natural world and provide an opportunity for you to have this chance when you next search for the nearest pizza joint or someone who plays at any local comedy club.


Ask, which used to be Ask Jeeves, was the first popular search engine we can remember coming along in the late 90s. At the time, it was incredible to have a new resource that allowed you to search for literally anything, including help with homework.

Question Jeeves was left out of

The service allows users to use conversational phrases instead of explicit searches. Google offers comparable features, but it doesn’t necessarily reduce how much one can learn from it anyway.

We would like to see the titular butler return but fear the heirship of P.G.Wodehouse might not be so complacent. Search it in Google and other major Internet search engines for it.


Search engines Ecosia use research revenue to plant trees in every continent. During each search, 1kg CO2 could be removed from atmospheric dust and powered to 100% renewable power sources.

Currently, it only has 0.34 per cent of the UK search world. If Google were as giant as Google, then Google would absorb 15% of CO2 emissions.

If you want to turn off tracking for an entirely private search process, you can do your bit to save the world by switching to the search engine. Do your part in the world. Switch on Ecosa search today.


Yandex is represented by subsidiaries located in several cities around the region. The search engine comes from Putin’s country but offers excellent and quick results.

The website contains extra features like email and cloud storage facilities. You can find out more about it at Google’s site and on Google’s page.


Mojeek is a search engine that gives you the possibility of filtering your results by type. That way, it can help you find everything from images to events in one place without using multiple services.

What are !bangs?

!Bangs allow you to do site-specific searches on websites that don’t have !bang functionality yet. We propose using this new feature on private engines like SearX instead of Google because they won’t track your search terms. Learn more about them here.

Let’s be honest; Google is the default search engine for most people. Alternative search engines can’t compete with Google, but they can offer you a different service.

Google has privacy issues.

Niche-specific search engines in the UK that are extremely popular

  • Auto trader; If you’re looking for a used car in the UK, you’ve heard of Autotrader. Autotrader has many vehicles for sale at affordable prices, which can be further negotiated in most cases.
  • Reed Jobs; The ultimate job search, search engine.
  • IMDB; If you hear about a movie and want to check it out, searching the movie title will likely lead to this website. It gives you a rating for each movie/tv show, tells you how many episodes there are, the stars in it and much more.
  • Youtube: We might not necessarily think of Youtube as a search engine, but it is, and it’s probably the one you spend the most time on.
  • Skyscanner; Skyscanner is a lifesaver for people looking for cheap flights. We’ve been using Skyscanner since around 2007, and fifteen years later, it’s still our go-to search engine for finding cheap flights.
  • Booking; Out of all the hotel booking sites, is the one that is the most popular. Offering countless accommodations in cities worldwide helped to secure be number one in its niche.
  • Right move; The right move is a marketplace, but it’s also the go-to search engine for buying/renting property throughout the UK.

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