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Free up more time to work on your business with our website management Manchester packages.

Web management services

We offer a Website Management service for businesses around Manchester.

Struggling to manage your business website? We can help you keep your business online with the best solution for your business meaning running your website is simple. Our service is simple, we make sure your website stays online and it for any reason there should be a problem like it goes down, we’ll get it back up as fast as possible.

The hassle is totally taken away with your site and we can also monitor its speed to make sure your content is getting delivered as quickly as possible. We can also assist with extras like web design for a reduced rate.

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We make things simple

Do you need to run a website as simple as possible, we like to use WordPress. If you’ve got another type of website and you’re facing continuous problems, we can even offer you an unbelievable deal to swap over we’re that confident it will work well for you.

We’ll get notified if your website goes down, then we’ll need to take action to get your website back online.

Scale your packages

Select your website management services package and then make an enquiry. We don’t offer a pay now button because we need to talk with you about your business first and what’s right for you. Our base package offers incredible value and you’re not sacrificing on anything.

But for our premium package, we could be recording how your customers and potential customers are using your website. This means we can see what they like and what they don’t like and we can help suggest changes to help make your website and business better.

Save with content management systems

Websites can be fiddly. Here, things are as simple as possible. Using content management systems allows us to keep the costs down compared to coded websites. An example is WordPress. This started as a blogging platform but then they made it accessible to make different types of websites which helps bring web design costs down.

Content management systems give your website an affordable entry in to owning a website and keeping it up.

What’re the main benefits of having a website management service?

Getting a website up is the easy bit. Managing it and everything else that comes along with is slightly trickier though.

Websites are amazing, well when everything is working perfectly but what about when things go wrong? Do you have someone you can turn to to get things back on track? That’s where we come in with website management.

Website management is essential to keeping you online and we can be involved as much or as little as you’d like, we want to be your safety net so that if anything goes wrong, we’ve got you covered.

Choose the right website management team

One low monthly fee a month can take away the headaches and hard work of problems occurring when you’re running a business. Your time shouldn’t be wasted on messing around sending FTP details to people, speaking with hosting and trying to find different people for different jobs.

Everything is simple for your business by offering complete website management services depending on the level of management your website needs. We cover the basics of website management, the essentials and everything else that comes with keeping a website online and helping it to stay there.

Updating Website plugins & other updates

If you’ve got a WordPress website, there’s updates to the WordPress core, to the WordPress themes & plugins which can all create problems in the backend. The more plugins your website has, the more chance something could go wrong and cause your site to not function properly.

Uptime monitoring

Nobody likes it when there site goes down but with our managed website plans we get notified as soon as your site goes down and hope to have to have it back up before you even notice. In a perfect world your site would be online 100% forever but sometimes there can be servers issues or issues with things like themes and plugins that cause your website to break and go down.

Leaving it to fix itself won’t work, we’re here to help you get back online as fast as possible.

Scheduled backups

Do you have a backup of your website? Depending on how often your site is making changes you could need daily, weekly, or monthly backups to make sure all of the information on your website is safe. It’s risky business to not have some recent backups, if your website disappears you need a way to restore your website. We take the biggest search engine and use their tools to keep us updated on how your website and its content are performing.

Website speed monitoring

Catch drops it the speed of your website

You don’t like slow websites, google doesn’t like slow websites so it makes sense to make your website load as quickly as possible. This gives the user a better impression of your business and makes them more likely to choose your services. We always aim for under a second but depending on the size of your website, that might not be possible on certain plans.

Another thing with WordPress websites is that over time, things in the backend can get bloated and this can lead to an increase in the load time. We have speed checkers on a weekly basis making sure your website is loading as fast as possible.

Change Hosts

If your host is slowing your website down it’s time to change. This can be worrying for your business as you have no idea how much services like this should cost. We can make it simple to move your website from it’s old hosting to the new one. We can even monitor the changes to check that you’re getting the extra performance your website needs.

Monthly hosting

Why mess around searching for hosting deals when you’re not even sure what makes a good host? Here, we can host your website and managed the hosting so you’ll never be in a position where you have to contact the hosting company to change some files.

We take care of everything hosting related with our website management.

Social media advice

Don’t know what to post on your social channels? Our services can help you set up the best plugins on your website to create light work of being more active on social media.

SEO Checks

We can also perform checks on how your website content is performing for search engine optimisation. We take the biggest search engine and use their tools to keep us updated on how your website and its content are performing in the search engines. Based on this information our services can help you create content to get your website high google rankings.

Website support

If you need to make any changes to your web pages we can advise on the best ways to do it.

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    How much is it to manage our website?

    This depends on if we’ve built it or not. For most small WordPress websites management starts at £50 per month

    What’s included in your website management?

    Our website maintenance services are aimed at keeping your website running and visible online. Extras can also be added

    Can you help us with SEO too?

    SEO plans can be crossed with Management plans, for the best plan of action please get in touch.

    Do you offer other digital marketing services?

    We don’t offer them as stand-alone services. However, if you’re a customer we can point you in the right direction for a range of online marketing services.

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