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Want to rank higher on Google? Our SEO content writing services can help you climb to the top.

Create valuable content

Your website needs content that your audience is searching for. We can identify keywords to create content around to help your target audience find solutions to solve their problems.

Get found more

Creating content that is optimised for SEO helps to improve your search engine ranking positions which can increase clicks and click-through rates and help your website grow.

More revenue

Once you start getting more traffic, it’s all about how you can optimise the page and start getting more conversions and more revenue from your service pages.

SEO Content That Serves Searcher Intent and converts into customers

Every website has content, however, only a selection of those businesses are shown in the search engines in the top positions. Why is it that websites don’t rank? It’s mainly because their content isn’t good enough and not optimised for SEO which means those pages aren’t going to get found in the search engines.

Choose our SEO content writing services to help your business tell its story and create content focused around relevant keywords to start helping your business increase organic visibility.

High-quality SEO content promotes growth

With so much company in search engines, it’s harder than ever to stand out and get your content to the top. To improve search rankings you need to find the keywords your audience is using to search for businesses like yours

A lot of budgets have an influence over SEO content writing services. Search engine optimisation services are notoriously expensive and so is high-quality content.

But it’s so important to your business, improving SEO is all about creating attention for your business and one of the best ways is through content that speaks to your audience.

What are the benefits of creating content for SEO

To do SEO, you need to have content.

Build more authority

Attract more backlinks

Reach your audience

Huge ROI

Why is it important to have an SEO content strategy?

How can a content strategy be implemented in an effective fashion? This is aimed at changing the way people buy and write information ensuring that the content is relevant and authoritative. The more reputations you build, the better your position will be.

High-quality content needs keyword research. You can have the best SEO content writers in the world but if they are going after the wrong keywords, it’ll be for nothing.

If you want to show up in the search engine rankings for keywords that actually drive traffic, keyword research is vital.

Creating content that gets seen, clicked and bought from

The ultimate aim when creating content is to sell, however, there are various stages of the customer journey where you can reach out and get your audience’s attention.

People love information and they are always seeking advice before making any type of purchase. By creating content that helps the reader rather than tries to sell, they will get more familiar with your brand in the long run.

Creating a SEO plan helps build topical authority

Search engines want to send traffic to highly relevant websites. One way they do this is with backlinks and on-page content but they also look at websites as a whole to see what type of experience they are offering to the user.

If you just focus on selling products and services without expanding and creating blog posts around keywords you’re missing out.

When you do create a lot of content about a certain topic, this helps your website to build topical authority and be seen as more relevant for keywords including a certain topic.

This also gives you more linkable web pages too, where other websites in your niche will see and can link to you for their audience.

SEO content writing services

We are able to provide the highest quality SEO content writing services in a highly competitive market.

Home page SEO

The home page is likely the most visited page on your website, therefore you need it to be well-optimised to sell or inform.

Service Page SEO

Service pages are dedicated to a specific service and can rank for hundreds or even thousands of keywords.

Blog posts

Blogs are the way to get sky-high traffic for your business and help build topical authority helping your website appear relevant in the search engines.


eBooks are great for enticing people to give away their e-mail addresses which help you to build an e-mail list.

Product descriptions

You need to use keyword-rich product descriptions which are unique and help you stand out.

Category descriptions

The text here is usually short around 200 words but needs to be snappy and help people to click through to your website.

Linkable assets

It’s all about using data and cool imagery to help them stand out, get read more and get shared more.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are great ways to get more exposure for your brand and get a backlink or two back to your website.

What to consider when writing high quality SEO content?

Brand guidelines

You want your brand to have a consistent feel across the board. This means the use of logos, fonts, and colours should all be consistent between different types of content, including the website and on social media. You need to display your brand in a certain light and one of the best ways to do this is with consistency.

Getting the tone right

You need to get the tone of your brand’s voice consistent too. This is so important to reaching your audience. Firstly, you need to look at other popular pages in your niche and look what they are doing and how they are speaking. Then it’s all about creating your own tone and projecting it from your digital presence.

Search-driven blog content

Create blog posts centered around keywords that drive traffic. Using tools like Sem Rush and Ahrefs are great for identifying content gaps, that’s differences between you and the competition, where they have content and you don’t. Fill in the gaps by creating more content and reaching your audience with epic SEO content.

Target audience research

To write great content, you’ve got to understand who you’re writing it for. You need to look at search behaviours, demographics, social aspects and a lot more. You really need to get in the head of your target audience and understand who they really are and what their paint points are.

Word length

The length of the page is important. You want to look at what’s ranking already and then evaluate what type of content you need to produce to rank for similar keywords. In our opinion, for SEO based pages too much is always better than too little, you need to engage the reader and also show up for lots of keywords.

Easy to read and understand

The type of content that ranks best is content that’s easily read by twelve-year-olds, sometimes even younger. You don’t want your content to be too technical, you want to make it as user-friendly and easy to read as possible. This means using shorter words and shorter sentences and structuring the content in an easily digestible way.

What to avoid when doing SEO content?

Don’t do the bare minimum

If you’re creating content to start ranking for keywords, it has to be as good or better than what’s already out there. If top-ranking pages have around 5,000 words on them and you create a 700-word blog then you’re not likely to see website traffic improve. To rank for your chosen keywords, you need to produce compelling content that speaks to the reader.

Copy other people’s content

This is one of the biggest no-nos in creating content. When someone creates any type of website content it’s automatically copyright protected. Not only will it be classed as duplicate content from Google as they’ve likely already indexed the page, but you could be sued for using someone else’s content without their permission.

Don’t stuff keywords in

Keyword stuffing used to work back in the day. To produce content all you needed was a small bit of content with the keyword just stuffed into the page. This hasn’t worked for years and if you do it, it’s likely that the search engines will discover and index it but it’ll never be found by searchers.

Ignoring keyword research

Keyword research helps to identify keywords that you wouldn’t necessarily think of. There are long tail keywords that have more than three words in, which are much easier to rank for when you’re starting out in search engine optimisation.

Outsource to a poor-quality SEO content writer because it’s cheap

If someone’s charging £100 for 1000 words and someone else is charging £10, you can hardly expect to be getting the same results. If the content seems too cheap, it’s likely that it will be poor quality which won’t help your website get more traffic.

Buy spun SEO articles

This is similar to copying other people’s content. Spun blog articles are ones in which you copy and paste blog posts into then the piece of software which rewrites the articles basically using a thesaurus to change the words. This can sometimes have hilarious results.

Ignore word count

If your word count is too high or too low, this can affect how it’s displayed in the search rankings. Long-form blog posts are extremely popular because they can rank for thousands of keywords driving lots of organic traffic to your website.

Ignore on-page optimisation

Once the page is up, that’s not the end of it. A lot of small businesses forget the word optimisation means that you’re going to have to go back to the content and optimise it for the search engines based on the keywords it’s ranking for. Keyword research is great, but nothing beats waiting a few months and seeing what keywords pop up

Don’t forget the page title and meta description

If you’ve made a great piece of content and even if it’s not, you need to fill out the page title and description correctly.

Why is klub Clicks the number one SEO content writing service?

Here at klub clicks, we pride ourselves on creating content that gets found in the search engines. We’re not magicians with a magic wand, SEO can take time, even the best content writers can’t get your website number one over night for keywords that will bring higher levels of organic traffic.

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