Create an SEO strategy

We help you devise a plan that will blow the competition away. Once we’ve got the content on your platform. 

Create a benchmark to lift off from

SEO can be tricky. The search engine isn’t going to just give you page one results for being there. The content on your website has to be fine-turned for it to appear anywhere in the search results. 

Free SEO audit

Find out the SEO areas your website is struggling with for free, identify an SEO strategy and start an SEO campaign for your business. Start seeing results with our work.

Take your online business forward. We’re an SEO agency in Manchester that off complete service. Whether a national or local SEO campaign, we’re SEO specialists using the best SEO practices to boost your website in Google SERPs. 

The biggest question in SEO is how long does it take until you reached the top of Google and start to see SEO results? The answer is different for different keywords. The more competitive a keyword is, i.e the keywords bringing in the revenue the longer it will take to start ranking. Ultimately organic SEO is volatile, making your website SEO friendly is the first step to better search engine rankings.

Your business needs to be more visible online, and we can make that happen. We specialise in offering affordable SEO campaigns for your small business. If you’re tired of the problems with your current set-up, we can help provide a solution with our cheap SEO Services in Manchester that don’t cost thousands per month.

We can help you build local citations through link building and help you start ranking for locational keywords.

Let us take your website from being invisible to flourishing. At Klub Clicks, we are SEO specialists who can help you with any aspect of SEO to help your google ranking and appear in more search queries. 

There’s no magic involved in boosting you up in the search engine results; it’s all about creating quality content, building backlinks (both external and internal linking), and using the two to satisfy google ranking factors.

SEO has moved on a bit from keyword density and keyword stuffing now it’s all about how your page satisfies the user.

If you are searching for SEO agencies, try our SEO agency which works in online marketing 24/7. Organic search rankings come through great  SEO and PPC, link building, content marketing, and even being active on social media.

We help break down digital marketing and assist any business with search engine optimisation to help your business become search engine friendly and give your business more digital presence.

If you are searching for Manchester SEO agencies, try our SEO agency which works in online marketing 24/7. Organic search rankings come through great  SEO and PPC, link building, content marketing, and even being active on social media.

We help break down digital marketing and assist any business with search engine optimisation to help your business become search engine friendly and give your business more digital presence.

SEO agencies often make promises they can’t keep. We create high-quality content and pay attention to the technical SEO, local SEO and conversion rate to help make your content marketing and overall efforts more effective.

  1. Technical SEO issues creating problems
  2. No link building plan
  3. One person does SEO and PPC
  4. Outdated SEO techniques

Conversion rate optimisation

Our SEO strategies only use white hat SEO techniques to improve your rankings in the search engines. Marketing your website for the long term is all about ranking factors and getting your website first page results,  more organic traffic and higher overall organic listings.

SEO is more of a long-term strategy, not a one-time thing.

SEO isn’t the fastest technique in digital marketing. The speed at which you can rank depends on the keywords you’re trying to rank for. For example, a unique brand name we can usually get ranking within a month, whereas competitive search times which have high volumes are also going to have a lot of other sites vying for that top spot.

It also depends on the budget of the business. You don’t need to be spending too much but you need to be able to come up with an SEO budget that can ensure you’re competing with the top-ranking sites in the search engine

The biggest budget is needed for link building. This can get pricey over time which is just one reason we suggest content marketing as one of the best forms of online marketing. If done right, businesses will naturally link to your page as our content is cutting edge.

Sign up with our SEO agency now.

If your searching for SEO agencies, try our SEO agency who work in online marketing 24/7. Organic search rankings come through great  SEO and PPC, link building, content marketing and even being active on social media

We help break down  digital marketing and assist any business with search engine optimisation to help your business become search engine friendly and give your business more of a digital presence.

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4-6

Month 7-12

Identify what strategies to use

This depends on the industry you’re in

Search Engine Optimisation takes time. It doesn’t take a huge budget to get an SEO strategy started but the set up is hugely important and it will either make or break your website.

We help set your site up to be found in google helping you to find more clients and actively searching for new areas of content to create to help broaden your reach.

So many of your potential audience have questions, we help you to help them by answering them in your content. We can also take away uncertainty with prices by offering fixed price= services.

SEO made easy

Target people around your local area

We understand you want to start improving your current rankings but so does everyone else on the internet. We help you get your site ranking by helping you focus on being content rich where your site delivers the content your audience is searching for and using some SEO Agency tips and tricks. Your content will be engaging to the reader, why?

Because we’ll perform research to identify what your target audience is searching for, we can help improve performances with SEO.

Performing a thorough competitor analysis to understand how your competitors are getting their traffic from.

Affordable Local SEO

Target people around your local area

Formulate a local SEO plan to help you get more customers. SEO Manchester and say another location will have different search results because search engines knows users will want to have a local company. If you’re not already utilising a GMB profile, we can help you with getting things started. We can help you to build local citations through link building and help you start ranking for locational keywords.

Use SEO to drive traffic to your site

SEO doesn’t have to be the minefield that it appears to be. What you’ll find with SEO is that your positions will go up and they’ll go down and get the first 1000 visitors per month is the hardest. We work with your company to identify areas to create content based on what your audience is searching. It’s not simple but we can get your business found in the search engines.

It’s totally possible for your website to turn around and turn in to a lead generation machine in the long term. It just takes a bit of patience and hard work and we’ll get you to where you want to be.

here you want your website to be.

Your site needs an SEO strategy

Search Engine Optimisation is like a game. There’s no guaranteed 100% way to make every single piece of content rank number one, there’s no guarantee that you’ll keep the number one spots you have. This is all because the algorithm’s are continually evolving and updating its search algorithms, others are just as focused on you on getting to the top.

The way we like to look at it is this. Every industry is going to have a certain level of competition and say if there are 100 sites all targeting the same keywords, then there are going to be various factors to decide who’s getting the top page spots.

Does this mean the other 90 are terrible? It could do, but in reality, they won’t be. They could have significant positions for other searches; they could be newer, they might not even be heavily targeting, the links aren’t as good… you get the point.

Put your pages in the best position to rank.

Improve your google search positions with a white hat SEO strategy geared at improving conversion rate optimisation. Content creation is just part of what makes you rank; it’s all about how they work together and are used.

As SEO experts, we can improve marketing by optimising landing pages (blog & home) to reach your target audience and see more keywords in the search results. See your conversion rates improve with high-quality optimisation.

SEO services your businesses can benefit from.

Here’s a selection of topic we cover to help get the best from your website. It’s not always a case of just throwing money at things; we can genuinely help you develop a sustainable way forward that will help you outrank the your competitors.

Complete SEO Audit

We perform a full SEO audit on your website, identifying areas where your SEO is weak. You get a complete overview of your SEO position and what needs to be done to take your website forward and be more prevalent in the search engines.

On Page SEO

We call on page SEO the first step. Multiple processes occur, we do full keyword research, looking at H tag structures on the sites that are ranking and a few that aren’t. We structure your pages to be loved by Google and your visitors.

Improve Local SEO

Local SEO is great for businesses providing local services. It’s less competitive than ranking in search engines nationally and with a Google My Business profile this can further boost your organic search positions.

Nationwide SEO

We need to pack more of a punch for nationwide SEO as it’s more competitive than when compared to local SEO. This involves doing deeper keyword research and making your website a true authority in your niche.

Technical SEO

Identify technical SEO issues that could be causing havoc in the backend. We’ll perform a full audit and uncover any H tag issues, duplicate content, 404 errors and a lot more.

Competitor Analysis

In minutes we can get an idea of why your competitors are rocking their on page and off page SEO. We can use this to aid keyword research and give you a head start by knowing what type of content performs well.

Increase Brand Awareness

The more google searches your brand name gets, the better you’ll perform in the search engines. Google loves to know that your site is popular and brand queries are just one ranking factor that can affect your organic search positions.

Content Writing & Strategies

We are masters of content writing. We know exactly what’s being searched on google and estimating the amount of clicks for each search query. Your content will get seen more which results in more visitors back to your website.


Identify what’s holding you back

The foundation of any Search Engine Optimisation plan needs a focused SEO audit to determine exactly where you are. The search strategy you’re using now is determining your search results and the only way to help increase search results is to know what’s currently going on in the backend.

We look for where your website is underperforming with its SEO. We can uncover some simple fixes and some more slightly technical fixes but if your website has problems we will find them.

Choosing someone to do your SEO can be tricky, do you go for a digital marketing agency or something more specific? We offer SEO in Manchester primarily to businesses around the local area.

When doing SEO it’s important your site doesn’t work against you. If you’ve chosen a simple DIY solution you’ve probably found that nothing you do will help you rank. For small businesses we always recommend choosing WordPress which out the box is pretty good with SEO. There’s also some great WordPress plugins that will further help making SEO easier.

Page titles, sizes, and speeds are all assessed. We look to see where we can find you some quick SEO wins which could see your pages burst onto google or jump up a few pages/positions depending on your current situation. If there’s anything negatively affecting your SEO, we’ll find it.

Get your website set up for Google and other search engines now.

How the design of the website can affect SEO

How’s the code? The Structure? The navigation? We check information such as this to help improve your site. Knowing the current position puts us in the best place to know how to progress it and if there’s any additional web design that will be needed.

We can run your website through a few tools including Google Analytics and Google Search Console to create an accurate picture of where your website is currently at. From the technical SEO to the content, we cover all aspects of SEO to help the search engines love your site.

Where are most of your traffic coming from?

The current levels of traffic help us decide several things. We want to improve the keywords you’re currently ranking for, whereas keywords where you’re not getting any impressions, why look to see how we start getting more searches from Google.

What’s the website code like?

The code of a website is often overlooked because well, we can’t see it (unless we go looking for it). But it’s not totally invisible, the website code can mean your site takes longer to load. Sometimes when a web developer uses too much unnecessary code this can cause your site to be bloated and add extra seconds on to page load times.

We take a look at your current set up

How’s the code? The Structure? The navigation? We check information such as this to help improve your site. Knowing the current position puts us in the best position to know how to progress it.

We can run your website through a few tools including Google Analytics and Google Search Console to create an accurate picture of where your website is currently at. From the technical SEO to the content, we cover all aspects of SEO to help the search engines love your site.

2. Technical SEO issues that negatively impact SEO

Technical problems could be causing havoc which could be down to some web development issues.

Just because a site is looking pretty, doesn’t mean everything is all good and well in the backend. Technical SEO can be the downfall and explain why traffic is flat. Things like Robots.txt and incorrectly executed redirects can all cause harm.


A few years ago, URLs moved over to HTTPS, which replaced HTTP. What this does is offer some form of security for your visitors. It helps encrypt the data that’s processed. This is seen as an SEO ranking signal. If you’re still on the HTTP form of connection, you should upgrade with an SSL certificate.

Indexes know what’s out there with crawlers that go to the deep ends of the internet and index all the pages that are out there. This is made harder with some websites that encounter indexing issues meaning pages could be being blocked.

Slow page speeds can put a dampener on your SEO strategy. Everyone wants a fast experience but what usually happens is websites get bloated and causes bottlenecks throughout the site. If you experience over a few seconds to load, you’re going to be losing visitors and losing revenue. Slow sites kill SEO; make sure you’ve got a decent hosting plan.

3. We perform content analysis

Putting your content under the magnifying glass

Content is king when it comes to SEO. It has to be great for your audience to view. It’s also more likely to be shared and linked to help you get more exposure and more backlinks to your website.

We take content curation to the next level. We want you to have a great site with thousands of visitors, but this can only happen if yours meets the SEO standards. It can be hard to know how and what to write, but we can help make it a lot easier with research and some competitor analysis.

Is your content unique?

The content that’s on your website should be unique. In the eyes of the search engines if content is already out there, why should yours rank too?

How many words?

There’s no set answer here. The number of words it takes to rank for a keyword can vastly differ but there’s a few tips and tricks you can use. Firstly, the obvious answer is to look at what’s currently ranking. Do they use a lot of text or are all the results shorter? Creating long form content is expensive so make sure it’s needed before you commit to it.

Is your content engaging?

The key to successful content is to make it engaging. You want the reader to be excited to read your pages, that’s why it’s best to make it look good to. Using images and videos will help keep the attention of the user and provide visual stimuluses to help keep the reader on the page.

Did you know the amount of content on your website can hugely affect your SEO positions? Most of the blog posts we see are incredibly thin and lacking substance. We help you to create well-informed content that will help your users. What determines the page/post length should be focused on user intent.

You should have specific guidelines that you follow. The page title tags, meta descriptions, and “H” tags should all have words focused on the keyword’s user intent. This helps SEO by showing users think your website is relevant for that search term. Having descriptions wisely can help increase the click-through rate (CTR) to your web pages.

4. We perform keyword research

Help identifying which to target.

Looking at the keywords your site is currently ranking for helps us to see how we can improve those rankings and new areas to build content around helping drive traffic to your website.

Find which keywords to target. There are different types that you want to be targeting. What many websites usually find its that searches for core services aren’t the highest. This is why content marketing is so important. It helps with SEO because it gets your website in front of eyes who previously wouldn’t have found you.

Your competitors are probably getting more traffic than you. This doesn’t always have to be the case. We can help your website create similar content to what is helping your competitors rank. It’s not about copying it’s about learning from your market and assessing what’s working and what’s not working.

For each page on your website, you want to have a unique search term that you want it to rank for. This is called a the seed which will be the main focus in the SEO strategy. But also there will be long-tail variations of those terms.

Start brain storming keyword ideas

We make a list of all the words associated with your business. There’s certain tools we can use that once you put in a keyword it will return with hundreds or thousands of suggestions giving us the data on which keywords we think you should target.

See what your competitors are ranking for

Your competitors are already ranking in the top spots in the search engines. We can use our SEO tools to help identify which keywords are bringing in the most traffic and which keywords have a lower difficulty level which are easier for your website to achieve rankings for at first.

Build content around those keywords

Keyword optimisation is vital but it’s even more important to build content around those keywords to start getting the search engines attention. You want to have a clear strategy for each page which targets one topic. Don’t make things too complicated by talking about the same topics on different pages, this is called keyword canibalisation and it’s not what you want.

5. Looking at the speed of the page

The speed of a website is largely dictated by two things.

The size of your site which includes how media rich the site is and your hosting environment. You can now check your site speed with page insights or tools like Pingdom. The great thing about the Pingdom tool is that is show’s you exactly which files are causing the lag.

The size of the site can have a significant effect on the speed. If you’ve got a site with a load of images that are poorly optimised, you’ll find your site is super laggy. You can get around this using a CDN, but the best thing to do first is tackle the problem instead of changing the host, as you could be throwing money away on web hosting that you don’t need to.

Did you know that your domain has a desktop and a mobile score? They are seen as two separate entities and it’s important that yours isn’t the one which takes over three seconds to load. In some cases sites can take over 10 seconds to load which is just one reason so many under perform.

The bigger your website, the better hosting you need. There are shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosts, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. It’s essential to choose a suitable server for your business, so your site isn’t too slow for your users.

6. Meta Data

This means what information is being shown to the search engines. The title tag and meta description are two powerful pieces of SEO.

The title tag has real SEO power with determining what the page is about. The Meta description doesn’t directly influence the position but it can dramatically help increase CTR (click through rates). So if your ranking third, by altering the description you can encourage more people to click on your link. If more people are clicking on your link that will tell google your page is more relevant than who’s currently occupying the top 2 positions.

The meta description doesn’t directly affect SEO but indirectly it does. The meta description is for the user. It’s your sales pitch to everyone who comes across it. You want to use your keywords but this is all about making your service / product seem as attractive as possible. A good description will get people clicking which will improve your position.

Optimising meta descriptions

The meta description offer the user an insight to what you do. This is your sales pitch directly to the user and isn’t an SEO ranking factor. That being said, if you have the best description and you’re in say position seven, theoretically by having the appealing description it should encourage more people to click through and ultimately increase your ranking positions.

Page title tags

The page title is important from an SEO aspect as it explains what it’s about. This is why it’s important to use your main keyword in the title as close to the start as possible. You want a title that evokes emotion from the reader drawing attention to the main focus of the content.

Alt image descriptions

Image title tags are a great chance to optimise. Images are often overlooked from an SEO point of view but it’s important that you have images, especially if you’ve got a lot of text. Having different terms for the images helps with SEO and also helps to increase how many times your images are found in search engines.


You can have the best SEO but if the experience fails to engage the reader and 99% of people are bouncing back to the results to click on another that’s going to signal people aren’t loving what you’re putting out. The amount of time people spend on pages, where they click too, how much they engage all sends signals that judge you.

You can have the prettiest website but if that doesn’t translate in to a great user experience you’re shooting yourself in the foot. This is one reason we don’t suggest spending too much (in general) on web design for small businesses  at first because you’re not really positive on how people will interact with your website.

When someone clicks on to your website how do you want them to feel? It’s important to use content that will get the emotions flowing in the reader. You want to tailor this to your exact demographics to help increase the user experience. You want people to know where to click to get where they want to go.

Make your content simple and easy to read. Google hates long pieces of text with no breaks because it’s user’s don’t like it. The use of fonts, headings, simple colours can have a huge effect on how your website looks. It can take it from plain and boring to exciting and fun.

What’s the bounce rate?

The bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave your website within a few seconds of landing on it. The bounce rate lets us know how people are reacting to your website allowing us to make changes to keep people on the page longer and increase the chance of them taking the action we want them to take.

How long do people stay on the page?

Obviously you want people to stay on the page for more than a few sections but the main aim is for them to sign up or buy what you’re offering.

How many pages are people viewing?

Ideally, you want people to browse through your website. If someone just views one, bounces back to Google and clicks on a new website, that isn’t great for you. It’s all about engaging the user once they are on the page and showing them what else you offer.

6. Local SEO Services

What’s your NAP?

Start targetting clients who are interested in your product/service around your geographical region. Local SEO packages are cheaper than nationwide and can produce fantastic returns. Attract and engage your local audiences with content designed around them.

Did you know when you upload an image you can also add GEO tags which is a tiny factor but a factor none the less. Get more local clients now.

Local SEO Strategy

A GMB (Google My Business) profile is essential for businesses. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out on hundreds, potentially thousands of searches from people in your area looking for a company like yours. Optimise your profile to match your target market, get some reviews, and establish your presence.

Local citations help show that your business is active and relevant in your local area. Showing up in local directories on local websites will help your website establish trust. It’s all about making sure your Name, Address and Post Code (NAP) are all correct on every listing you make. It’s important there’s no inconsistencies in the data.

Did you know we can GEO tag your images? If you’re a local business and want to improve your local SEO having images with GEO tags will act as a signal when determining who to rank. A lone, this change might not seem major, but it can help give you a boost.

7. Link Building

Backlinks are the most challenging part of doing SEO. It’s no secret that backlinks are one of the most important parts of SEO, but how do we actively go about acquiring them, and most of all, how do we know what a good backlink is?

Do you know what the authority score of your website is? In some cases, you may want to look at finding a dedicated link-building specialist if your industry is super competitive, but in reality, building backlinks doesn’t have to be impossible. It’s made much harder by having a bad site and more accessible by having a great location with content that makes it hard for people not to link to.

Don’t be fooled into getting just any backlinks though. Your backlink profile could be one reason you’re not ranking.

Our link building Manchester service focuses on building your website quality backlinks. We help you rank using different anchor texts within the links.

The highest priority is to get backlinks from the most relevant websites. Natural backlinks where people see your content then link to it are the best type of links to have pointed at your website. You don’t want to have backlinks from Spammy domains. This can actively harm your backlink profile.

Even if your website does have some links from spammy websites we can help you to do something about it. Links that are toxic pointing at your website can be disavowed meaning that search engines will completely ignore those links. A clean backlink profile is a healthy profile.

There’s something called domain authority which is sort of a score for your website based on your backlink profile. This score isn’t used officially but by many SEOers to determine which backlinks are worth pursuing and which links to avoid. Usually, the higher the domain rating, the harder it is to get a link on that website.

8. What type of backlinks are there?

Regarding backlinks, there are a few different types you need to be aware of. Building links is all about getting links from high-quality websites in your niche. That means that because we’re an SEO agency, it would benefit us to get links from websites in our industry.

Each link isn’t valued the same. Let’s say there’s a website on electricians, and there’s a link to our website, that link won’t offer too much value. Why? Because it’s all about relevancy and the strength of the domain you’re getting link back from.

Guest posting

Guest posting is a form of link building where you create a piece of content to put on another website. Naturally, relevance is key here; the website’s audience should be the same or very similar to your audience. If websites actively offer guest posts to anyone, then these websites won’t have as much power, whereas if you’ve got something to offer a website and it benefits them to have you do a guest post, that’s great.

Link insertions

If there’s already content, there’s always the possibility of getting a link added to that website. Link insertions can usually be achieved with a bit of outreach. Usually, you might not hear back from the website, but if you do and they agree to add a link, that will help your domain rise in the rankings.

Local/National Citations

If you’ve got a local SEO strategy then building local citations is a vital part of this. You need to make sure the name, address and phone number is consistent across all platforms.

Choosing Klub Clicks Manchester SEO Agency For Your SEO

Create more value for your business.

Here at Klub Clicks we’re a small business with a small SEO company in Manchester focused on less overheads and delivering extreme value for money from our SEO Services. We’re not going to charge you £5,000 per month and we’re not here to charge £200 a month for a service that realistically won’t do too much for your website, we’re here to help you come up with a content strategy that your website can use to start finding targeted traffic on google.

SEO isn’t just about SEO. If your website function’s poorly, has a bad user experience you can spend all the money you want to but you’ll struggle to see results because the user doesn’t like your site. This is one reason why spending thousands getting a website designed before you’ve even started isn’t the best way forward. We can’t say to you for x amount of money we’ll get you ranking number across the board but what we can do is show you how your competitors are getting traffic  in and what they are doing well and what they aren’t doing so well.

For new sites it’s always going to be harder to rank, it’s all about trust. We can help build that trust with strategies that last 6 months to as long as you’re happy with us. Remember, SEO is unpredictable and shouldn’t be your one sole marketing focus. It has to be combined with other forms of marketing to make sure you’re not dependent. So if you’re looking for some SEO get in touch to see how we can help your business.

When you can get started on our SEO?

Usually within one week we can start getting work done on your site.

Do you just do SEO for local businesses?

No, we don’t just serve the local area but it helps to be close proximity to you.

We’re looking for instant traffic is that SEO?

SEO is not instant traffic. SEO is about building a long term strategy.

Search Engine.

Create an SEO strategy that will blow away the competition

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