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Here at Klub Clicks, we don’t force you into long term contracts or provide misconceptions about what you can rank for and when. If an SEO agency offers guaranteed SEO results, then run, our expert SEO team are great, but we can never guarantee you’ll be number one; search marketing doesn’t work like that.

Google is a third party algorithm that decides who to show in the search results and knows precisely what people are doing once they land on your website.

Are they staying? Are they bouncing? Google knows! Choose our specialist SEO agency for your SEO campaign and grow organic traffic.


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Let us find new keywords.

Content creation

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How Google treats your website

We create content that satifies their algothrithms

SEO strategies depend on multiple factors that help you generate more traffic. SEO starts way before the content or backlinks. SEO begins with web design, web development and a lot of branding.




SEO can be broken up in to three sections

Start your SEO campaign to higher rankings

SEO isn’t a fast process. You need to dedicate time and focus to outrank competitors in your niche.

On-page optimisation

We structure your pages to be loved by search engines. On-page optimisation focuses on the content, how keywords are used throughout the page, how the headings are structured, etc. There’s no exact method to get you to number one, but you are one step closer to great SEO with great content.

Off-page optimisation

Off-page optimisation is creating backlinks and social media marketing. One major factor is backlinks, so link building is crucial. To build high-quality backlinks, you need to have high-quality content that people can’t help but link. Being active and driving traffic from social media can also impact your search engine ranking positions.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO issues can be problematic. Common technical problems can include duplicate content, broken links and incorrect title tags. A few HTML or metadata changes for templates can significantly affect how Google robot-search robots interpret a site’s theme. You can use tools like ahrefs to check for any issues and see what needs to be fixed. 

The best way to get started with SEO is to find the keywords you can rank for and start creating content around that. Each page on your site should be specifically targeting to a certain subject, be covered in depth and have optimised headings and content.

What type of website do you have?

Different websites require different SEO campaigns

SEO is slightly different for each type of site but the fundamentals remain the same.

Simple service website

This includes platforms for tradesmen or offering a single service.

Corporate/Business Websites

Larger websites need bigger SEO budgets. If you’re a more significant business, you should look into content marketing. You will convert people who previously wouldn’t have found you by getting content out there.

eCommerce Websites

Ecommerce SEO is slightly different. Selling products it’s all about communicating your brand’s message and optimising category pages to stand out in the search results.

Could these issues be holding you back?

How many mistakes are you making?

These are a handful of the SEO headaches you could currently be facing.

How much content to put on the page?
How often do the top ranking websites use keywords?
What style of anchor text is being used?
How is the user intent defined for each keyword?
What type of content currently ranks for that keyword?
How many backlinks do competitors have?
What’s the keyword difficulty of the keyword?
Is your website slow?
URL cannibalisation
Are your meta tags optimised?

Get our free SEO Audit.

The only way to know what’s going on with your SEO is to get an SEO Audit. Our audits are free, and no obligation to pursue our services. You’ll be blown away with the information we can collect on your website, showing you precisely what needs to be done to appear more in the search engines.

Create a clear keyword strategy

Don’t waste time going after the wrong keywords

These are a handful of the SEO headaches you could currently be facing.

Understanding keyword search intent

Showing up in the search results won’t mean much if you’re not converting traffic. You don’t want to be chasing the wrong type of keywords. We use our SEO expertise to classify keywords into different categories to help meet your business objectives.

How brand queries can affect SEO

Did you know the number of times your brand name is searched can impact your SEO results? The more a brand is searched/mentioned online, the more it notes and can reward websites. Increase brand awareness to improve SEO

SEO Agency Services

Increase your website’s visibility

Search engine optimisation plays a part in many successful digital marketing strategies. On-page content optimisation should focus on anyone’s long term successful SEO strategy.

Mobile searches have dominated desktop searches for years but have presented challenges to businesses.

Get a domain
We suggest namecheap.

Create content
Build content around keywords.

Get hosting
Krystal are great for hosting.

Start reaching out for exposure.

Web Design
We like WordPress

Optimise for SEO
Continual optimisation for best results.

What's the most important ranking factor?

It’s content. Content is still KING

The most important ranking factor, according to us, is content. It provides the foundation of SEO, ultimately deciding whether people stay for your content or go back to the search engine for a better result.

Content writing for SEO

Content and SEO are in sync, and both one and identical. Long-tail queries look for a page of informative content when someone tries to find it.

Content that links with different critical pages on the website. Pages having more extensive content and more links are also likely to be shared across social networks if possible. Show us a site that features excellently-written long-form content on each page, and we will show you significant positions in Google SERPs.

Please show us what you need to rank for phrases they never thought would earn them business from page views. The guys are typically the ones pushing us to add long-form content.

Long-form content is beautiful.

Long-form content is something that many professional SEO agencies that offer ‘organic SEO services’ have yet to get to grips with.

We don’t use long-form content because it’s our passion to write a lot. While we love creating content, we do it because it’s what’s needed. Competitors have 2000+ words on the page, and you have 312. Guess who’s going to rank better?

We are one of few Manchester SEO agencies that are content-first. Short answers can rank if there’s a question as simple as what colour the sky is, but this varies depending on various factors like domain authority.

Using a tool like a surfer SEO can help you identify how long the content you need to create should be based on what’s currently ranking. The analysis is automated but the effort it takes to create the content is still there. You can also use Surfer for suggestions about what keywords to create content about. It’s a powerful piece of software.

Avoid Google penalties

Keep your business online

Keep your business online by sticking to the rules. If you try to cheat Google, you’ll pay for it. Black hat SEO uses various methods that violate google search terms and conditions and can work in the short run, but you’re sure to get found out in the long run.

Don’t buy backlinks: Buying backlinks can give your domain a penalty, especially if the domain openly offers links for sale. Just don’t do it.

Avoid too many reciprocal links. Some standard links are natural, but you could get a penalty if most of your links fall into this category.

Duplicate content. It may seem like a quick way to build your site, but a smaller site with unique content holds more value than a bigger one with duplicate content. Never use content that’s already online.

Building links too fast: We don’t mean if you go viral, that’s natural. We’re talking about building too many low-quality backlinks, which may make Google think you’re automating links.

Blog Networks: Blog networks for backlinks stopped working years ago. You can get away with it, but for how long? Don’t risk buying backlinks that you know are intended to deceive the search engines.

Recovering from a penalty

The first thing to do is identify why Google have decided to put you on the naughty step. If you’ve been penalised there are certain things we can do to help remove it. You’ll suffer a loss of traffic in the initial period but once it’s been removed  your website should start to regain traffic fairly quickly.

Where do you want to rank?

Ranking all over the world!

We can help you show up in the search engines where your target audience is. 

Local SEO

There are various local SEO strategies to improve your position in the local google search results. If you’re offering local services, Local SEO is cheaper because it’s not as competitive. Local SEO services can start from as little as £199 per month.

National SEO

Start appearing in the search engines across the UK. Nationwide SEO requires a bigger budget than local but can be achievable from around £500 per month.

Global SEO

The size of your site depends on which methods are best for global SEO. Some SEOers say to transcribe the content into local languages.

Recovering from a penalty

The first thing to do is identify why Google have decided to put you on the naughty step. If you’ve been penalised there are certain things we can do to help remove it. You’ll suffer a loss of traffic in the initial period but once it’s been removed  your website should start to regain traffic fairly quickly.

Be #1 in Google search results

Klub Clicks will give you the competitive edge in the search engines. We make sure your business stays ahead of its competitors.

SEO agencies often underdeliver, not with Klub Clicks; our SEO experts are ready to get started on your SEO and make your website search engine friendly.


Save time
Attract Customers

Klub Clicks are an SEO Agency focused on generating high returns from your investment in search engine optimisation. We help businesses gain visibility.

  • Content Analysis
  • Tags & Meta Information
  • Technical SEO
  • User Experience
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building

Navigating Link Building

We can outreach with websites in your niche

One of the areas few small business owners tread is building backlinks. Outreach can be tricky if you’re going after the wrong websites that aren’t willing to link to you.

Earning and building high-quality backlinks.

It suffers from a bad reputation because thousands of web owners and search engine optimisation businesses have implemented shortcuts over the recent years. Link spamming continues until the present but is much less prevalent than ever.

New links can be achieved as the Digital PR process typically encourages web admins and bloggers to link to content on their websites as an asset. Name, Address & Phone consistency are significant in Google’s ranking (and other search engines like Bing and DuckDuckgo), so this part of building backlinks must be essential.

Do get backlinks that:

  • Come from relevant sites in your niche
  • High organic traffic pages
  • Platforms your audience is hanging out

Don’t get backlinks on websites that:

  • Have 0 organic traffic
  • Have spammy backlink profile
  • Offers to sell you backlinks

Combine SEO services with other digital marketing services

Start growth hacking your website

Social media marketing

Selecting which keyword to rank for

Incredibly important. Get this wrong and you’ve wasted time and money.

Keyword Research.

An essential part of any SEO strategy. Search competition comes in two main ways, and some competitors rank very well as searched terms as part of Google Search. As well as auditing competitor analysis and researching potential keywords, we use search engines for different related terms to provide a holistic viewpoint on industries.

Whether you want to run an SEO campaign in Manchester, UK, our research work will be similarly thorough and well structured. Your SEO will be more competitive if good and solid online, on-site and industry research are done.

Suppose you need us to campaign in the northwest of the UK. Check out our keyword research service page for more information.

Organic search volume: Large is excellent, but search intent is more important than organic search numbers.

Keyword difficultly: this shows approximately how difficult it is to rank for. Typically this number tells you how many links you need to build to rank for that keyword.

Type of Keyword: The intent of the search when searching the keyword plays a large part in determining whether or not it’s worth aiming for.

SEO vs Paid Ads

Which is the best for attracting the right customers?

The right choice for more website traffic depends on various factors, including how long your brand has been about, what type of keywords you are targeting and more. In the long run, we think SEO is always the winner.

What are the benefits of SEO?

The most significant benefit of an SEO strategy is building out your website, finding traction in the search engine marketing and growing your brand.

  • “Free” traffic from google
  • Grow your brand
  • Find more targeted customers

What are the benefits of Paid search?

  • Fast
  • Instantly target who you want

What are the disadvantages of SEO?

SEO is great, but it shouldn’t be the sole focus of your online marketing. Successful SEO campaigns that drive traffic are dependent on various factors; position drops can happen (less likely if you choose an excellent SEO agency)

  • Can be slow
  • Some keywords are out of reach
  • It can be expensive if you fail to get results
  • landing pages need to be high quality

What are the disadvantages of paid search?

People think it will be easier than it actually is. Paid search can be great, but it can also be a huge waste of money if you don’t know what you’re doing and the landing page isn’t optimised.

  • Can be expensive per click
  • Campaigns take time to warm up
  • Results can vary
  • Budgets can be eaten quickly

We’ll help you achieve your targets like Richard did

Richard had a website but it didn’t function correctly or get leads…

“We met Mark in 2018 when we didn’t get any traffic. Within six months, we started generating more leads and now we’ve got a consistent supply of students every month looking to learn golf. Love this company”
Richard Gilling | The Golf School

SEO Membership Fees

Klub Clicks has a variety of membership levels to fit each company’s budget. You can customise your own level for more tailored experience.

The University Klub

Getting more advanced
£649 Per Month
  • xxxxxxxx xxx x x x xxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx xxx x x x xxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx xxx x x x xxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx xxx x x x xxxxx

The Business Klub

All steam ahead
£1499 Per Month
  • xxxxxxxx xxx x x x xxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx xxx x x x xxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx xxx x x x xxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx xxx x x x xxxxx

SEO training

Our complete Training Days include bespoke SEO, Google Analytics optimisation, link building training, etc. We can host our SEO training sessions for you and your staff in your office or ours. We can teach your team some SEO agency secrets and get your website thriving.

SEO tools and reporting

We invest in a range of industry-leading analytical tools which allow us to analyse your website content in much more detail than some of our competitors. We believe in the power of data to inform and guide strategies, ensuring everything we do improves your site’s user experience and moves towards your goals. In particular, we invest in this.

Want to get more traffic from the search engines? Contact our expert SEO team now!

Tell us your problems and let us provide the solutions.

    SEO Agency FAQs

    All your common SEO questions answered

    Do you offer digital marketing services?

    We focus on SEO, but we can help Klub Clicks out with other areas and put you in touch with reputable digital marketing companies.

    Other SEO companies have let me down; why are you different?

    We’re not claiming to be the best SEO agency, but we’re terrific. We set up your SEO strategies and make a monthly rolling contract to put you in control.

    Can I get a free SEO audit?

    Yes, of course, contact us with your website URL, and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours with the results showing what action you need to take.

    We’re trying to choose between leading SEO agencies; in one sentence, why should we choose you?

    We’re not the standard SEO agency; who doesn’t want to be part of the greatest rankers, Klub?

    Can SEO work fast?

    SEO work can take months or years to pay off for competitive keywords. Established sites will rank faster than brand new sites (they are stuck in the Google sandbox for months).

    Why choose an SEO agency over a digital marketing agency?

    You can get terrible and good SEO services from various companies, but in our opinion, you should outsource SEO to SEO companies rather than a digital marketing agency.

    SEO is just one slice of digital marketing; therefore, we think it’s better to find an SEO specialist whose focus is on search engine optimisation.

    Search Engine.

    Create an SEO strategy that will blow away the competition

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