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Get ahead of the competition with our powerful SEO topical mapping services.

How to build topical authority for your website

1.) Explore your industry

Select a seed keyword which will then sprout more keywords showing you what your target audience is searching for. It’s important to choose the right seed keyword for best SEO results.

2.) Find topics

Find keywords to build pillar pages and content clusters. Pillar pages are the longest and most in-depth pieces of content on your website whilst the cluster pages should be shorter and snappy.

3.) Content plan

Within 48 hours we deliver your new content plan, either you get your team to box it off and create the content or get an SEO agency like Klub Clicks to assist you.

Make your website more trusty to the search engines

If you’re not getting any traffic to your website, it’s probably because the content is bad and there’s no backlinks. By using our topical mapping service, we can help you identify the content that you need to create to help start driving more traffic to your website.

What is topical authority?

Topical Authority is what demonstrates to the search engines why your website should be trusted.

Every business owner wants to rank number one however, having a website with just service pages doesn’t work anymore. You need to be proactive in creating content related to your industry.

One of the biggest ranking factors is backlinks, however, building topical authority, can reduce the reliance on link building, which let’s be honest, everyone hates.

By building topical authority, you need to create not just one article/blog post, but a collection of posts all working together fully explaining everything someone needs to know about the topic.

How do we go about creating a topical authority map?

For example, let’s say for us, we need to create content about SEO.

  • The ultimate guide to SEO
  • What is SEO and why is it so important?
  • What are the biggest SEO mistakes?
  • What’s the best CMS for SEO?
  • How long does SEO take?

Here in this example, the guide would be the main pillar page. In most niches, this should be around 1,500 words however in SEO, it’s likely to be closer to 5,000 words.

The point of creating guides isn’t to cover every topic and go in-depth, however, you then link to other pages where topics are discussed on a deeper level.

Our Topical Mapping Service includes;

Website Structure Optimisation

Elevate your SEO with our service, crafting effective frameworks for enhanced online performance.

Internal Linking Strategies

Boost business growth and user experience through tailored internal linking solutions for your online presence.

Thematic Mastery for SEO

Propel your business to the top with our targeted approaches to topics and clusters in content strategy.

Data-Driven Content Decisions

Maximise ROI by leveraging insights into search volume and CPC for strategic content planning and investment.

SERP Keyword Mastery

Make informed decisions and achieve SEO success with our strategic insights into keyword difficulty on search engine result pages.

Intent-Focused Content Crafting

Enhance your business visibility on SERPs by aligning content with user search intent for maximum impact.

How do we come up with your topical map?

To create your topical map, we use various different tools that help us dig deep to see the types of keywords and questions your audience is searching for.

Brain storming

Competitor site analysis

Google autocomplete suggestions

Google NLP API

Google trends

Google related searches

Surfer SEO

Answer the public

The next step is to group all the topics together and identify clusters and how best to use them together, how they’ll work with internal linking and much more.

One of the biggest benefits of creating content like this is that each topic has its own page. Instead of trying to use one page, or several thin pages, creating quality in-depth content will show the search engines your website knows what it’s talking about.

Why is building topical authority so important?

If you’re a smaller website, your domain authority will be lower than a lot of your competitors.

In specific niches, some websites just rank because of the power of their domain and not necessarily because they have better content.

For example, e-commerce stores can really struggle with link building which causes all sorts of problems.

If you’ve not got a link outreach strategy to build high-quality backlinks, your eCommerce store will struggle to improve your search engine ranking results.

This is where topical authority can help your website outrank the bigger websites.

So we focus less on links and more on topical clusters?

If your eCommerce website is purely about sales, you’re going to struggle to rank.

As a business now, your website has to be more immersive, you’ve got to help customers along the customer journey at various stages, you need to write about the products you have and help your audience.

Topical mapping helps you address the questions your audience has.

By creating pillar and cluster pages you’re providing a more complete experience where you can use internal linking between pages to give your audience the answers they want.

Topical Mapping Faqs

Is there a specific order to write the articles?

No, there’s no specific order that you have to write the articles in. Ideally, it’s good practice to say create a pillar page first which has a lot of text on. From there, you can create more articles then place internal links as you create more content.

How do you benefit from internal linking?

Whilst backlinks are important, internal linking can be just as important. Ideally, you want to have about five to ten links from pages to the new content you’re creating, this will help you increase you search engine rankings over time.

What does keyword difficulty mean?

The keyword difficulty refers to how strong the domains are you’ll be competing against for those keywords. Obviously, a high KD means that it will be harder to achieve top rankings for.

Why is it so important to pick the right seed keyword?

Picking the right seed word is so important because if you get it wrong, then you might be writing about topics that aren’t so closely related to your niche.

How to identify the seed keyword

There’s a few ways to identify what the seed keyword should be. Ideally, you want to use the main topic, e.g for us we would use SEO and use that seed keyword to show us what we should be writing content about to build authority.

What does content velocity mean?

Content velocity refers to the speed at which you put new content up. You shouldn’t be putting a lot of content live all at once, it’s better to do it over time.

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