Technical SEO Services

Improve your website’s functionality and user experience with our technical SEO services that can help you optimise your site speed and improve search engine rankings.

Better user experience

It’s important that visitors experience your website from both a user’s viewpoint and also from Google’s.

Search engine friendly

Without issues, it’s much easier to appear in search engines, and getting your pages indexed and crawled.

Better SEO Results

Optimised website equals more visibility in Google searches and easier long-term growth.

Boost in conversions

Creating and optimising websites can greatly increase conversion rates. We look for keywords likely to convert.

If your website has seen a drop in traffic, there could be technical SEO issues

When traffic sinks, thousands of questions are asked. How? Why? What do we do to fix it?

If you’ve got high-quality content and your ranking for keywords has suddenly dropped either by a little or a lot, this could be down to technical SEO issues on your website. The best way to identify these issues is by having a technical SEO audit.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO issues can affect your rankings in the search engine results pages for desktop and mobile SEO (yes, they are different). That’s right, the reason your site could be struggling in organic search is because of technical SEO issues affecting your website.

Search engine spiders crawl your website to see what it’s about; if there are technical issues, this can prevent them from crawling your website correctly. Technical SEO should always be a part of your SEO strategy.

Technical SEO is critical to any site’s overall health and organic search visibility, and the way your website is structured can be affecting your organic search performance.

Improve your technical SEO performance

We will help you climb in the search engine rankings with a technical advantage providing you with a solid technical SEO foundation. 

If your search engine rankings have suddenly disappeared, this could be down to several reasons. The best recommendation is to get in touch with a local technical SEO consultancy.

If the technical side is all good, the SEO strategy should be put under the microscope.

What are some typical technical SEO issues?

Duplicate content

Having the same content on different pages can confuse Google.

Broken links

When links don’t work on your page, this offers a bad user experience. 

Website migrations

If your site migration isn’t performed correctly, you can lose all your traffic.

Mobile site errors

Increase screen sizes and low mobile speed scores.

Build your technical SEO foundations

Technical SEO is not just a checklist or is another part of the SEO – they are crucial to improving your online visibility. Not only do technical SEO services get you rankings, but they also help protect a website against potential threats providing you with solid technical foundations for the future.

Search engines respond well to smooth-running sites. You need to rank top of the results page. See also how you can improve your web pages through web development.

A possible cause may be the misconfiguration of the robots.txt files and robots – Metatag, or the redundant pages from poor implementation of the canonical tag.

What can you do right now to identify technical issues?

Any effective technical SEO audit needs some tools to help check under the hood. There are a few tools that you can use to help spot any problems.

Google search console

You should check out the google search console and see if any errors are being thrown up.


Performing SEO audits on Ahrefs is one of the best ways to directly see what’s happening in your website’s backend.


Siteliner is a great little tool that helps give you insight into the content on your website.

Screaming Frog

This is an excellent tool for getting an instant overview and seeing titles and meta descriptions and more.

We’ll support you to improve your SEO

If there is a project to finish but no available resources, we can help. We inspected numerous organisations all over the world in various fields of practice.

We are frequently providing website recovery support with technical website optimisation services. Our SEO team brings technical and marketing expertise, so it is uniquely positioned to help you in the house team if you need an objective second opinion and outside perspective.

We can take on a significant quantity of SEO activity to help your team focus on other aspects, such as regular technical analysis and working with development partners to implement changes.

Technical SEO services offer solutions for a wide range of technical SEO challenges. If you need a second opinion, please let us know.

Comprehensive technical SEO audits

Technical SEO provides the foundations upon which your site may maximise its value. Getting the fundamentals right removes blockers that slow down the effectiveness of a website. Technical SEO is a bridge between Marketing and Development and is a distinct discipline of its nature.

Recommendations are prioritised to help clients integrate them with existing development roadmaps. We are happy to work with developers to ensure they’ve got all the information they’re needed. We aim to present audit information in a timely way. Our focus is to identify issues with an economic impact, not just checking boxes. Recommendations will be prioritised to integrate with existing roadmaps.

Technical SEO Analysis

Our SEO audits provide insight as to where we can start on a project for site improvement. We may soon see gaps in our weaknesses where solutions could be easily found.

Google Penalty Removal

Conducting a detailed analysis of your website from top to bottom, including content, keyword density, and page profiles to help remove the penalty and make your ranking back on track.

Remove all technical errors.

Regardless of technology, we could pretty much guarantee optimisation for search engines by our technical service. It’s an effective way to improve your search ranking. Getting better results is a great thing and an excellent way to grow your business.

The loading speed

The faster the site loads leads to better user experiences and increased conversion rates. Pages that load slowly are less likely to rank well on Google. Causes vary significantly from site to site – from server hardware to the size of images.

New website builds

A new website can pose a significant risk to its SEO performance. If your website isn’t set up to be SEO-friendly, this can cause a lot of headaches down the line. 

Structure and linking

Structure of your website, it’s navigation and internal linking influence how search engines view your content. Good material can sometimes be considered too poor for anyone whose audience is limited.

Technical SEO for local businesses

Technical optimisation SEO involves using these methods. Our technical SEO experts can help you. We know that having the complexity of technical SEO on your own takes time to absorb and invest in your primary business operations.

How do I choose the right technical SEO agency?

A technical SEO audit requires specialist skills and profound experience. Every day, Google changes its algorithms, and you will need someone who understands everything because they need to do an honest audit. A step-by-step process to select an SEO company that you can use for your marketing needs.

We’re technical SEO specialists who can make sure your site is technically sound and monitor it, in the long run, to be notified if anything should change.

Our industry-leading technical expertise can help you rank higher in search engines.

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