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SEO Consulting services to bolster sales and increase brand awareness by growing leads. 

What are the primary responsibilities of an SEO consultant service?

To get your company more customers. An SEO consultant has many different roles depending on the specific requirements of their client. SEO is one of the most talked-about digital marketing services to improve your web presence

Some typical responsibilities might include finding new keywords to target, ensuring your website is mobile-friendly, helping you with local SEO or managing your Adwords account.

Getting started with an SEO campaign can be daunting, especially if you’re starting in business or have little experience in this area, so please get in touch if you have any questions about SEO consulting services.

Why is it called search engine optimisation?

Because we optimise for the search engines, search engine optimisation is most frequently referred to as SEO for short.

Improving organic rankings and appearing on the first page for relevant keywords are the primary objectives of SEO.

The three most important factors in SEO

  1. Content
  2. On-page optimisation
  3. Off-page optimisation

Why choose an SEO consultant to handle your search engine optimisation?

Klub Clicks has expanded to be regarded as the leading Search Engine Optimisation consulting firm in the UK. Asking a good SEO expert is one of the best steps business owners can take. 

Businesses built from the Internet assist in reducing expenses and flexibility. After all, they’re making money from it. The internet can do that. Lower overheads. Cost. Add flexibility.

The road to digital success in the SEO world starts here.

Let’s chat to understand SEO strategies that work. Great digital advertising focuses on attracting consumers, converting clicks and growing profitability. 

If you’re very passionate about your business, then we’re ready to share your passion in the process. We’ll share our enthusiasm for your business to give you tangible results. Contact our expert SEO team today.

SEO Consultancy: Why SEO should be part of your digital strategy

The rapid nature of organic search requires an expert strategy to deal with challenges and maximise newly found opportunities. Our knowledgeable SEO consultants can assist you by using industry-leading tools and tried and tested strategic approaches. 

The time it takes to stay updated on current industry updates is why many businesses choose us for SEO consulting. If the internal SEO team is small, we’ll help you to achieve these goals.

Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and helpful. 

We aim to improve the quality of people’s lives by helping them find relevant information quickly and easily. 

We stand by our mission with an unbound commitment to making products “good for users and good for business”. We’re Klub Clicks, and we help businesses as yours grow.

Most websites don’t get much traffic, which is mainly due to them not correcting optimised or even site structure problems.

Search engine optimisation involves making your website crawlable to google. There are many ways to do this, and sometimes it’s easy to make small mistakes that could be costing you traffic.

White hat vs Black Hat SEO?

White hat Search engine optimisation follows Google’s best practices & guidelines & doesn’t trick search engines into ranking you higher.

A Black hat SEO consultant may use techniques that are frowned upon by search engines, such as buying backlinks from other domains or keyword stuffing your content with unrelated words in an attempt to rank higher.

We are 100% ethical & will always comply with Google’s guidelines.

Diagnosing your SEO problems?

Your website may look pretty, but what’s the backend like? Is it easy for Google to read? 

If you have not been optimising your website and it isn’t already ranking in the search engines, contact us today! We offer monthly SEO packages to help get your business more traffic.

We can create a whole new website for you or advise if you want to change an existing one: contact us today with what you would like.

How do I make my blog posts/services pages more search engine friendly?

If you post on your blog regularly, then it can be helpful to write posts that have a format. It’s best to write in different ways depending on the subject and topic of the post:

1) For informational purposes, such as posts about the benefits of a product or service, use bullets within the content.

This makes it much easier for people scanning through the content to find what they are looking for, so Google will rank this page higher because there is more chance of them reading an entire paragraph if it’s organised into sections or bullet points.

2) Informational but aimed at persuading/selling products/services:

In these instances, paragraphs should be shorter and again bullet-pointed where possible with clear headings before each describing what is coming up in the content.

3) Reviews:

If you are giving a review on something, use clear headings and subheadings within the content to show what points you will discuss during the review.

How to see how your competitors are doing on the web?

Are other companies in your niche rocking it on Google? The websites that take the majority of the traffic are the ones that I’ve put together an SEO strategy. It takes time to work, so you should also put together one from the start.

This is one of the most significant benefits of getting an SEO specialist in, sneaking a peek at any competitor company traffic to see which keywords deliver them the most traffic.

Once you’ve created your blog and have a few posts on it – we will take care of this for you – then, use Search Console to see how Google sees it. You can get to the search console by logging into google webmaster tools once installed on your website.

SEO Tips you can benefit from right now

  • How long are the articles you write on your website? Short content won’t get found unless you’re a highly authoritative website.
  • The content needs to be readable – too many people write posts in an extremely hard to read way, even though they may have good information. 
  • It won’t get found because most people who visit your website or blog won’t want to spend 10 minutes reading too long sentences and use words they’ve never seen before.
  • High authority websites can get away with lower word counts as their authority already signals to Google that they are relevant.
  • You want the keywords to appear at the start of the article but not too many times. Most people stick with 1-3 keywords related to their niche. 
  • These need to be used within the first 300 words so they can be found quicker.
  • How long will it take someone to read your post as well when writing it. Remember, people are looking for quick answers.

How Do I Write Top Quality Articles For A New Blog?

A blog is like an online diary that businesses can promote their brand, products or services while also providing helpful information to potential customers. 

Blogs are known to produce higher engagement rates compared to other forms of online content.

Your blog is not a sales advert. It’s vital that people find your website through google and not by some other means. 

 How to see how your competitors are doing on the web?

Are other companies in your niche rocking it on Google? The websites that take the majority of the traffic are the ones that I’ve put together an SEO strategy. It takes time to work, so you should also put together one from the start.

This is one of the most significant benefits of getting an SEO specialist in, sneaking a peek at any competitor company traffic to see which keywords deliver them the most traffic.

Once you’ve created your blog and have a few posts on it – we will take care of this for you – then, use Search Console to see how Google sees it. You can get to the search console by logging into google webmaster tools once installed on your website.

The role of SEO consultants

SEO Consultants can assist with improving your site’s visibility on the internet. Increasing visibility at the search engine results page is a proven way to maximise your performance and sales online. 

Businesses should hire an expert for site analysis. Your SEO expert will provide suggestions on redeveloping and optimising a website and its marketing strategies.

Outsourcing SEO tasks to save your company time & money.

Why not outsource this task if you want to write articles on a specific topic and make money from it but don’t like writing them?

We can help with outsourcing, so all you need to do is concentrate on your keyword research, write an article, and upload it onto the site. If you want a blog set up for success, we can help with this; we also know how to make blogs readable by Google and get traffic from it afterwards.

How to do link building

  • Find websites in your niche
  • Reach out to them with some link-worthy content
  • Watch the backlinks roll in

Link building is complex. You need other websites to link back to your website, so you need something great to offer that isn’t all about selling your product or service but more about helping your audience. 

By getting these links at your site, you’re making it easier for search engines to crawl your site so they can see what keywords you’re ranking for. 

 How to maximise your potential SEO results.

With SEO, it’s not just about the visitors you get. It’s much more than that. To reap even more benefits for your business, you need to use your traffic to help you get more traffic. Run a semantic search campaign through your favourite social media accounts. 

This means checking the spelling, grammar and readability of each post you publish so they can be understood by google better. Use a keyword tool to find related pages that aren’t ranking.

What tools do SEO consultants recommend?

Ahrefs and Sem Rush are the two most popular SEO tools out there. Ahrefs is a tool that gives you access to much different SEO and social metrics in one place.

Semrush comes with the advantage of being free for almost all SEO parts, as it depends on your business type. Ahref, on the other hand, charges for some features but has an entire suite of tools in their program – from research to competitor analysis.

Why choose us as your SEO consultants?

We keep up with industry standards, and staying ahead of them helps us offer a competitive advantage; we always keep up to date with the latest trends and advancements in SEO and provide our clients with great value.

This is why we recommend SEMrush for quick insights into your competitors, Ahrefs when you want more detailed analysis or ubersuggest if you’re just starting.

SEO & SEM Consultancy services include

SEO & PPC: Full SEO & PPC Optimisation & Management Services for Businesses.

CRO: Powerful Conversion Rate Optimisation convert more traffic, generate more profit.

SEO Training: Complete SEO Training Services: Build an Internal SEO team with tailored training.

Content Strategies: Exceptional Content Strategies that deliver Organic Traffic Growth & prevent content stagnation.

Website Auditing: Professional, Actionable SEO Audits with Key Insights & Guidance to fix website issues.

Link Building & Digital PR

Email Marketing: Strategic E-Mail Marketing Campaigns for Lead & Revenue Generation.

Penalty Recovery: We can recover from Google penalties, maintain your top positions in the search engines, and quickly get you back into a clean, safe index.

Core Web Vital Optimisation

Engagement Optimisation

Email Marketing: What is email marketing?

Google Penalty Recovery & Protection Services

We can recover from Google penalties, regain your top positions, and quickly get you back into a clean, safe index if you have been hit with a Google.

SimilarWeb recently published an article claiming that more than 173 million searches run on Google every minute, that’s about 536 000 per second.

This simply means that your business needs to be visible when people type in certain words relevant to your products and services if you want them to choose you over your competition.

What results am I to expect from an SEO Consultant?

You should expect more visitors through your website as well as more enquiries coming from those visitors. 

You want those visitors to turn into sales, so investing now will pay off later as you take advantage of higher-ranking positions & more customers.

How long should my campaign take?

Most effective SEO campaigns run for about six months. You’ll want to make sure you’ve done keyword research, optimised your website & built a good amount of links built from high authority websites before the initial launch.

Once this is done, you can expect to see search results pretty quickly that. If there are many competitors, it will be harder to rank as highly as those at the top, whereas if you’re going up against a small number of websites, it will be easier to reach a high position.


How long will it take for my website to start ranking? That all depends on the competitiveness of your niche. 

The less competition amongst your keyword, the easier it will be to get a top ranking on Google, so don’t give up too soon.

How long until I see SEO Results?

It can vary greatly when you see SEO results. As soon as changes are made, you can expect the first results to appear within around a few months. During this time, you may see some fluctuation. This allows the page to get settled in.

For blog posts, it usually takes about 1-2 months to rank & starts giving traffic. 

After six months of consistent SEO work, you should see steady growth in traffic & sales.

How much does an SEO consultant cost?

SEO consultant costs can vary greatly. We offer everything from a starter pack for £249 per month to more extensive packages that include on-page and off-page SEO activity, link building, content creation, and much more.

Technical SEO consultants: What’s under the hood that’s stopping you from ranking?

Technical SEO issues can destroy your rankings. Here are some common problems. If you have any of these, make sure they have been repaired straight away.

  • Broken links
  • Site loading speed
  • You have excessive redirects
  • Duplicate content on site

#1 Sales funnel SEO optimisation

Klub Clicks represents the best marketing agency in optimisations of search engines and conversion rates of sites. Louder.

The agency identifies precisely this strategy that made this blog on the top position in Google. Ecommerce Guide is a widely-known marketing agency to help your business improves their website. 

#2 Clear expectations for both sides

Keyword Research is vital in getting the most traffic with minimal post sizes. If your initial goal is to rank search terms as buying keywords is the most effective way to make more sales. 

Ask them what you are expecting. There shouldn’t be anything vaguely specific. You should feel the consultant doesn’t do that. 

#3 Detailed SEO strategy development

Check if a different consultant understands your process. Even the most challenging methods can be explained via simple language. 

So you get on to the following step: tell the consultant to provide you with an example SEO strategy. Then you want to see if they have a real expert. If the company demonstrates in detail its strategy, the person will be talking with real professionals. If they don’t like this process, they are delighted with it.

#4 Monthly Content Calendar and Scheduling

Content calendar’s the only way to get away from too many articles of articles blogs posts articles on-page optimised. Work out the best plan with this consultant. You have to see to it that everything is going through properly.

Usually, the tools are self-explainable and intuitive; primarily, a professional consultant handles the processes for you.

Competitor SEO Analysis

Our SEO experts will consider you to find out what your competitor hasn’t done well with SEO and how you can best leverage this information. 

It will take care of on-page optimisation tactics and keywords, Content Strategy, design and Link Strategy. Our goal is to reverse engineer what your competitor is doing and identify new opportunities to improve your site’s ranking. 

Through our research, we will learn how to leverage it to better position your website.

In-depth monthly reporting

Your performance will be detailed each month – a complete summary with a report of the performance metrics we accomplished for you and what we observed. 

Website redesign consultation

If you’re planning a redesign, you need a company that isn’t just focused on design but user experience and SEO. 

Redesigns are far more than just visual. They are great opportunities to translate what your audience (market) is searching for into an experience satisfying them.

A consulting agency can prevent catastrophic mistakes that take you further back. 

When a business is engaging in a redesign or thinking of redesign, our SEO consultants will provide visual design feedback and conversion recommendations, review your site structure, check content, and provide foundational SEO advice and identify all.

#4 SEO software

If your consultant uses no software, he won’t be the right advisor for you. He should probably use a tool like ahrefs, sem rush or Ubersuggest – his keyword tracking software because these SEO tools rock.

Give it a try to learn a bit more about the project: Give your consultant a chance to use the best tool to rank your posts on the first page of google.

Our SEO Consultancy Services

Some of our clients are located in London, but we also help businesses around the United Kingdom.

On a project or retained basis, we offer SEO consulting services with typical service offerings included.

Reporting & Data

Data mining will track visitors’ journey to get to your site by using analytics. 

It also helps you find new ways for improving the overall optimisation. Your SEO company will educate you on SEO tools and those advanced, which we use daily to inform our strategy. 

High-quality link building

If an agency wants to build backlinks, its SEO specialists aim to create quality sites instead of massive quantities of weak link sources. 

We’ll use your industry for your service and opportunities to create a link building plan and help with its completion.

#2 Ecommerce Store SEO Optimisation

Without an effective ranking product, you can forget your consistent sales – from SEO. Because it’s essential to keep the correct product description strategy and make sure you have one that is easily applicable for all your products.


Start your SEO audit with us. We’re going to find out where they work and where others need improvement. It will help us set out a checklist that we can look at during consultancy talks. If you don’t not an online presence, we’ll create a list of initial suggestions to get you started with the plan.

Keyword research & planning

Our experienced SEO team can conduct keyword studies to determine which keywords could make the most sense ranking. How am I going to get top rankings and drive more visitors online based on search rankings?

Email updates

If SEO consultants contact us, we will return an email to summarise. It will help maintain the work you must complete. We’ll also provide a regular Email Update about changes.

Detailed SEO audit

We’ll dig into your website to find search engine optimisation and refinements.

On-site SEO

SEO is building up and developing the proper foundation of website marketing using highly-used keywords. Your SEO consultant is going to find you the keywords to convert the traffic.

Cookies and your privacy

Websites use cookies to make your browsing experience better. We’re updating our privacy policy and cookie policy. We also make updates to our site terms and conditions.

Roadmap for SEO success

Once completed auditing, our staff provides the plan to improve. Roadmaps are based on goals and current rankings and contain both short term and long-term SEO projects.

What to expect from our SEO experts?

Your SEO expert from Klub Clicks is always prepared to take care of you. What you can expect from us is a complete understanding of your requirement. 

Our SEO consultants help identify the most commonly searched keyword and the most applicable searches the consumer searches for. Our effective search engine marketing campaigns are sure of high ROI.

An experienced SEO consultant

When you lack a dedicated professional SEO consultant to help improve your business’s search engine rankings, start with professional assistance. 

It can also be more accessible to budget for employees and benefit from pulling on multiple technical and creative skillsets required to gain an SEO campaign. 

Professional SEO consultancy to support organic growth.

The Klub Clicks team is firmly in search engine marketing. Their combined knowledge stretches 20 years with a sense of curiosity and innovation. We can help you also achieve this excellent result. 

The Klub Clicks team can help you with the same results. We’re the leader in our industries. We can also help you get the results of Google algorithm updates and improve your Website Search. 

Google constantly updates its algorithm.

Different types of SEO consultants

Each kind of SEO has their own rules or set of rules. These three categories are essential in ranking: On-Page and Off-Page. 

Technical SEO, for example, is a form of SEO. This includes search engine ranking factors and other such factors.

Professional SEO consultancy to support organic growth.

The Klub Clicks team is firmly in search engine marketing. Their combined knowledge stretches 20 years with a sense of curiosity and innovation. We can help you also achieve this excellent result. 

The Klub Clicks team can help you with the same results. We’re the leader in our industries. We can also help you get the results of Google algorithm updates and improve your Website Search. 

Google constantly updates its algorithm.

SEO Consulting services FAQ

Why should we choose Klub Clicks for our SEO consulting services?

You should only choose if you feel like we are the correct match for you. It’s easy to find an SEO consultant, but it’s hard to find true experts. We’re an SEO company with passion.

Why is SEO important?

Because companies like yours need more clients and people are searching for your products online and not finding you.

Is SEO dead?

Old practices can no longer produce good consequences and may even result in a hefty penalty. 

Tell me the need to work closely with people who can always keep on top of search results. Use only the latest tools to improve your website’s ranking.

How much does SEO cost in the UK?

There are various categories in UK search engine optimisation services. You can get low-cost SEO for as little as 50 and a mid-range for as much as 6,000. 

Contact us now for affordable SEO packages. See more information on our website.

Here at Klub Clicks, our team of SEO experts can help your company stay ahead of the competition by providing bespoke solutions through continuous testing & analysis. We aim to deliver value for time spent so that you continue.

How long do I need to work with an SEO Specialist?

For the rest of your businesses life… In all seriousness, SEO is very much like fitness. A lot can be done in six months, but the results will fade if you go back to not doing anything. This can be gradually over time or like falling off a cliff.

How can I start with DIY SEO?

Firstly, check your Google My Business page. This will be an essential element of your local SEO plan. If this isn’t done correctly, it could hold up all other aspects of getting to Number 1.

Search Engine.

Create an SEO strategy that will blow away the competition

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