November 27, 2022 Mark Acornley

11 SEO Ranking Factors to Pay Extra Attention To

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about SEO ranking factors.

But which are the ones that are important and move the needle and which ones don’t you need to pay much attention to?

Creating high-quality content is a must

You’ve heard it before, content is the most critical ranking factor in SEO.

Use a website-like site liner now to check how much unique content you’ve got

This is the downfall of a lot of websites, they have a lot of standard and duplicate content but not much high-quality unique content. which ultimately costs them their SEO strategy failing.

The problem with creating epic content is that it’s usually quite a time-intensive exercise and needs a content writer, graphic designer and often a UX specialist if you’re going to put your all into it.

Website structure

The structure of a website helps search engines to better understand what it’s about.

If your website is tiny, say less than 500 pages or something like that, then this isn’t as important as if you’re a larger website with many thousands of pages.

The URL hierarchy and information architecture of a website will either make it easier to crawl or index harder.

Internal linking

Internal linking isn’t as powerful as external linking however, it’s still a ranking factor and can see your website get a boost in the search engines.

You want to link to the most important pages on your website. Only use them when it’s relevant and don’t overdo it, using different anchor texts will help it to look more natural.


It’s 2023, your website needs to be looking sharp on mobile.

One of the biggest problems for businesses is that they spend a lot of time and resources on creating the desktop website that they often don’t bother thinking about how it looks on mobile.

This is a big mistake, even if you’ve got a responsive website which detects the screen size first.

This can still make your website look bad on mobile. you need to go through the pages and check the experience.

Yes, it won’t be as pretty on mobile and it’s harder for some elements however you need to optimise for it.

User experience

The user experience of experience can derail even the best SEO campaign.

If your website serves up a poor user experience then you’ll find that even if you’re getting clicks from the search engines, your ranking positions will fall.

If people are bouncing back to the search engines after finding your website this tells them that your website isn’t a great match for that search term.


Backlinks are important, but not as important as some people make out.

You can have a successful website even if you’re not focused on backlinks how you need to focus more on creating topical authority.

By creating topical authority you make your website a hub of information that answers your audience’s questions but also it helps to attract backlinks.

This is because if you’ve got great content, it certainly helps more websites link back to you as you’re delivering value.

Search intent

The search intent for your keywords might be different from the actual content you’ve got on your website trying to target it.

You can have the best piece of content but if it’s the wrong type then you’re going to find that your website just doesn’t rank for that keyword no matter what you do.

Before creating any content, you should always look at what’s currently ranking and try to make a better version.

It’s not always about being different.


Loading speed

Your website speed is important. It’s more that you get penalised for having a slower site rather than rewarded for having a super fast site.

It’s important to know the speed for the home page but also for the inner pages too.

A lot of websites just focus on the home page however if you’ve got large images on other pages slowing things down this can hurt your SEO.

Slow websites make people bounce make to the search engines, so having a slow website makes the user experience worst, it’s something you should be proactive about fixing.

Domain authority

The domain authority of a website is a score created by SEO companies, so the search engines don’t use it but they do look at the quality of the websites that are linking out to you.

It’s much better to have fewer links from high-quality websites rather than getting more from low-quality sites that are seen as spammy.

On page optimisation

On-page optimisation is an umbrella term but we’ve included it on the list because it’s important to do.

First of all, search engines love content that’s updated so whilst you’re making your changes to make the page even better, they’ll notice you’ve changed it.


Use HTTPS instead of HTTP. This is a ranking factor, if your website still using HTTP other sites that are using HTTPS will be seen as better quality.

This is because using the HTTPS protocol helps transmit data securely between the website and the browser.

Using HTTPS alone won’t make your website impossible to breach, let’s be honest, there are not many things in the world that are super 1000% secure

But still, it’s important to take steps to make sure your website is secure as possible.

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