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Are you struggling to find traction in the search engines? Our SEO Liverpool services focus on getting your website seen more, clicked more and bought from more.

Make your website search engine friendly.

The major search engines are sending traffic to websites every second. An effective SEO strategy is essential to driving more website traffic and appearing more in organic search engine results.

We’re not like other Liverpool SEO agencies. We offer fully transparent service with affordable prices, no long term contracts (unless we’ve already got you some SEO results and you trust us and want to save 20% per year, just saying :D)

Our SEO team is experienced in helping you deliver the perfect SEO campaign.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is the optimisation of search engines (sorry, we had to). SEO is what gets you found in organic search; it’s a method of satisfying Google’s algorithms to show that your website deserves to be ranked in the highest positions for the keywords your actively targeting.

If your web pages aren’t getting traffic because they aren’t set up correctly, the search engine will ignore your site; on-page optimisation is vital for your website.

The main focus points of an SEO strategy

  • Link building
  • Content creation
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page optimisation

High-quality leads (and probably some spam) straight from Google

Whatever your niche is, there are people searching google every day for a business like yours. A robust website with sound SEO foundations will help put your website into a strong position.

We’re the leading Liverpool SEO agency there is, and we can help your business create a successful SEO strategy. 

Choosing our SEO Liverpool services will boost your website in the SERPs.

Work with us to create your bespoke SEO strategy.

Put your content on a pedestal. 

Spending a lot of money on web design with no thought to SEO is a mistake so many businesses make. Web design won’t grab the attention of a search engine. Many small businesses are so excited to create a website they get carried away with how it looks rather than how it functions. 

Here at Klub Clicks, for each page of content, we provide a holistic approach that focuses on;

  • The layout of the page
  • The use of colours 
  • What images should be used
  • What words are being used in the content 
  • How the H tags are

SEO meetings when you want them

Our preference is for a meeting in Zoom. Video chat saves us both time, is kinder to the environment, and we think more casual too. Upon onboarding, you’ll be given a contact e-mail address and phone number of the Klub Clicks team member (your point of contact through your Klub Clicks experience).

SEO on an established website that has no traffic

If Google already knows about your website, then this puts you in a better position than starting with a brand new domain. In this case, you’ll begin to rank faster because google has established a level of trust.

If your site is in a wrong position, for example, 0 traffic, then the first tasks are about looking for the most accessible SEO wins we can find.

Show up in the search results more with an SEO campaign.

You’re not going to appear at the top of the search results randomly.

Our Leading Liverpool SEO company creates a clear path for you to succeed. Online marketing services can be pretty variable, so your SEO from one digital marketing agency won’t be the same as others.

SEO on a brand new website

Performing SEO on a brand new website isn’t going to bring you instant results. You want to set up correctly and provide and solid foundation, but you won’t be ranking in the search engines overnight. 

There’s something referred to as Google sandbox, which means that your website is held back from the search engines for the first six to nine months.

This isn’t the case for every single website, and if you have content that goes viral and more people start googling your brand name, this gives Google a significant signal that your site has great relevance, and it could begin ranking them within a few months.

Creating SEO strategies for different audiences

Everyone used to use desktops or laptops to search the internet because that’s just what we had. There’s smartphones, tablets, and mini laptops, which means there are multiple different experiences for which to tailor your content. 

If you’ve just designed a desktop website and put no thought into how it looks on mobile and tablets, this potentially leads to a bad user experience if, for example, images don’t show up as they should do, vast blocks of content put people off and more.

SEO is just one part of digital marketing

We love SEO, but it shouldn’t be your sole focus for marketing your business. Things can change overnight in SEO, and many websites have seen traffic drops through algorithm changes, competitors overtaking them and even technical SEO issues.

Stay ahead of other businesses in Liverpool with our SEO campaigns.

Your competitors are getting traffic from search engines. Every day, they get sent traffic that could be rediverted to your website instead, but this will not happen magically. It helps to have a clear and focused SEO plan that would deliver actual results.

Other Liverpool SEO agencies will be helping your competition, so you’re up against it. Without taking the plunge yourselves, you’re going to struggle to rank, and that’s why Klub Clicks SEO Agency is here.

Make your SEO Liverpool Campaign a success:

We put your website into a better SEO position by:

  • SEO Audit
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Monthly Reportings.

Website structure

The structure of your website can have a big effect on SEO. A great structure makes your website SEO friendly, whereas a bad one will make it difficult for search engine crawlers to understand what’s going on.

On-page SEO

Our on-page SEO services focus on tailoring your content to a specific level that satisfies Google and users. 

On-page optimisation is vital to get right. Our SEO team is experienced in creating content that the search engines love.

On the page you have headings, the developer guys gave these headings names, so it goes like this.

H1 – The main heading of the page and should only be used once.

Example: Men’s T-shirts

H2 – These headings are secondary headings let’s say 

Example: Men’s Long Sleeve T-shirts 

H3 – These develop from the h2 tag

Model: Men’s long sleeve t-shirts white

H4 – These digs even deeper

Standard: Cheap men’s long sleeve t-shirts, white 

There’s also H5 and H6 tags.

The most important tags for SEO is the H1 and the H2 tags. Your primary keyword should be used for the h1, and then variations and partial matches should be used throughout the H2 tags.

Local SEO

Shout out to local businesses in the Liverpool area if you’re offering local services. You want to deliver your message to an audience within a certain distance of your business. A regional SEO strategy is also cheaper than a national one. You can improve local SEO by

Creating a google my business profile. 

You can make one yourself if you haven’t got one. GMB profiles are a great way to show up for local SEO searches, get more traffic and get more exposure for your business

Local citations 

There are websites in your area that act as directories for local businesses and are a local SEO link building type. These are still being used and can provide good results. These directories popped up everywhere in SEO, which devalued many of the spammy directories, but there’s still somewhere it’s wise to upload your business details and put a link there back to your website.

Content marketing

You put a lot into content, so it’s all about fully maximising the exposure your content gets. Did you know the majority of the content that gets posted doesn’t receive traffic from google? This is because websites are poorly optimised for google; the content might be good, it could be great, but if it’s not correctly optimised, then you’re never going to get traffic. 

Monthly SEO reporting

You want to know what’s happening; we want to show off our results. Signing up to Klub Clicks lets you see exactly what’s happening with your website and what direction things are going.

The early months can be slow but will show signs of what we’re doing paying off.

Link building

Link building is the tricky part of SEO.

Site speed analysis

How fast does your website load? Search engines love a speedy website, if yours is taking forever to load, that could be just one reason for your SEO rankings being lower than they should be.

In-depth keyword research

We look at the keywords that bring website traffic. There’s no point in ranking for keywords that nobody is searching. We boost your online presence by creating new content and optimising old content.

Having a great website makes it easier for your customers to find you.

SEO is so often overlooked, and business owners don’t understand what needs to be done to get their website ranking in google. If your web pages aren’t correctly optimised, traffic won’t magically appear and start flowing to your website.

Choose our highly experienced SEO agency for ranking your business.

Here at Klub Clicks, we live and breathe SEO. We’ve seen many websites rank and increase their organic search presence by implementing various SEO strategies and techniques to take websites to new highs. Our Liverpool SEO services offer your business the chance to go from being invisible to getting clicks daily. 

Can you promise the number one spot?

Oh no, in SEO, there are no promises on search engine rankings. Google is a beast that we can’t control, so it would be unwise to make promises we can’t keep.

Be cautious if a Liverpool SEO agency tells you they can get you to the number and keep you there forever. 

Let’s say your spend £500 per month on SEO, whereas the average spends for the top 10 ranking on Google is £1,500 then each month, your three times away from the competition, and over a year, this will put you even further away. 

How much should I spend on SEO?

This depends on your niche. If you are a solicitor or dental practice, then you’re going to be spending more than a local electrician or handyman would need to pay. 

We think SEO should start around the £500 mark. This budget is enough to get things going, compared to an SEO plan of £100, which isn’t going to bring your site much value in the short or long run.

Make your website search engine crawler friendly.

If your website traffic has suddenly dropped, then it’s probably time for an SEO audit and re-establish your online presence.

The search engine results pages can change daily. SEO is powerful, but if you get to the top and people don’t like your website, then you’re going to be demoted.

Track rankings

Check search engine ranking positions on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. You can use the Google search console to see approx rankings, but this doesn’t tell you the whole story. Ahref tracker checks the search results regularly to let you know how your SEO campaign is going.

Improve your positions in the search results

Ranking well in the search engines isn’t impossible (well, unless you’re going against the big, big boys). For many, ranking high is all about creating content that your audience is searching for. Our SEO campaigns are successful because we know what Google wants.

The websites they show in the search results aren’t just random; they are what the search engines are looking for and providing the best results.

Get more out of your SEO marketing campaigns.

If you on the search for an SEO agency in Liverpool, you’re in the right place. We specialise in search engine optimisation

SEO vs Google Ads

A search engine will usually show you ten organic results and up to 7 paid Google Ads when a keyword is searched. The organic ones are there because of their SEO strategy, and the others are there because they paid to be there.

Paid ads can be a great way to show the searches instantly, but you need to have a correctly optimised landing page called a sales funnel. If you’re paying for people to click on your site, the funnel must be correctly set up for people to buy.

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