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Welcome to Klub Clicks!

Our SEO agency creates SEO strategies that will help send your website to the top.

Klub Click is a full-service SEO agency for businesses wanting more top positions, delivering results and helping your business to increase conversions. Using a simple process we can drive more organic traffic to your website ranking for targeted keywords, improving organic search visibility in the search engine rankings.

We use content that connects with your audience to bring more awareness to your brand and help target customers along various parts of the customer journey. 

What type of businesses do we help rise in the search engines?

SEO agencies can do SEO for any business to improve website traffic. From service-based to e-commerce SEO, we can help you build an SEO campaign that will your business has seen. Local SEO is great for local services whilst nationwide campaigns are more suitable for larger companies with national coverage.

There are two main ways we can help you, either as your SEO consultants who can advise on a variety of issues ranging from the technical side to on-page and off-page SEO issues to using Klub Clicks as your full-service SEO agency to drive your strategy forward.

+1750% impressions

In 30 days

Small businesses needing increased search engine visibility.

Small businesses that don’t focus on SEO won’t perform. Grow your business with data-driven SEO services to put you in front of your ideal customers. Here’s an example of a company that had tried to set up the website for SEO but failed. They had low impressions and low clicks, after optimising the current content, and getting the pages indexed and crawled we are now performing better.

Whilst there’s no increase in clicks, this is how the first month or so can look after optimising to be search engine friendly. The purple line indicates how many times the website has shown up in search, the line will increase in the short run and as positions rise, the clicks will come.

Larger businesses targeting high volume keywords

Higher volume keywords can be harder to target. With more competition, it’s important to ensure that you stand out and make your online presence as appealing as possible to draw more customers in. The process for appearing in for high-volume keywords is very much the same as for lower volumes however because of the increased competition you need to send more signals to the search engines to rank you.

We can never guarantee you’ll be number one, however using our tactics, we can put you in a great chance of climbing up the SERPs. It’s also important to remember that being top of the search engines means your products and services have to be high quality.

More Impressions

More Clicks

1,294 clicks to 3,291

+154.3% in five months

Larger companies wanting substantial organic growth

Companies that don’t focus on SEO won’t perform. Grow your business with data-driven SEO services to put you in front of your ideal customers through various stages of the customer journey. By using content you can drive more traffic to your website, but it has to be the right content. 

We look at your competition to help identify what type of content is ranking well and help you create better, more well-rounded content, that will help improve your overall position in the search engine rankings.

SEO Agency Services tailored for your business

Keyword Research Services

Attract targeted traffic & increase ROI by finding the right keywords with our expert keyword research services.

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Content creation

We build content focused around your keywords. High-quality content is essential for ranking higher on Google.

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Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO audits are a great way of solving issues that might not be obviously apparent.

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Link Building

Build authority for your domain by engaging in a link-building campaign and boosting organic traffic.

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SEO Consultants

We can consult on a wide range of SEO issues from keywords to backlinks.

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SEO audits

Get the complete rundown on how your site is performing organically. Get actionable tips for better SEO.

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Why isn't my website ranking in the search engines?

There can be hundreds of reasons why your site isn’t ranking. The first obvious answer is that it doesn’t deserve to, the other results provide the user with a better experience. Others include bad content, thin content, poor navigation and user experience and a lot more.

The good news though is there are various things you can do to make things more search engine friendly.

What is the average cost of an SEO campaign?

The average cost of a campaign can vary drastically. Local SEO is cheaper, you should be paying around £1,000 per month for a high-quality service, whereas for a nationwide campaign a higher budget of £3,000 per month should be your starting point. You’ll easily be able to find SEO services for around £200 per month, however, these types of services won’t pack the punch needed to make an impact.

Can you implement SEO changes for us?

If you’ve got a content management system (for example WordPress) then we can help implement any SEO changes you need. If you’ve got a bespoke site then we can add the content however you’d need to pay for developer fees which would be charged at competitive market rates.

We've got a Google penalty, can you help?

Oh no! If you’ve experienced a sharp loss in traffic, this could be down to getting a google penalty. There are various reasons you can get struck with a penalty, Klub Clicks can help you get them to remove it by cleaning up the issues that caused the penalty. The most likely reasons are buying buy links, having too much duplicate content or even too many reciprocal backlinks.

Whatever reason the search engine has decided to penalise you, we can help fix it.

How long does SEO take to work?

How long SEO takes to work depends on numerous factors. Firstly, is the competitiveness of the keyword, higher levels of competition means it will take longer to see results. Choosing long tail keywords are easier to achieve and you can be ranking within three months. With harder keywords, it can take 12 months + to see any results.

Obviously too, the larger the budget, the easier it will be to make an impact in a search engine. Always be cautious if SEO companies tell you they can get you ranking for a difficult keyword within a few months.

Do you guarantee results?

It’s impossible for any trustworthy SEO company to offer you guaranteed results. Whilst they can be fairly certain, it’s unwise to guarantee top results as there’s many variables involved. For example, if you’re on a £500 per month SEO package and the top 20 results have a marketing budget which is much bigger then obviously it’s going to be difficult to compete.

What Klub Clicks can guarantee is that we will use the latest SEO insights and best techniques and go hard for results within your budget range.

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