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What is included in SEO Services by digital marketing agencies?

SEO can be beneficial for every type of business. Present markets are becoming increasingly competitive and it’s more important than ever that businesses utilise SEO to start generating more traffic to their website.

Approximately a third of businesses use SEO for search optimisation in search engines like Google and Bing.

Several agencies provide SEO solutions to their clients but what exactly are they offering? Let’s find out.

What are SEO services?

SEO services includes various techniques for boosting the rank of search engines, helping your website to get more visibility and attract attention.

There are three main types of SEO services;

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO

When customers search for specific phrases or keywords related to your business you want to get top results to get people to contact you and SEO will do it for you.

Digital marketing strategy includes multiple sub-strategies including developing customised content with keywords about the business.

Why is SEO important?

Nearly 90% of internet traffic comes from Google searches. Your website must get indexed in the most important searches and rank highly. What about Google and Search Engines?

Many websites have similar topics to yours so your content must stand out ahead of the competition.

Google determines which website is to appear at a specific position within a search engine results page. Implementing SEO practices is crucial for capturing traffic on a specific page for specific search engines.

What is included in SEO services?

SEO companies differ in their services. Therefore, you must choose one of the providers offering all the essential SEO services. All agencies offer different services for search engine optimisation. But some things remain in the service package.

For your search engine optimisation comparison, there will be the following service.

Custom Strategy

SEO strategy involves planning, outlining, and implementing measures for ranking high in search. The fundamentals of an SEO strategy are the same, however, for different industries and niches, there might be some slight variations.

Also, service websites and eCommerce websites can have different strategies, for example, a service-based business might favour more long-form content creation whereas an eCommerce brand might be more focused on link building and digital PR.

SEO audit

SEO Audits are used for evaluating website functionality and its effectiveness. The software can analyse the results from a site helping you to get a better understanding of where you’re at and how your site is performing.

SEO Audit identifies factors affecting organic searches that are often simple to change and correct.

Monthly performance report

The monthly performance analysis is data which explains the website’s performance by providing it to customers. This tool targets search engine rankings and domain metrics. This monthly report helps clients see the amount of service provided by the agency and the direct results they’re getting.

An SEO report should contain 3 things: insights, progress and recommendations. The exact details in the report can be varied depending on what stage you’re at with your business.

For example, let’s say you’re a brand new business and you’ve just got your website up, SEO here is more about building the content and structuring the site so it’s SEO friendly.

Google has what is known as the “sandbox” where you’re website is effectively barred from ranking in the search engines for popular keywords until they know they can trust you.

This usually takes around four to six months but can be different for different sites.

For example, if you’re posting a lot of content, this can help you start ranking faster than say a website with very little or thin content that only has five pages.

The most important statistic for any SEO campaign is clicked but before you can run, you’ve got to be able to walk.

The early months of any SEO strategy will usually be all about targeting and starting to gain more impressions as you appear for more and more keywords.

SEO Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis helps you save time and can provide invaluable insights into how your business should structure its SEO campaign.

Using SEO tools you can identify approximately how much traffic a competitor is getting and from which keywords.

If a competitor is ranking for the keywords you want, it’s important to consider why they are ranking. There are a few general things you should be looking at;

  • What’s the content like?
  • How many headings are they using?
  • What’s the content length?
  • How many backlinks are pointed to the page?

If the keywords are super competitive, you might find they have 50+ backlinks pointed at the page. This is where a lack of understanding by SEO clients can cause them to have dissatisfaction.

For example, let’s say you’re a family solicitor and you’re wanting to rank for the keyword “family solicitors”, this is going to be difficult to rank for if you’ve got a low budget.

If the top results ranking have an average of 20 links pointing to them and then you’re building four links per year, that could take you five years just to even catch up.

What SEO Ranking Factors are Important in 2023?

SEO should work to attract search engines to your website. What is the process for determining the ranking of a website? The answer to these questions is very complicated because there are hundreds of ranking criteria and the ones that matter most to you.


Content is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy.

To generate high levels of traffic your content needs to be well-researched, well structured and engaging. A lot of search results are looking for websites that fully answer the question and some, which is one reason creating guides is so popular.

User Experience (UX)

You have a lot of content that users will leave without ever visiting. This should not be avoided by any search engines because they rank sites that have a good user experience with a higher score.

How do users experience their website? The visitor needs to be able to scan the content.

Having smartphones becoming increasingly widespread has become incredibly important. Google will implement an algorithm update to improve users’ experience. These neglected web design issues will soon be of much greater importance.

User feedback Metrics

Search engines also depend on the user’s behaviour to help them identify which ones are liked and which aren’t.

It might involve click-rate or when the user hits the Back button immediately following an answer or result.

It is important to note that these ranking factors may not always be transparent allowing the web to use subtle clues from the searchers and the feedback from the searcher.

Technical SEO

It overlaps user experience as well as technical ranking factors. This includes the use of web development best practices for increasing page speeds, as well as metadata optimisation and web architecture considerations.

Among other things, metadata optimisation improves the clickability and visibility of search results pages.


Content is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy. To generate high levels of traffic your content needs to be well-researched, well structured and engaging.

A lot of search results are looking for websites that fully answer the question and some, which is one reason creating guides is so popular.

7 things your SEO company’s services should include:

Once you understand SEO services you need to consider SEO services. Although digital marketing services are a bit different, you should work with companies providing complete SEO services.

Monthly reports

Transparency is important in promoting search engine rankings. You must partner with a search marketing organisation to provide regular quarterly reporting. With a report on SEO, a company may immediately see results from a successful search engine optimisation campaign.

Your report can also include organic traffic and conversion rate for your website. Your SEO company will provide a monthly report in the same way that you receive it in your personal account manager.

You can ask your employees any time they need to review your report or discuss a project individually or in groups.

Progressive optimisation

SEO is a continuous marketing strategy which is why most definitions of SEO services emphasise the relationship you form with SEO agencies.

You work constantly with your agency so the SEO firms are important extensions to your company. Hence they must incorporate advanced optimisations into their service offerings.

Your SEO company can optimise your website continuously with constant optimisation.

While your website SEO will improve or strengthen your SEO strategy, you can make more from SEO. Your dedicated account managers could even find additional keyword suggestions.

Competitor analysis

You should have competitors in your search engine optimisation service. Your SEO firm has the power to analyse your competitor’s websites with competitive analysis software. Those data can assist you in identifying and exploiting your competitor’s weaknesses.

Although SEO agencies usually include comparing their competitors to their services, you should partner with companies that have made competition analysis an integral part of their strategy.

Your competitors need to be assessed and spotted. Klub Clicks analyses your competitor’s competition each quarter.

Off-page optimisation

When you buy an online marketing service it should include off-site optimisation as well.

Page optimisation means optimising other elements of your site that influence your search engine rankings. Your backlink profiles can affect your search rankings.

Your website backlink profile is a reference to the volume or the quality of links to your website.

Food blog users will link to a website if you share the cookies made by them.

Some SEO providers offer the following services in addition to on-site SEO services.

On-page optimisation

On-page, Optimisation has another vital component of SEO services. Your SEO company can optimise the functionality of your site for search engines like Google. Typical deliverables for on-page SEO are the following:

This makes SEO firms not offer web development online.

Are there different types of SEO services? If so, what are they?

It’s different for websites. Below are some descriptions of different kinds of SEO services:

Organic SEO: Improved ranking for the main organic area of search engines

Organic Search Engine Optimisation has a major effect on businesses that focus on the national and international markets.

This type of SEO works with search engines to improve the quality of search results and search rankings (a broader definition than the local pack), allowing websites to perform the best search for search results.

Organic SEO is the classic search engine optimising technique which starts with keyword analysis.

I have seen tons of articles about organic ranking in search engines.

This type of SEO service includes on-page optimisation and off-page SEO including on / off-page SEO, on / off-page optimisation, on / off-page content optimisation, build backlinks using social media.

Local SEO: Improved rankings for the “local-pack” area in search engines

Search Engine Optimisation is crucial for a company that relies on local and regional clients for its business operations.

Location targeting SEO is now much easier than general SEO.

Optimise for Local ranking aimed towards being found in a local pack – a place in Google results showing a map listing three regional businesses.

Local listings are an extremely attractive opportunity for small businesses that need local customers.

Local website optimisation has a different technique than organic optimisation.

A restaurant, auto repair shop, electrician or plumber is another example of a company using local search engine marketing strategies.

Reputation Management

The other essential component of SEO services that a web marketing company can provide is reputation management.

Many people find online reviews helpful when buying something.

Products reviews from real customers can be extremely useful for a prospective consumer looking into products.

Similar to product reviews, a company review can also help hire a service company.

This type of review can help or hurt organisations alike. Those companies with good ratings generally get better salaries than those with poor ratings.

Voice Search Engine Optimisation: Improved ranking in voice search

Voice search optimisation represents the new search engine optimisation techniques. Most Americans prefer typing rather than searching via the phone, so voice searches should reach more than 50% by 2019.

Google’s priorities for a high-quality voice search engine include the speed of the site (page loading time under 3 seconds), secure web encryption, and a clear definition of the query.


Backlink analysis in search engine optimisation is the foundation. Google says the backlinks to websites is like word-of-mouth referral.

The more referrals (backlinks) the websites receive the more Google considers them useful, and the results are more favourable.

Because backlinks have important for domain authority, they tend to be the places that have the most spam attacks.

Typically an SEO firm will focus on a single number of links to a website if there are no good SEO techniques. Backlinks can help improve rankings.

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