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Seo meta description: The ultimate guide

A Meta description for SEO is a vital part of on-page optimisation. If you have an eCommerce store, it’s especially critical to get right – because there are actual sales at stake! The problem? It isn’t straightforward.

Meta descriptions are part of SEO (kind of)

Whilst it doesn’t directly have an affect on your positions in the SERPs(search engine results page) it can indirectly affect your SEO strategy by working with the title tag to entice more people to click through

There are many different ways to implement meta description tags, and each method comes withits own set of pros and cons.

What makes this article interesting is that it gives ten actionable tips for writing SEO meta descriptions. Enjoy!

How long should my meta description be?

The recommended length of a meta description should be around 155 characters. You don’t want to be just writing for the sake of it; you want to inspire the reader to be curious and click through to your website.

Does the meta description affect SEO?

The meta description used to affect SEO ranking positions, and it still does to some extent. The grey area here is that adding keywords to your meta description won’t improve your search engine ranking directly but indirectly; it could affect you.

The issue here is that text in the meta description can influence people to click through to your website, which; if more people are clicking through to your website, then the results above will result in your website ranking higher.

Can you change it whenever you want?

Yes, the meta description can easily be changed. If you’re on a CMS like WordPress or have Yoast or Rank Math installed, head over to the page you want to make changes on, scroll down until you find the section to edit the meta information, and make the changes you want.

How long does it take Google to update the meta description?

It can take Google from a few days to a few weeks to reindex the web page. With more significant sites that get indexed more frequently, this could be a matter of hours, but if your site is tiny and you don’t publish much content, it can take longer than a month.

Should I include my keywords in the meta description?

If it makes sense, yes, for example, on our SEO services page, the keyword is SEO services; that’s what we’re offering, so naturally, it will occur at least once in the description.

Can you duplicate meta descriptions?

Google has said that it’s better to use unique meta descriptions instead of autogenerated ones. The problem with duplicate meta descriptions is that it doesn’t add much value.

What makes a good meta description?

The meta description is a snippet of up to 155 characters – an HTML tag – that summarises a page’s content. Search engine results show them mostly in search results when the search term has a description.

This is also fundamental in online search engine marketing. The features and techniques that create your perfect meta descriptions and their effectiveness in search results can be seen here. If you already use SEO services to find out how Yoast SEO will support you.

SEO Meta Descriptions: What, Why and How

You can add hidden HTML attributes and metadata blurbs to a web page’s backend to send valuable signals to search engines and users.

An essential part of these text snippets is SEO meta description. We discuss how you can hide your HTML code from others to improve the value you offer.

What are Meta Descriptions, and How do I write them?

Good meta descriptions are important to SEO.

What should I do if I need meta descriptions for a lot of pages?

If you can’t write a detailed description for each page, try to prioritise your material. You can check what pages rank higher on the Google search engines. With Yoast SEO, you can also optimise your Meta description.

Allows your processing to be more quickly without worrying about duplicate descriptions. For example, you can optimise your descriptions using variables with search engines such as Yoast.

Taking time to find out what you want to find and its advantages or weaknesses can be avoided by having an optimum amount of time and resources to navigate search engines. Visit the Yoast SEO page for SEO information.

Why are Meta Descriptions important?

Meta-Descriptions can boost or harm your results’ click-through rate. It’s important to write meta descriptions with your target audience in mind. Research demonstrates that keywords in meta descriptions provide relevant signals for search engines that can help you improve your ranking.

In terms of your searches result, your meta description has the most real estate. Two lines of text compared to a line for the title and one line for the URL will make it possible to sell an existing website.

It’s not necessarily a huge signal, but it can certainly take a positive part if used naturally without keywords stuffing a description.

How long is a Meta description?

Google sets the description length of a meta description by pixels, so stay informed of this definition. The maximum available on desktop is 920 pixels that are roughly 150 characters.

On mobile, 680 Pixels is roughly 130 characters. Each value varies in the pixel width, so the number of characters used is not absolute, where the width is. The meta description should explain what users can find out about and should also encourage people to click.

In addition to site title, the marketers should invest time in building pages titles and meta descriptions to enhance visibility and CTR in addition to the site title. Meta descriptions must be tested for pages with content.

How do I write a Meta Description?

Think about your searches like the advertisements in one of the major newspapers or magazines. Your page title is your headline, your Meta description is your tag line, and your URL is the name.

It is good to use keywords with meta descriptions so that they become SEO ready. The click-through rate in the SERPs has the potential to be a ranking element.

It would help if you filled your description with active language that will make people click on your result as a micro-pitch in a way that entices a person to telephone a number to purchase something.

Meta descriptions for social sharing

In Yoast SEO Premium, you also have a social preview that shows what a post will look like in social networking. Check the Facebook or Twitter Previews of your site at the Yoast meta tag above its post.

On the website, you can find information on different social media channels. In Yoast SEO Premium, you can even see social previews of the blog when shared on social networks. In this way, you can use a Google preview and show what it looks like in Google searches. Read more about using.

Meta description length: Make it SEO friendly

Try to make approximately 1 to 2 sentences 150-1670.75 characters. Include the goal language, and add a call to action to encourage people to open a link.

Avoid the need for the use of duplicate metadata. Make it descriptive and relevant to your content. Double-check the looks with a SERP View Generator tool. You should also check out Google’s latest recommended – Better Snippets for Users. Check out their most recent results.

Where do I add the Meta Description Tag?

A meta description tag looks like this in HTML code: But you don’t need advanced Webmasters or SEO to add the meta description. You can bypass HTML by utilising content management systems such as WordPress.

Plug-ins like Yoast are also available for enabling metadata in a website, and WordPress and HubSpot will let you write a meta description directly from the page settings.

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