Full SEO audit services

Search engine optimisation can be tricky but it’s made even more difficult by not setting knowing what’s going on. An SEO site audit is vital to any SEO strategy. They can improve profits, reduce costs and form a solid basis for future organic growth. If your website doesn’t make it to the Top 5 search results, then you’ll have lost the opportunity.

We can look at underperforming pages, keyword rankings but we can also redesign pages and create compelling content that delights customers. SEO audits should be part of any marketing strategy, looking at things like duplicate content, page speed, user experience and overall factors affecting your SEO strategy.





What is an SEO audit?

An SEO site audit gives a general overview of how your website is performing in the search engines.

Our audit program will clearly understand:

  • how your site is performing for search engine rankings,
  • how’s the technical SEO is
  • What’s your backlink profile like?
  • how to maximise clicks from your current set-up

A comprehensive SEO site report

Relevant traffic is the holy grail for most SEOers. This comes from great content and inbound links helping you to get found in major search engines. Your SEO audit will be conducted by experienced SEO strategists.

Our complete SEO audit service analyses the health of your website and can improve search positions.

Poor Search Engine Optimisation can affect your website’s ranking in the search engines. To find and correct these mistakes, we are going to help you to improve your ranking online. Our SEO audit solution will give you measurable and detailed results.

This includes analysing the technical side of your website and off-site signals including link building, as well as reviewing your content for keywords and optimisation. 

We also have advice on how to improve your page rankings and increase the conversion rate on your site. We are happy to help you find any underlying problems requiring urgent attention to the search engine rankings of your website.

Professional SEO Audit Services: Increase traffic with our SEO services

Search engine optimisation made simple. 

When doing a regular SEO audit, the primary focus is discovering why your website doesn’t rank. We’re transparent and analyse site technical online and off-web SEO. Our team of developers received 1,961,489 requests for a bespoke proposal for a comprehensive audit of all our websites.

Your website will rank on keywords with a high conversion rate. SEO audit service covers nearly 250 technical indicators, which allows us to improve your conversions time.

Website SEO audit services

Our team here at Klub Clicks have an in-depth SEO audit process. We examine both online factoring and offline factor to measure web traffic and performance. We believe SEO audit is essential before implementing other strategies for Internet Marketing.

We are sure there will be changes to ensure that the website’s positioning is improved by optimising its website. I shall give a transparent report and a detailed explanation of any problem encountered and the appropriate solution.

Our team will be delighted to explore in-house aspects of the process with your development team. Find out why you want to go wrong with SEO audit.

Several factors to consider:

  • Competitor Research Audits help us understand the SEO practices and tactics of your competitor.
  • Site speed audit has remained a critical Google ranking factor. User Experience Audit is an essential audit to understand the loopholes of web pages. 
  • The off-page optimisation audit provides suggestions for avoiding all Google penalties. 
  • Image and video Audit decreases image & video and reduces site loading time. 
  • Users Experience audit helps us analyse the issues in our websites. 
  • Duplicate pages can cause big headaches.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

An SEO audit for a large website with at least half a million URLs could amount to £1500 to £5000 depending on the abovementioned factors. For a smaller website you could be paying closer to £500 or even for free if it’s a simple audit.

If you implement the recommendations, the data provided for professional websites with significant sales volumes may provide valuable intelligence and a crucial competitive edge in search results.

The fees charged are additionally dependent on things such as professional experience knowledge and country of residency.

How long does SEO audit take?

Klub Clicks will analyse and assess your website with a comprehensive SEO audit service to determine the best strategy to move on from.

The complete SEO audit service takes 30 days for the basic plan and 45 days for the market leader option. Our report will be shown to you once you see the areas with which we could improve.

The SEO audit project duration is approximately 1 to 2 months, and the full audit takes about 10 to 14 days. The audit will provide advice on how to improve how your site and gain organic traffic.

Do I need an SEO audit?

Most website users benefit from an ongoing site audit that informs search engine optimisation. A search engine optimisation business audit is a good way of identifying your potential bottlenecks. The result is a road map to increase site performance, search engine visibility and generate more sales than your competitor.

A complete SEO (including mobile SEO) audit ensures a systematic analysis of your website to identify existing problems with site structure and code: content quality internal and external linking. These problems inhibit Search Engine crawling and indexing and also affect Rankings on the relevant keywords. Google ranks a site based on a mix of many vital factors.

How do our SEO audit services work?

The SEO tools provide you with only a few essential data points about your website. Many of the reports generate a lack of a specific approach to individual websites, and its recommendation is generally vague.

Our complete SEO Audit report will give you a detailed analysis of what is wrong with your site and the right solution for doing so.

What does our SEO audit service include?

As part of our SEO services, our firm offers a comprehensive technical SEO audit. We review all pages of your website for errors and warnings, looking at different ways to increase organic traffic.

This can affect search engines that could not crawl up your page or rank you high. We understand how SEO is done, so we help to improve rankings and increase traffic to sites. We also provide digital marketing advice.

We run your website through a few tools. If available, we’ll also analyse your google analytics or google search console accounts.

  1. Overall website audit
  2. Technical Website Audit includes google index coverage report.
  3. Backlink profile audit
  4. User experience audit
  5. Website Content Audit
  6. Social Media Audit
  7. Site Health Audits
  8. Schema Markup Structured Data Audits

Frequent SEO audits = rank higher in the search engines

Our experts determine what keywords they use when looking for your business and what you want to target. We determine the purpose behind particular keywords to find valuable opportunities.

We concentrate on building pages around keywords that make your business money. These techniques can make what used to be weeks and now a little more straightforward.

Technical SEO audits

What’s a technical SEO audit?

The backend of your website can get messy. Part of our SEO audit services includes performing technical SEO audits.

Site audits are an analytical check for missing or inaccurate SEO requirements, such as sites maps, link structure, keywords, meta titles, tags and alt attributes, site speed status codes, duplicate content or issues with crawlability.

Our technical analysis identifies all challenges faced by your domain. We will address a list of technical elements that could contribute to a site ranking, including meta tags, the meta-data title tags and page speed. 

To see a quick overview, you can check technical aspects in Google search console to see if any pages have errors.

Why invest in an SEO audit?

Klub Clicks’ SEO audit plans look at all the potential factors: from essential on-page elements such as title tags to vast sitemaps. SEO audits can help anyone that’s having problems with Google Ranking and needs advice and assistance.

An SEO audit package can quickly help businesses that only have a new website launched but are interested in learning the latest techniques for improving the quality of your website. Klub Clicks recommends performing an SEO audit to ensure your digital strategy is achieving its goals.

Our service provides you with all the necessary details for evaluating the potential opportunities for your company and marketing strategy.

Identifying goals

You need the understanding that SEO has a purpose, not an end. You can get the best search engine marketing audit service online, but if you do not have a good goal on it, you’ll waste it. The larger your website, the longer it will take to complete your SEO audit and your strategy to implement and produce results fully.

Click-through rate (CTR)

A click-through rate indicates the number of times that someone clicked on my CTA page or email. This measure gauges how much your keywords and CTA have performed. Monitoring all-around traffic marketing helps to provide the appropriate stage at which to pursue qualified leads. By analysing click-through rates for any keyword in one campaign, you can determine what ads are performing better when they are redesigned. 

Content Quality Analysis

The content should be original and be written with native proficiency, and be helpful & informative. You don’t want to have duplicate content throughout your site. The posts should be easy to read, funny, and longer is better. It is an excellent way of looking at it to get a fresh eye and compare it between competitors and give your answer on whether or not it comes to superior quality.

How often should we SEO audit?

An annual SEO audit to increase organic traffic is essential in addition to potentially beneficial. You will perform better and be faster at reacting to issues by reporting and diagnosing content and technical errors on your website, which helps recover the lower search result and lost traffic.

This will make it worth doing annual audits on your SEO site. Think about SEO audits as you go to the doctor. You do not need to go for a monthly visit. 

SEO audits: The on-page factors affecting your SEO

Klub Clicks has seen clients with beautiful and highly decent websites that simply can’t go anywhere within the Google results list because their on page SEO is lacking. Essentially this is content that matters. It could mean a lack of content on every page, similar or missing title tag and meta description.

Klub Clicks will identify these ranking barriers and recommend appropriate changes with our SEO audit services. Managing or fixing these factors can help improve the chances of getting noticed on reputable search engines.

A website can use multiple files on your servers, and they will decide how search engines crawl your content. Optimising such files in the right circumstances can affect your ranking enormously. On page SEO should never be neglected.

The off-page factors affecting your SEO

Off-page factors make up around 80 % of search engine ranking algorithms. These factors mainly focus on link numbers, the number of links, the use of anchor text, and where those links are placed.

Klub Clicks will identify these hard-to-spot factors and recommend a strategy that helps you build your reputation and increase your presence online.

We provide a suite of services enabling onsite analysis and comparative services for more information about these factors and how to gain and increase your website presence online, build a reputation, and build your presence on the internet. To get access to a website, visit that URL and its URL.

What tools do you use?

Starting with the standard type of audit (20,000 URLs), I’d mostly use a Cloud-based tool, e.g.

  • On crawl
  • Safecont
  • ahrefs
  • ubersuggest
  • Moz

The above is only a small set of techniques for a technical SEO audit.

On this list, there are tools for content analysis internally linked content analysis and social media marketing, including Oncrawl Marketing Tool Kit and SEMrush Marketing Optimus on the market. I could cite even more—tools such as ‘Somrush’ and ‘Ahrefs.

For website crawling, I use desktop-based crawling. A website up to 20,000 URLs should be easy to navigate with less hassle, using cloud resources instead in a more secure manner. I used Botify extensively during this time.

Link Audit

Links audits should highlight weaknesses and opportunities across websites to avoid delving into ‘user intent keyword targeting, content/link building.

Links auditing takes the time to evaluate external inbound backlinks and assess if an appropriate brand or site is highly sought after. We also look at internal links.

Website Architecture

Technical architecture relates to the above principles that fall under the scope of a technical audit of SEO. You don’t want multiple URLs with the same content (content duplication isn’t great for Google) it can affect your search positions for the pages you want to rank.

Scalable campaigns

Klub Clicks is designed to help you optimise the effectiveness of every campaign and allows seamless scalability. Can your startup venture have enough money without a minimum of funding?

Content Quality Audit

Your website should be original, informative, enjoyable and easy to understand. What is quality on your website is how you’re using it.

The SEO audit services will execute the following tasks: content audit. Content audit services can be determined through the evaluation of the quality of content provided by an organisation.

Our detailed SEO reports will reveal problems and offer solutions.

If your current website has low SEO performance or is unsure how it is used, it may be worth having an SEO audit done. Analyses provide information about your website’s content & overall content strategy.

We dig deep, completing various competitor analysis comparisons between them and you. This can also help you evaluate whether an overhaul of your current website is needed and implement the right SEO campaign.

We provide complete eCommerce search engine audit services for your online store as well as e-commerce optimisation audits. You will get a more accurate analysis which will ensure that you know the necessity to implement full-service SEO.

Search Engine.

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